Thursday, 27 November 2008

Deities Birthday & Celebration of Wu Zi Year Lunar 11 Month (戊子年十一月神誕及慶典)

According to Chinese Deity Systems Record, here are the Birthdays of the various Taoist Deities, Patrons, Sages & Immortals in the Lunar Eleventh Month.

01st Day of Lunar 11 Month: Wen Fu Wang Ye

06th Day of Lunar 11 Month: Emperor Lord Xi Yue

11th Day of Lunar 11 Month: Heavenly Lord Tai Yi

23rd Day of Lunar 11 Month: Duke Zhang Xian

24th Day of Lunar 11 Month: General Xue Gang

24th Day of Lunar 11 Month: Winter Solstice

26th Day of Lunar 11 Month: Duke Guang Hui Xie An

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Pictures of Duke Wen Hong (忠義救主溫府王爺)

Duke Wen Hong aka Wen Fu Wang Ye (溫府王爺), actual name known as Wen Hong (溫鴻) or Wen De Xiu (溫德修), born in Sui Dynasty (AD609 生于隋唐大業五年), on the 1st Day of Lunar 11 Month (農曆十一月初一日). Hometown in China Shan Dong Province, Ji Nan Li City, Bai Ma Alley (山東濟南府曆城縣白馬巷人).

Since young, Wen Hong had been imparted with the knowledge of Academic Study and Martial Arts by his Family Members (such as Grandfather and Parent).

After growing up, Wen Hong got the permission from his Parent and started to wander around in the different Areas in China, in order to gain more knowledge of the outside World and learn more on the situation of his own Country.

At that Era, due to the useless Sui Empire (隋朝), the Tang Empire (under the ruling of Emperor Li Shi Ming 唐天下), Sui Empire was soon being defeated by the Tang Army (唐軍) and without any much difficulties, Emperor Li Yuan (唐太祖李淵) ascended the Throne of the Tang Empire. After Years, Emperor Li Yuan passed the Throne to Emperor Li Shi Ming (唐太宗李世民) and from then, Emperor Li Shi Ming changed the Empire Dating System to Zhen Guan (this is the Peak Period in Tang Dynasty and also the Whole History of China after Han Dynasty 貞觀年).

One Year, after many years of dealing with the strengthening of the Empire, Emperor Li Shi Ming decided to make a trip to the Commoners Society to check on how the citizens were surviving after the War. And so, in order not to let the others recognized that he was the Emperor, Emperor Li Shi Ming changed his outlook into a normal Businessmen (微服出巡) and started his trip to observe on the Commoners.

Upon entering into the City of Ji Nan (濟南府), a group of Bandits appeared in front of Emperor Li Shi Ming and asked for all the valuables that the Emperor Li Shi Ming and the assistants had, but, Emperor Li Shi Ming was not willing to pass them the stuffs and so, the two groups of people started to fight.

Just as immediate, Wen Hong and his assistants passed by the Gateway of Ji Nan and noticed that the Bandits were trying to rob a Businessmen, Wen Hong stepped forward to assist Emperor Li Shi Ming in defeating the Bandits.

While Wen Hong was trying to fight against the Bandits, a big size Bandit jumped forward to where Emperor Li Shi Ming was standing and immediately, the big size Bandit waved his Sabre, trying to kill Emperor Li Shi Ming, when Wen Hong saw that, immediately he pushed Emperor Li Shi Ming away and got a slash onto his back by the big size Bandit.

Upon seeing that Wen Hong didn’t get much hurt by the Sabre slash, the Bandits were afraid and decided to flee away and so, without any much further fighting around, the Bandits left them.

Seeing that the Bandits had fled, Emperor Li Shi Ming approached Wen Hong to check on the wound situation and was sad & touched to see that Wen Hong had almost sacrificed himself for saving him. Immediately, Emperor Li Shi Ming advised his assistants to prepare the necessary medical stuffs to heal Wen Hong.

After days of healing, Wen Hong got better and was able to have chance to chit chat with Emperor Li Shi Ming. During the chatting, Emperor Li Shi Ming revealed his true identity to Wen Hong and Wen Hong was shocked and without hesitation, he made his kowtows to this new Emperor of China.

Emperor Li Shi Ming was moved by his Uprightness and Willingness of assistanting people and so, on the spot, Emperor Li Shi Ming bestowed Wen Hong with an Official Position in the Tang Empire and appointed him to be the Magistrate Officer in Shan Dong Province (山東省知府).

