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Introduction on Qi Xing Dou Zhou aka The Seven Dipper Stars Incantation for Protection and Self Cultivation (道教七星斗咒)


Since the last posting on the Introduction & Sharing on Taoist Incantation, Jave have stopped doing posting on it due to Jave was away and got some feedbacks on whether are normal People suitable to do learning on such Incantations?

In here, Jave will like to clarify this enquiry. Yes, you are eligible to learn, practise and used ALL the Mantras/Incantations that you see, found and come-across in this Website, cos ALL these Incantations are mend for ALL Un-official Taoists (regardless of Races) to learn, understand and use it in normal daily life. For those which are not suitable for Un-official Taoists, Jave will only request these Taoists to seek assistances from their Masters or to seek Master-ship under an Official Taoist Priest or Long Shan Men. And one thing for sure, ALL these Incantations that you all can see in Jave’s website are authorised to be posted by China & Taiwan Elders.

Ok, back to the topic on the Introduction on Qi Xing Dou Zhou (七星斗咒).

In Taoism, most of you have already understood, actually Taoists started to honour the Great Dipper Stars (北斗祭祀) far before Taoist Schools were found. When Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張祖天師) reform Taoism in Han Dynasty (漢朝以來), he continued to promote the Culture of Honouring the Great Dipper and last, gathering ALL the necessary Scriptures, Contexts and Incantation to widen the spectrum on the Study/Culture of the Great Dipper.

From then till now, over 2000 Years, Taoism is still surround by the Honouring of the Great Dipper and for sure, Taoism wont be Taoism if the Honouring of Great Dipper is not being practised anymore.

In the following, is another Incantation that is associated with the Great Dipper and this Mantra/Incantation is encouraged to be recited Daily in front of the Altar or at the Main Urn at the House facing the Heaven (or North 向北).

According to Ancient Records on this Incantation, it tells us that by consistent reciting (誠心持誦), it helps to Cease the Misfortune & Obstacles (消災解厄), allowing Oneself to get strengthening in the Cultivation (開啟元陽) and the Balancing of the Inner Energies (調節陰陽), fasten the process of the Positive Requests that Oneself had made to the Spiritual Realms (飛捷回報), increasing of Good-relationships (緣份增強), having Parent’s Life be prolonged (高堂延壽) and last, requesting for a Peacefulness for the Country (國泰民安), etc.

Here goes the Incantation:

七星斗咒 Qi Xing Dou Zhou

Yang Ming Da Kui. Yuan Ji Wen Chang

Brief Translation: These 2 Phrases actually explained that this Incantation is dedicating to The North Dipper aka Bei Dou. Da Kui, the “Head” of the Great Dipper (the initial 4 Stars or referring to the 1st Star) and Wen Chang aka Wen Qu (文曲 the last 3 Stars), the continuous of the Dipper to make it the Original Form of Seven Stars.

Yin Jing Tai Ji. Tai Shang Xuan Ji

Brief Translation: Yin Jing, the 2nd Star & Xuan Ji (shall be Tian Ji 天璣), the 3rd Star in the 7 Stars. Yin Jing & Tian Ji are the 2 Stars that actually Manifest or Transform the “Final Form” of Beings. Tai Ji & Tai Shang refer to the Importance of these 2 Stars, in some contexts, it also explained that Yin Jing & Tian Ji will not be shifted no matter how the whole formation of the Dipper moves.

Fei Gang Yi Xi. Wan Gui Fu Cang

Brief Translation: If Oneself is able to get the “Connection” from the Yin Jing & Tian Ji Star, Oneself’s Physical Body will be protected and any other Negative Entities will not be able to penetrate or get near Oneself.

Xuan Ming Yao Guang. Zi Wei Kai Yang

Brief Translation: These 2 Phrases referring to the 4th – Xuan Ming, 6th – Kai Yang & 7th – Yao Guang, Stars of the 7 Stars.

