Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Ceasing Fire Talisman's Stone Slab (江堰市二王廟之鎮火碑)




... In here, you all will be seeing a Stone Slab in Er Wang Temple (located in China SichuanProvince, Du Jiang Yan City), with the “Ceasing of Fire Talisman” being carved on it.

This Talisman was drawn by 61st Heavenly Master Zhang Ren Zheng back in the Late Qing Dynasty Tong Zhi Period.

In Year 1925, Er Wang Temple was almost destroyed by a big Fire, but when the Fire reached where this Stone Slab was standing, the Fire suddenly stopped. So from then, people believed that the “Power” that being enhanced onto this Slab by 61st Heavenly Master was still as strong as back then in Tong Zhi Period.

For those who have a chance to visit Er Wang Temple, do remember to take a look at this Slab

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