Years past and the credits that Wen Hong had accumulated while he served the Shan Dong Province was un-countable, Emperor Li Shi Ming was very happy with the result and so, Emperor Li Shi Ming bestowed Wen Hong with another higher ranking Position as Ambassador of the Tang Empire (大唐巡撫) and advised him and his other 35 Sworn Brothers to travel around the Whole World to promote the Name & Power of the Tang Empire. Upon getting the Edict, Wen Hong and the others set off for the task.

One Year, while Wen Hong and the others reached the Open-sea, a Strong Storm occurred and within minutes, the Ships that the People were abroad were being hit and sunk into the Open Sea. Without any possible assistance from any external forces, all the People On-broad was drown.

Upon getting the news of the 36 Ambassadors being killed by the Strong Storm, Emperor Li Shi Ming was very upset and blamed himself for advising them to sail out to the Open-sea. In order to repay back the gratitude, Emperor Li Shi Ming bestowed the 36 Ambassadors with a highest Spiritual Title of “Dai Tian Xun Shou (代天巡狩)”, meaning of doing Inspections on the behalf of Heavenly’s Will.

After the Title was being bestowed, Emperor Li Shi Ming also ordered the Capital Magistrate Officer to build a Temple dedicating to the 36 Ambassadors and in the Temple, a big Ship was being mound – to keep in memory of the Credits and Merits that the 36 Ambassadors had and their contributions made to the Empire.

From then, the 36 Ambassadors were being treated as Dukes and Lords (王爺及千歲) that provide blessings to all People that needed to sail out to Sea or getting rid of obstacles in their Careers.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Introduction of Guan Ping (義襲父風靈侯太子關平)


Guan Ping (關平), other name known as Guan Ding Guo (定國) or Guan Tan Zhi (關坦之), born in AD178, on the 13th Day of Lunar 5 Month (生于公元一七八年農曆五月十三日). Hometown in China He Dong Province, Xie County (中國河東解人).

Since young, under the influences and teaching of his biological Father, Guan Ding Yu (關平生父關定育), Guan Ping had been doing self study on Military Strategies and Martial Arts (in History Records, Guan Ping is the 2nd Son of Guan Ding Yu).

One Year, after Guan Yu (關羽) aka Guan Gong (關公) accepted Zhou Cang (周倉) into the Battling Troop, Guan Yu arrived at Xie County. Upon arriving at the County, Guan Yu and his assistants decided to have a short rest before proceeding with the journey of sending the Wives of Liu Bei (劉備) to a safe refuge area.

Just as Guan Yu and his assistants starting to look for a place to stay, Guan Ding Yu appeared infront of them. Upon the 1st glance, Guan Ding Yu recognized Guan Yu and so, immediately, Guan Ding Yu stepped forward to pay his respect to Guan Yu. Guan Yu was surprised but after a brief introduction, Guan Yu was happy to accept the invitation of Guan Ding Yu to stay at his place.

Upon arriving at the house of Guan Ding Yu, Guan Ping dashed forward to meet his Idol – Guan Yu. By the introduction of Guan Ding Yu, Guan Yu was delighted to know that Guan Ping was a little Young Hero. Guan Yu accepted his kowtows at the doorstep of Guan Ding Yu’s house.

A night past and in the early Morning, Guan Ping was awaken by the dingling sound of the Sabre of Guan Yu, after a quick wash-up, Guan Ping came to the backyard where Guan Yu performing his Morning Work-out.

In-order not to disturb Guan Yu, Guan Ping stood by the side quietly to observe the Work-out of Guan Yu.

After a few sets of stuns, Guan Yu stopped and was surprised to see Guan Ping standing by the side of the backyard. Guan Yu asked Guan Ping to come forward. Upon arriving, Guan Yu asked Guan Ping whether he was interested in learning the various set of stuns. Immediately without and consideration, Guan Ping nodded his head and so, from that Day, Guan Yu started to train Guan Ping.

Months passed and one day, Guan Yu had to depart with Guan Ding Yu. On the day of his departure, Guan Ding Yu made a request to Guan Yu, hoping that Guan Yu could accept Guan Ping as his foster son and allowed Guan Ping to follow him to the Battle-field to fight against the Nasty Empire.

At first. Guan Yu was reluctant to the request but after seeing the Guan Ding Yu and Guan Ping were sincere and faithful, Guan Yu finally accepted the request and so, on that very day, Guan Ping followed Guan Yu’s side.

AD 213, Guan Ping and his wife Maiden Zhao (daughter of Zhao Yun 趙雲之女) gave birth to a son named as Guan Yue (關樾).