Dan Yuan Zhi Zhen. Shen Qi Tu Wei

Brief Translation: Dan Yuan refers to the 5th Star of the 7 Stars. By gathering the 4th to 7th Stars’ Energies, Oneself will be shield with a Protection and with proper Cultivation, it will assist Oneself to attain the “Null” status – become Immortal.

Bei Ji Tian Gang. Hui Tong Xuan Shen

Brief Translation: Bei Ji Tian Gang, referring to the Great Dipper. By honouring and staying connected with the Group, Oneself will be able to understand the Miracle part of Taoism and allowing Oneself to merge into the Big Dao, it will assist Oneself to attain a high level of Enlightenment or Wisdom.

Tian Guan Yu Nv. Rong Si Yi Gui

Brief Translation: Once Oneself is able to “understand” and merge with the Dao, the Assistants of the 7th Star Yao Guang, will be there to assist Oneself to ascend into the Celestial Realm.

Hun Zhen Po Shen. Ju Ti Fei Xian

Brief Translation: By then, Oneself’s 3 Souls and 7 Spirits (三魂七魄) will be combined to form the Non-destroyable Energy known as Yuan Shen (元神).

Ji Ji Ru Lv Ling

Brief Translation: With Fast & Immediate effect or order.

After knowing briefly on what the Incantation is, by now, Oneself will tend to want to know when will it be the best timing or day to do the recitation.

If Oneself is able to do it consistently every day, it will be the best, if not, Oneself can do it on the 7th Day when Lord Bei Dou descended (農曆初七日北斗星君下降朝) into the Mortal Realm for inspection or, on every 1st & 15th Day of the Lunar Month (每月朔望日). If not, on every trip that Oneself visit Temples to make your Honouring.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Taoist Deities Lanterns for Shang Yuan Festival 2010 (庚寅年上元日道教神明花燈)

In here, you all will be seeing a series of Photos on the Lanterns that being displayed during the Shang Yuan Festival (上元日) this Year in one of the Taoist Temples in Taiwan.

This is a very good idea on promoting the Taoist Culture by attracting the younger generation and also, to out-reach to the little kids of increasing their interest in knowing more on our Taoist Deities. Quite a good effort put in from this Temple.

Hope to see such Lanterns being displayed in Singapore in near future.

For Higher Res Pictures, please proceed to this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism_deity_singapore_2007/photos/album/78066660/pic/list

Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Master Xu Xun 2010 (淨明許遜天師庚寅年聖誕吉慶)

On the 25th Day of Lunar 10 Month (農曆十月廿五日), its the Day that Heavenly Master Xu Xun gained his Immortal-hood, in some contexts known as his Birthday.

In Year 2010, it falls on 30 Nov, a Tuesday.

In Taoism, he is another important Heavenly Master that had bring together the bonding of Taoist Culture and also, performing the Upright Preaching of Taoist Skills and Knowledge.

Due to few Deities having the same Official Title with Xu Xun, many a time, Taoists tend to get mix-up. And so, many misconceptions and wrong ideas had occurred.

In Singapore, it is totally difficult to find a Temple dedicating to Heavenly Master Xu Xun. Hope in the near future, we are able to find one and have a proper honouring dedicated to him.

Find out more on Heavenly Master Xu Xun, please feel free to visit the following links:




Friday, 26 November 2010

South East Asia Xuan Tian Shang Di Cultural Group (南洋玄天上帝文化研究會)

Start:     Nov 26, '10
End:     Dec 31, '15
Location:     All Over the World, Singapore

In Year 2011, Long Shan Men (正一龍山門) will be launching the South East Asia Xuan Tian Shang Di Cultural Group with a few local Temples and Researchers promoting the Culture of Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝).

