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福州臨水宮三大聖 The Three Monkey Sages of Lin Shui Palace

因同道好友的要求﹐在此分享一下” 福州臨水宮三大聖”的簡介。


臨水宮通天大聖 (又作黑面大聖)
臨水宮耍耍三郎 (又作爽爽三郎)

因後來受到”西遊記”的影響﹐常把” 丹霞大聖”誤認為”齊天大聖”。

而在道教文獻之中﹐也有記載”齊天大聖”原本為一名修道之士﹐後與其弟(有作弟子)一同得道﹐其弟道號為” 通天大聖”。

Upon request, here’s the brief introduction n the Three Monkey Sages

In here are 3 Monkey Sages of Lin Shui Palace, whom which were being subdued by Empress Lin Shui Madam Chen Jing Gu.

Due to the influence of the Story of “Journey to the West”, one of the main Sages was being mistaken as Sun Wu Kong aka Qi Tian Da Sheng.

The 3 Monkey Sages that being subdued by Madam Chen Jing Gu are known as;

Dan Xia Da Sheng
Tong Tian Da Sheng aka The Black Face Monkey Sage
Shua Shua San Lang aka Shuang Shuang San Lang

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