AD 219, 17th Day of Lunar 12 Month (公元二一九年農曆十二月十七日), after being captured for weeks, Guan Ping was being killed with his Father Guan Yu.

Till today, the Chinese still believed that the descendants of Guan Yu and Guan Ping still exist in some part in China.

In-order to escape from the killing from the Evil Officers of the Late Han Empire, some of the descendants changed their surname to Men (門). And so, for those who had the surname Men also claimed that they were the descendants of Guan Yu and Guan Ping.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Sending Off Ceremony/Ritual for 64th Generation Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian 2 (六十四代張源先天師登座儀式)

In here are the photos taken by the Leading Top Taiwanese Priest Group.

All these photos are taken on the last day of the Ceremony (Funeral) of 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Thanks-Giving Respect to the Lord Tai Sui of Wu Zi Year (2008) 戊子年謝太歲/還太歲儀式


A year is about to end and its almost time for those who requested blessings from Tai Sui aka Lord of Year & Age during the beginning of the Year, to show their gratitude for Lord Tai Sui.

For those who signed up for the Tai Sui blessing Ritual/Ceremony before Li Chun Day (立春) or during the Lunar New Year Period (農曆新春期間), for this End-of-year Period, a Thanks-Giving Ritual/Ceremony will be conducted by the Spiritual Master again (in the Temple or Taoist Organisation that you joined or visit), the devotees just needed to go back to the Temple to get registered for the Thanks-Giving Ritual/Ceremony, the Spiritual Master will assist in performing the Thanks Giving Respect on behalf of the devotees.

For those who didn't signed up for such Ritual/Ceremony, one self can prepared a set of 5 oranges (五粒桔子), 1 packet of tea leaves (茶葉一包), 1 packet of Traditional Cookies (餞盒一包) and 1 set of incense-paper (1000 normal Gold-paper 千金一份, 1 pack of Gui Ren-paper 貴人紙一套) and an Official Thanks-Giving Spiritual Petition for Lord Tai Sui (謝太歲疏文).

PS: For those who need the Spiritual Petition, you can contact me for that

After preparing the necessary items, do go back to your respective temple to pay respect to the Lord Tai Sui.

So when is the best period to return the gratitude?

Usually when we entered in the Lunar 11 Month (for 2008, it starts on 28 Nov), we can start to perform the Thanks-Giving Ceremony/Ritual.

And Best will be, to do it before Dong Zhi Festival 冬至 (for 2008, will be before 21 Dec), but if one self is not able to perform that before this period, one self can always do it before 16th Day of Lunar 12 Month (尾牙前). Once over 16th Day of Lunar 12 Month (11 Jan 2009), then it will consider as "over-due".

Last of all, always maintain a sincere mind & soul and be faithful while paying respect to Lord Tai Sui. Once one self is sincere and faithful, without any offerings, one self will still get the blessings from Lord Tai Sui.

For those who got-in-conflict with Lord Tai Sui, need not feel bad or sad, cos no necessary for one self who got-in-conflict with Lord Tai Sui will have bad-luck thru-out the year.

As long as you are upright and sincere, you will be blessed.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Sending Off Ceremony/Ritual for 64th Generation Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian (六十四代張源先天師登座儀式)

These 2 Photos were being taken last week in Taiwan (by the Press), during the Sending Off and Paying Respect Ceremony/Ritual for 64th Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xian.

Introduction of Zhou Cang (丹心侍主武烈候周倉)


Zhou Cang, born year unknown (生年不詳). Hometown in China Shan Xi Province, Ping Lu County (中國山西省平廬縣).

According to records, Zhou Cang was born in a Poor family. At a very young age, Zhou Cang’s Father passed-away, leaving him and his weak-mother.

After reaching the Youth-age-period, Zhou Cang wandered around in his County to look for jobs and money-earning-opportunities, but to his disappointment, no one wanted to employ him (due to the Warring Period, everywhere was in a Chaotic situation).

AD 184, Zhang Jiao and his 2 Brothers, Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang (黃巾三公將軍 – 張角/張寶/張梁) gathered the suffering citizens of Late-Han Dynasty to form the Righteous Army to overthrown the Han Emperor, Zhou Cang volunteered himself to join in the Troop that led by Zhang Bao.

Years of wandering around and fighting, the Leader of Zhou Cang, Zhang Bao sacrificed in one of the Battling. Upon then, Zhou Cang and his friend Pei Yuan Shao (裴元紹), lost their Leader and both of them started to wander around.