Hoping by doing so, more People or Taoists can be aware of the existing Culture and long-lost teachings dedicating to Xuan Tian Shang Di. This Cultural Group will also be organised exchange-programs with other Xuan Tian Cultural Groups in other Countries to understand more on their understanding & knowledge on promoting the Culture of Xuan Tian Shang Di.

For the moment, the details are still undergoing discussions and finalizing, once the details are out, Jave will keep interested parties updated (planned programs: Understanding the Scriptures, studying on the outlook of Xuan Tian Statues, the Honouring Procedures, etc).

For those who are interested in joining in and contribute your part to promote Xuan Tian Shang Di Culture, please feel free to contact Jave at javewu@longshanmen.org or Donnie Tay at donnie@longshanmen.org

After launching this Cultural Group, there will also be another 2 Cultural Groups in-plan to be launched, the other 2 Cultural Groups are South East Asia Ma Zu Cultural Study Group (南洋媽祖文化推廣研究會) & South East Asia San Guan Da Di Taoist Culture Promoting Group (東南亞三官大帝道教文化聯合會).

Do keep a lookout in the upcoming postings.

For Higher Res Poster, please proceed to this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism_deity_singapore_2007/photos/album/132378061/pic/list

Long Shan Men Founding Anniversary 2010 – 04 Tian Gong Temple Honouring & Spiritual Registration (正一龍山門庚寅年開山週年誌慶之天公廟祭祀與入門上奏儀式)

9th Day of Lunar 9 Month (農曆九月初九日重陽朝) & on the San Yuan Days (三元日), are usually the Spiritual Registration Day for Long Shan Men (正一龍山門入門拜師認祖儀式).

This Year, with the absence of Jave, the Spiritual Registration was being conducted for Lim Ruihe with the witnessing of Donnie & Vabien.

After the Founding Anniversary conducted at the HQ, the whole group of Long Shan Men’s Disciples proceed to Telok Blangah Tian Gong Temple (天公廟) to pay their respect to Dou Mu Yuan Jun (斗姆元君) & Jiu Huang Xing Jun (九皇星君) and also, to send the Registration Petition to the Celestial Realm for the witnessing of the Deities on the newly joint Disciple of Long Shan Men.

At about 4.00Pm in the Noon, the Disciples arrived at the Temple and without further delaying, they made their honouring to Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) (pls see pic lsm9mth2010_registration01 - 08) and after the paying respect to Yu Huang, they proceed to the Rear Hall when Dou Mu Yuan Jun & Jiu Huang Xing Jun were located to conduct the reporting.

In the Rear Hall, Vabien led the Honouring and Reporting while Ruihe, accompanying Vabien when the messages were being “Sent” to the Celestial Realm (pls see pic lsm9mth2010_registration09 - 25).

With the permission granted, Vabien opened up the Spiritual Registration Petition to show the Deities (pls see pic lsm9mth2010_registration26 - 33) and then, proceed with the Sending-off of the Petition to the Celestial Realm.

During the Sending-off, some signs were being shown in the Flame of the Burning Paper-offerings (pls see pic lsm9mth2010_registration34 - 43).

With the completion of the Burning, the whole Founding Anniversary of Long Shan Men also reached an Ending, with joyous, the few of the Disciples took some pictures in the Temple for remembrance purposes and then, they left the Temple to proceed with their Dinner (pls see pic lsm9mth2010_registration44 - 45).

For Higher Res Pictures, please proceed to this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism_deity_singapore_2007/photos/album/1628219202/pic/list

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Manifestation Anniversary of 30th Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing 2010 (正一三十代張虛靖天師庚寅年聖誕吉慶)

Today, the 20th Day of Lunar 10 Month (庚寅年農曆十月廿日25 Nov 2010), is known as the Manifestation Anniversary of 30th Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing (正一三十代張虛靖天師).

For All Zheng Yi Sect Disciples and Followers, do prepare the necessary simple Offerings (Taoist Five Offerings) to offer your respect to our 30th Heavenly Master.

To know more on Heavenly Master Zhang Xu Jing, you may wished to visit the following link:


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Video on Broadcast Story on Master Shen Nong (百草神農廣播劇)

In here, you all will be watching and listening to the Broadcast Program on the Story of Master Shen Nong (神農大帝).

Hope you all enjoy it.

PS: Link in Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6FnqHOLZns

Monday, 22 November 2010

Empress Mother Earth Manifestation Anniversary and Di Mu Coin (庚寅年地姆元君華誕與地姆元通錢)


18th Day of Lunar 10 Month (農曆十月十八日), the Day where ALL the Beings celebrate the Manifestation Anniversary of Empress Mother Earth aka Di Mu Yuan Jun (地姆元君華誕吉慶).

Since the Day when the Earth was formed, two gusts of Energies were being emitted from the Big Dao to protect on the Earth, these two gusts of Energies were known as Qian Tian Yang Qi (乾天陽氣) aka The Positive Yang Energy and another was known as Kun Di Yin Qi (坤地陰氣) aka The Negative Yin Energy (do not misunderstand this Negative Yin as the one associated with Spirits/Souls).

These two Energies were later being addressed by the Mortals as Qian Yuan Tian Fu (乾元天父) and Xu Kong Di Mu (虛空地姆). Another misconception here is that, Folks always mistaken Qian Yuan Tian Fu as Yu Huang Da Tian Zun (天父誤認為玉皇大天尊) aka Jade Emperor of Heaven, this is a serious mistake and fatal-fully wrong.

After these two gusts Energies were being successfully allocated to the position of withholding the operating Cycle of the Earth, these two gusts of Energies were being absorbed into the Natural Surrounding – meaning that, these two gusts of Energies became the Air that we breath-in and also, used to maintain ALL living Beings’ life.

Since then, ALL Beings were grateful to these two gusts of Energies and somehow, the Beings related them as Parent and so, on every 15th Day of Lunar 5 Month (農曆五月十五日為乾元天父聖誕), the Beings would celebrate the “Birthday” of Heaven, which was actually dedicating to Qian Yuan Tian Fu and on the 18th Day of Lunar 10 Month, the “Birthday” of Xu Kong Di Mu (農曆十月十八日為虛空地姆華誕). Till today, in Singapore, some places still celebrate the “Birthday” of “Tian Gong (misconception)” on the 15th Day of Lunar 5 Month.

Out of Topic: In here, lets add up the numbers of the 2 Birthdays, from there, you will find that the answers will return you a 1 & 0 ((1+5+5)(1+8+1+0)), meaning a Yang and a Yin.

So how to perform the Honouring for Di Mu?

For Honouring of Di Mu, actually it is very simple, as long as Oneself can prepare the Five Color Grains/Beans (五穀或五色豆) for the Honouring, it will considered wonderfully.

Another thing is that, best to prepare the Taoist Five Offerings (道教五供) while Oneself is going for the Honouring.

Besides that, this Year, Jave will like to introduce ALL of you the Ancient Coin Paper dedicating to Di Mu, which in Chinese known as Di Mu Yuan Tong Qian (地姆元通錢).

So what is Di Mu Yuan Tong Qian?

Di Mu Yuan Tong Qian, a form of Paper Offering that being offered to Di Mu in the Ancient Period, by the People who believed that Di Mu will be able to bless on them for Good Harvesting, Good Animal-rearing, Good Health and last, Wealth-growing-from the Ground (土地生黃金).

Usually on the Honouring Day, the People were set up Temperory Altars in the Field, prepare the necessary Offerings and after then, make a report and request and last, burn the Di Mu Yuan Tong Qian in a Burner and after the Paper were being burnt off entirely, the ashes would be scattered onto the Soil and allowed the Rain to wash them off to ALL areas.

Once this was done, the People believed that, their messages would be delivered to Di Mu in no time and they were received the necessary Blessing.