One Year, Zhou Cang and Pei Yuan Shao arrived at a forested area and after combing around the forested area, Zhou Cang and Pei Yuan Shao found out that this area was known as Wo Niu Mountain (臥牛山). And so, Zhou Cang and Pei Yuan Shao decided to stay in the Mountain and then, gathered more people in-order to form the Righteous Army to fight against the useless Late Han Empire.

Soon, after the news of Zhou Cang and Fei Yuan Shao doing recruiting of Members for the Righteous Army, a lot of suffering citizens flooded to Wo Niu Mountain to volunteer themselves and within years, the man-power under Zhou Cang and Pei Yuan Shao was un-countable.

One year, while Guan Yu (關羽) aka Guan Gong (關公) escorting his 2 Sister-in-laws (Liu Bei’s Wives) to another venue for hiding, they pass-by Wo Niu Mountain without knowing that there was a Troop of Righteous Army staying inside.

Upon knowing someone passing Wo Niu Mountain, Zhou Cang and Pei Yuan Shao thought that someone had come to invade their territory, Zhou Cang and Pei Yuan Shao were very annoyed and decided to meet up with the “invaders”.

After approaching Guan Yu, Zhou Cang and Pei Yuan Shao were shocked to know that the person who stood infront of them was the Famous Loyalty & Upright General Guan Yun Chang, immediately, Zhou Cang and Pei Yuan Shao surrendered their weapons and kneeled down onto the ground to request for Guan Yu to accept them as the Assistants.

Knowing that Zhou Cang and Pei Yuan Shao were 2 Brave and Righteous People, Guan Yu decided to keep them into the Troop. Upon hearing the acceptance, Zhou Cang and Pei Yuan Shao were overjoyed and Zhou Cang made a vow infront of Guan Yu, saying that, from this moment, wherever Guan Yu went, he would be by the side to assist him, whether in taking care of the Horse or cleaning of the Sabre, Zhou Cang got no complaints.

From then, Zhou Cang became the Private Assistant of Guan Yu.

AD 219, 17th Day of Lunar 12 Month (農曆十二月十七日), Guan Yu was being killed together with his Son, Guan Ping (關平). Upon knowing that Guan Yu had been killed, Zhou Cang was ultimately upset and disappointed and so by obeying the vow that he had made during the year that Guan Yu accepted him, Zhou Cang killed himself by jumping down from the City Gate where Guan Yu was killed (another version was that, Zhou Cang was also being caught and being beheaded with Guan Yu and Guan Ping).

Due to the Loyalty and Uprightness of Zhou Cang, the Chinese built Temples and set-up Altars for him in-order to allow the descendants to keep in memory of the Good things and Good attitude that Zhou Cang had.

Till today, if we will to visit any Temples or Altars that dedicated to Guan Yu, you will see a Black-face General (黑面), holding to the Green Dragon Sabre (手執青龍偃月刀), that is Zhou Cang – The Loyal Assistant of Guan Yu.

Points to Ponder:

A lot of Folks had been claiming that 23rd Day of Lunar 10 Month is the Birthday of Zhou Cang, but till today, no one had been able to get any form of physical evidence from the History Records and Religious Articles proving that.


1) Zhou Cang is not a Historical Character that people know
2) Zhou Cang is a man-made Character
3) The real assistant of Guan Yu does not have a name of Zhou Cang, but another person

Then why, there’s a Anniversary of 23rd Day of Lunar 10 Month, according to researches and finding out, this might be the Day where Zhou Cang met-up with Guan Yu and he was being Officially accepted to be part of the Troop of Guan Yu.

As for the Death-Anniversary, this was being recorded since the day when the Historian recorded the death of Guan Yu.

Paying Respect at Yue Hai Qing Temple (粵海清廟謁祖進香)

Finally got some time to do a quick report on the recent Past-event of Long Shan Men.

On the 9 of Oct 2008 (12th Day of Lunar 10 Month), one of the 36th Generation Student, Donnie and I made a trip to Yue Hai Qing Temple (粵海清廟 located at Philip Street) to pay our Respect to Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝) and also, to get the Flag and Printed-Painting for Endorsing (getting the Decade Old Seal to stamp on it – a very Rare Opportunity).

At about 9.00Am, we arrived in the office to pay our quick respect to our own Xuan Tian Shang Di and after the paying of Respect, we set-off for the visiting of the Temple.

Around 10.00Am, we arrived at the Temple and as usual, we were welcomed by the friendly Temple-keeper (which I always address him as Da Ge – Big Brother 大哥).