In Today’s World, it is totally not possible for us to burn the Paper and then scattered it around our House and so, after the Honouring, just burn it off in the Incense-paper Burner will do. I’m sure, Di Mu will still get the messages that Oneself wanted to convey to her.

Why the design of Di Mu Yuan Tong Qian got so many Colours?

This Yuan Tong Qian that you all see here is actually being re-design again according to the Pass-down teachings.

In an actual Di Mu Yuan Tong Qian, there are some features that Oneself shall look into:

1 – The Three Colours; Blue, Red & Yellow. These are the 3 colours representing Big Dao (大道)

2 – The Ba Gua aka Trigrams (八卦生萬物), this is to represent ALL the Elements in the Universe

3 – Last, the Spiritual Secret Symbol of Tian Fu Di Mu (天父地姆諱) at the outer Layer

Once the above mentioned items are present, meaning that this is the correct Yuan Tong Qian that Oneself can used for the Honouring of Di Mu.

So do Oneself able to get this Di Mu Qian?

It is Rare to find this Di Mu Yuan Tong Qian now in the Market, but if you are able to find it, please do buy more and keep, if not, Oneself is able to download this Picture and print it on a Yellow Paper (A4 size).

Need not be much, 3-5 pieces will do.

At the bottom of the Di Mu Yuan Tong Qian, remember to write Oneself’s Name, Lunar Date of Birth and Residential Address.

Once done, placed it together with the Offerings and last, before burning it off, hold onto the Paper and make 3 bows and then proceed with the Burning.


Be Sincere, be Faithful.

Di Mu is just like our Mother, need not lie to her, sincerely make your confession to her, she will be able to assist you.

Last of ALL, happy honouring

For Higher Res Pictures, please proceed to this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/taoism_deity_singapore_2007/photos/album/1722647304/pic/list

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Merit Inspection of Heavenly Lord Shui Guan 2010 (庚寅年水官大帝考校天下日-下元)

15th Day of Lunar 10 Month aka Xia Yuan Day (下元), in Taoism, this Day is known as the Merit Inspection (考校天下) of Heavenly Lord Shui Guan aka Shui Guan Da Di (水官大帝), the Heavenly Lord in-charging of the Ceasing of Misfortune & Obstacles for ALL Beings (眾生解厄).

This Year, Xia Yuan Day falls on 20 Nov, a Saturday.

On this Day, Taoists will also conduct Official & Grand Rituals/Ceremonies dedicating to Heavenly Lord Shui Guan for the requesting of Ceasing of Misfortune & Obstacles for Oneself, Ancestors, Pass-on Love Ones and also, ALL Beings.

Besides that, Taoists will also performed a special Ceremony of Sending-off/Sinking-into-Sea/River/Stream of a Spiritual Petition directing to Heavenly Lord Shui Guan for the begging of Ceasing of Misfortune & Obstacles that Oneself or the People around oneself had faced or Encountered (including Spirits/Souls).

In the Rituals/Ceremonies, One of the most Important Honouring Respect that needed to be conducted will be the Chanting of Shui Guan Bao Chan (水官寶懺) or full title known as Yuan Shi Tian Zun Shuo Xia Yuan San Pin Shui Guan Jie E Bao Chan (元始天尊說下元三品水官解厄寶懺), some context recorded as Ling Bao Tian Zun Shuo Xia Yuan San Pin Shui Guan Jie E Bao Chan (靈寶天尊說下元三品水官解厄寶懺).

This Spiritual Petition is known as San Guan Shou Shu (三官手書) or Shui Guan Shou Shu (水官手書). In the modern Era now, this Spiritual Petition can considered as an Unknown to a lot of Taoists & Organisations.

Besides that Sinking-into-Sea/River/Stream of the Spiritual Petition, the Taoists will also burn a type of Paper Offerings known as Shui Guan Ku Qian (水官庫錢) or San Jie Ku Qian (三界庫錢) aka The Coffer Money of the Three Realms, for the Ceasing of Misfortune & Obstacles that Oneself had faced or Encountered.

On this Day, for Taoists who are showing the Compassionate & Care for the Other Beings in this Realm, they will also light 49 Lamps/Candles (七七之燈) for at least 3 Days to gain the Blessing from Lord Shui Guan. Hoping by the emitting of the Light Energy and Fire Element, ALL Minor Misfortunes & Obstacles of the other Beings can be Ceased or Prevented.

In Singapore, for those who are keen in Paying your Respect to Heavenly Lord Shui Guan, you may proceed to the following few Temples:

1 –Yishun He Bi Shan Temple (義順何碧山宮) –
see link: http://javewu.multiply.com/calendar/item/10098

2 - Havelock Yu Huang Temple (合樂路玉皇殿)

3 – Bukit Merah View Lei Yin Temple (紅山景雷音寺)

More info on Lord Shui Guan, please proceed to the following link:


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Teochew Opera on Lord Cheng Huang (潮劇:水鬼變城隍)

In here, you all will be watching a Series of 3 Videos on Teochew Opera on the Story of Lord Cheng Huang aka City Deity. In the Opera Show, you will see how the Water Spirit being appointed to become a Lord Cheng Huang after he give up the chances of getting replacement for his Reborn as a Mortal. Hope you all enjoy the Opera.

Part 1: http://www.56.com/u74/v_MzczMzA2ODA.html

Part 2: http://www.56.com/u24/v_MzczMzEyMzg.html

Part 3: http://www.56.com/u54/v_MzczMzEyODU.html

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Thanksgiving for Lord Tai Sui of Year Geng Yin (酬謝庚寅年值年太歲)

Start:     Nov 20, '10
End:     Dec 22, '10
Location:     All Over the World, Singapore

Its again the period for those who honoured Lord Tai Sui during the Lunar New Year Period, to perform the Thanksgiving for Lord Tai Sui of the Year.

This Year, the Thanksgiving starts on 20 Nov 2010 (a Saturday 農曆十月十五下元日) and ends on 22 Dec 2010 (a Wednesday 農曆十一月十七日冬至日).

For those who had promised to perform the Thanksgiving during Lunar New Year period, please do go back to the same Temple to show your gratitude to Lord Tai Sui.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Long Shan Men Winter Season Ancestor Honouring 2010 (庚寅年正一龍山門冬季祭祖儀式)

Its again the Year End Winter Season Ancestor Honouring for Long Shan Men.

The Honouring of Long Shan Men Ancestors will be conducted on the 12th Day of Lunar 10 Month, which falls on 17 Nov 2010, a Wednesday. Timing starting from 9.00Am till 11.00Am.

This Year, the Ancestor Honouring will be conducted by the 36th Generation Disciples of Long Shan Men, besides that, it is also the Honouring Celebration for Long Shan Men to take over the Taoist School of Xuan Jiao Dao Zong (玄教道宗), which is a Lineage of the Disciple of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (祖天師張道陵).

Xuan Jiao Dao Zong, founded by Grand-Master Zhang Liu Sun (聖祖張留孫) in Yuan Dynasty (元朝) He was also the Disciple of 36th Generation Heavenly Master Zhang Zong Yan (第三十六代天師張宗演真人).

After Grand-Master Zhang Liu Sun got his Immortal-hood, his Throne was being succeeded by his Disciple – Grand-Master Wu Qian Jie (二祖吳全節). From then, Xuan Jiao Dao Zong was being recognised by the Imperial Court until Ming Dynasty, where Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang combined ALL Taoist Sects/Schools under Zheng Yi Sect.

Till today, Xuan Jiao Dao Zong had pass-down its Throne to 28 Generation and honourable, Long Shan Men is able to take over the 29th Generation Leadership (玄教道宗第廿九代主教) for Promoting the Culture and Teaching.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Myth of Madam Fu De 02 (福德夫人傳說之二)


In this link: http://javewu.multiply.com/photos/album/305, Jave had somehow made a brief introduction on Madam Fu De (福德夫人).