Upon telling him that we were there to make our respect and getting the Flag and Painting endorsed, he was delighted and after asking for the Seal-endorsing, Da Ge retrieved the Old-old Seal from the Cabinet to perform the stamping for us.

Knowing that I was also a Taoist Priest, he was more than happy to allow me to do the Guo Huo Ceremony (過火) for the Flag and Endorsed Painting. And so after we prepared the necessary offerings onto the Main Altar, a quick and simple reporting was being made and then, we proceed with the Guo Huo Ceremony.

Guo Huo, a form of simple and yet Official Procedure to be carried out in-order to get the Endorsed Items being Enhanced by the Official Spiritual Energies in a Temple of Holy-Premises.

In Yue Hai Qing Temple, due to certain restrict and also short of other materials, we could only Sway the Flag and Paintings around the Main Urn 3 rounds.

After the Procedure was being carried out, the simple Endorsing Ceremony was considered Official-done.

Before we leave for Office for another round of Ritual in the noon, we burnt off our Paper-offerings in the Big-big created Brick Urn. And just when we stepped out of the Temple, we were delighted to see Great Fire coming out from the Brick Urn (the amount that we burn was very little but the Fire seems like we had burnt tones of Paper).

With a fulfilled and delighted mood, we set off for office.

PS: Due to the restrictions and rules of the Temple, we are not allowed to take any Pictures inside the Temple and so, we can only take a few Photos to keep as memory of the Endorsing Ceremony for Year 2008.

Monday, 3 November 2008

A Visit to an Hundred Year Old Temple - Qing Long Gong (拜訪百年老廟青龍宮)

Yesterday, after my dearest Taoist Classmate visited our newly set-up Office, I suggested to him that we were pay a visit to this very Special Temple located somewhere near by and with a great delighted reply from my Classmate, we set off to visit the Temple before we head-off for our Breakfast.

Upon arriving at the Temple, we saw that the main Gate was locked, so we assumed that the Temple-keeper might not had arrived at the Temple and so, we just stood outside trying to peep into the Temple and suddenly, a friendly and compassionate-looking Uncle walked out of the Temple and immediately, we asked for permission to enter the Temple and with a delightful reply, we were warmly being ushered in by the Uncle.

This was the Temple that I had been searching for quite sometime, Qing Long Gong (青龍宮) aka Green Dragon Temple (not the one located at West Coast, but the one in Sims Drive - Aljunied) that honored Bao Sheng Da Di, the Lord of Chinese Physician (保生大帝).

After entering into the Temple, we were totally attracted by the Ancient Looking Temple, with the nicely painted Walls, neatly maintained Hundred-year Altars and the Nicely Frame-up Statues on the Antique Wooden Altars.

With an emotion of touched and moved, suddenly my child-hood memories appeared in my mind… this is the type of old houses and antique furniture that I used to see during my younger days.

While I’m doing my first round of wandering around in the Temple, my Classmate had got his set of Offerings and started to make his respect to the Deities.

At the same time, I was there to do chit chat with the Uncle. After a quick introduction, I was told that he was the 3rd Generation Descendant of the Temple Founder. Now, the Temple was still being taken care of by the 3rd and 4th Generation Descendants. And on every year, the 15th Day of Lunar 3 Month (Manifestation Anniversary of Bao Sheng Da Di), the whole Family would gather in the Temple to do celebration for the Deity – this is the Unique Bonding of a Traditional Taoist Family.

After the introduction, the Uncle led me to the Side Altar that dedicated to his Grandparent. Upon arriving at the Altar, a very strong warm Energy and a very peaceful feeling approached me and while my Classmate came to join us, he felt that too. Immediately, we knew that something Spiritually had occurred around that area.

While we enjoying the Warm Energy, the Uncle told us that his Grandfather, which was the Founder of the Temple, was actually a Chinese Physician from China. Many many Years ago, while his Grandfather came over to Singapore, he also brought over the statue of Bao Sheng Da Di from China and from then, the Family started to dedicate a place for Bao Sheng Da Di till today.

Time flies while people chat. After checking the timing, I found that we had stayed in the Temple for about an hour and so, at about 11.00Am, we made our leave from the Temple to head for our late Breakfast.

Just as we about to leave the Temple, we promised to visit the Temple next year to join in the Celebration of Bao Sheng Da Di.

PS: Upon granting my wishes, the Uncle allowed me to take photos of the Temple, just that no shooting on the Statues and so, in the following, you wont be able to see any pictures of the Statues. But if you are interested in seeing the statues, I will advised you to go down to the Temple yourself, cos you will have a very different feeling in there.