Today in here, Jave will like to share another Myth on Madam Fu Ren after going through another set of Ancient Records on Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) aka Earth Deity (土地神).

The story goes like that;

Yu Nv Tai Xian (玉女太仙), the Third Daughter of Lord Mountain Tai (泰山仁齊聖帝) aka Dong Yue Da Di (東嶽大帝). Official Title known as Bi Ling Yuan Jun (碧靈元君) and was born in Shang Dynasty (生于商朝) after Empress Dong Yue (东岳淑明坤德皇后) swallowed a gust of Energy emitted from the Northern Dipper (北斗元氣).

At the age of 3, Yu Nv Tai Xian was able to assist her Third Brother – Bing Ling Gong (炳靈公), in eliminating the Negative Entities and assist her Sister – Bi Xia Yuan Jun (碧霞元君), in the recording of new Born Beings.

At the age of 7, one day, while Yu Nv Tai Xian was performing her daily Cultivation at the peak of Mountain Tai, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv (九天玄女) aka The Immortal Maiden of Ninth Heaven, descended at the Pavilion where Yu Nv Tai Xian was.

Upon entering into the Pavilion, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv was attracted by the beauty of this young lady and just as she was about to speak to Yu Nv Tai Xian, Yu Nv Tai Xian came forward to pay her respect to Jiu Tian Xuan Nv by calling out her Official Title. Jiu Tian Xuan Nv was shocked but also delighted to know that Yu Nv Tai Xian was such a brilliant girl.

From then, on every 9th Day of the Month, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv would descend on the Peak of Mountain Tai to impart Yu Nv Tai Xian the Spiritual Skills and Prediction Tactics.

By the age of 26, Yu Nv Tai Xian had mastered most of the Skills that Jiu Tian Xuan Nv imparted her. One day, while Jiu Tian Xuan Nv was about to advise Yu Nv Tai Xian on her marriage, Yu Nv Tai Xian cut in the conversation and told Jiu Tian Xuan Nv that she would be marrying to a Well-known Deity in Zhou Dynasty (周朝).

Knowing that nothing could be hidden from Yu Nv Tai Xian, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv could only smiled and continued to guide on her Practising.

On BC 1036, the 2ndYear of King Zhou Wu (周武王二年) ascending the Throne, Zhang Fu De was born on the 2nd Day of Lunar 2 Month (張福德生于周武王二年農曆二月初二日).

On BC 928 (周穆王癸己年), 10th Day of Lunar 1 Month (農曆正月初十日), Zhang Fu De passed on with an age of 108, after protecting his Master’s Granddaughter from being frozen to death. On the Day of Zhang Fu De’s passing-on, a few characters appeared on the Sky written as Yu Feng Zhang Fu De Wei Nan Tian Men Fu De Zheng Shen (御封張福德為南天門福德正神), meaning Celestially Bestowed Zhang Fu De as Fu De Zheng Shen.

Upon being summoned to the Celestial Palace, Zhang Fu De was being appointed to look after the distributing of Wealth to the Mortals upon requesting. After getting the Imperial Edict, Zhang Fu De was being positioned at the South Border of the Country.
On the 1st Month of appointment, Zhang Fu De was not able to get much honouring due to he was still new to the People staying in the South.

One day, just before 23rd Day of Lunar 12 Month (農曆臘月廿三日 – Sending Off of Kitchen Deity started in Zhou Dynasty 送灶始于周朝), where People would Send-off Kitchen Deity aka Zao Shen (灶神), a big group of People suddenly dashed towards the mini Shrine dedicated to Zhang Fu De.

At the point of time, Zao Shen was waiting for the People to provide him with a good feast of Offerings but suddenly, everyone was busy running towards a small Shrine at the City Gate. Zao Shen was puzzled and so, he transformed himself into a Commoner and followed the People dashing towards the Shrine.

Just the moment that Zao Shen stepped into the Shrine, he saw all the People kneeling down in front of the Altar and making request to Zhang Fu De, telling Zhang Fu De that they were too poor to celebrate the New Year. After every request that the People made, a string of Zhou-coins (一串周幣) would drop out from the Stone Incense-holder and landed onto the hand of the Person who made the request. By looking at it, Zao Shen was shocked and started to get jealous.

After returning to his own Mansion, Zao Shen couldn’t get over with the way that Zhang Fu De had distributed the Wealth to the People, so he decided to make his way back to the Celestial Palace on the Evening of 23rd Day to make his report to Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊, during this Period, Yu Huang shall be addressed as Tian Di 天帝, meaning Emperor of Heaven. According to some Contexts, Tian Di’s appearance was being created using the painting of Zhou Wu Wang 周武王).

At the Celestial Meeting, Zao Shen was quite upset with the behaviour of Zhang Fu De and so, with a lengthy Petition, Zhang Fu De was being “sued” by Zao Shen.

By going through the Petition, Yu Huang was shocked by the way of Zhang Fu De’s distribution of Wealth and so, without any delay, Yu Huang ordered Jin Jia Shen (九天金甲神) to summon Zhang Fu De back for questioning.

On the way back to the Celestial Palace, Zhang Fu De and Jin Jia Shen pass-by Mountain Tai, just as both of them were about to enter into the Dong Jiao Tian Men (東角天門) – the Heavenly Gate in the East Corner, Yu Nv Tai Xian and Jiu Tian Xuan Nv were making their way back to the Celestial Palace for the Meeting.

With a glance at Yu Nv Tai Xian, Zhang Fu De was shocked by her look and just as Jin Jia Shen was about to fasten Zhang Fu De, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv stopped him by doing so and by directing Jin Jia Shen to a side, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv told him on the fate that connecting the 2 of them. Upon knowing the fate, Jin Jia Shen had to follow the “instruction” that being pre-planned by the Heaven.

In the Celestial Palace, Zhang Fu De was being confronted by Zao Shen for making such a Non-realistic move of distributing Wealth to any people without checking on their background and reality of the request. By looking back at Zao Shen, Zhang Fu De was shocked to know that the way of distribution of Wealth was wrong, since that Yu Huang had appointed him to take-charge of the Wealth-blessing.

Knowing that Zhang Fu De did it out of Compassionate, Yu Huang accepted his statements but at the same time, Yu Huang was worried that Zhang Fu De would make the same mistake again and so, by suggestion, Yu Huang asked ALL the Deities that arrived in the Celestial Palace to give their comments.

Just as Zao Shen was about to speak up, Lord Dong Yue stepped out from his position and pay his respect to Yu Huang and suggested that, by getting an “Assistant” for Zhang Fu De, so that the Assistant could control on the Wealth distributed to the Mortals.

Upon getting the suggestion, Yu Huang agreed but after consideration, Yu Huang found it ridiculous – if needed another Assistant to look after the distribution of Wealth, so what for needed Fu De Zheng Shen?

Knowing that Yu Huang had doubts on the term Assistant, Lord Dong Yue spoke up again by telling Yu Huang to match-make a Wife for Zhang Fu De, so that this Lady would be able to “scan” through all requests before Zhang Fu De distributed out the Wealth.

After Yu Huang got the suggestion, he was delighted and by looking through all the Deities & Immortals in the Celestial Palace, who would want to marry to an Old Man like Zhang Fu De? And so, Yu Huang summoned Yue Lao (月佬星君) aka the Match-maker forward to check on the Match-making record.

Just as Yue Lao was about to open up his Record, Yu Nv Tai Xian stepped forward to pay her respect to Yu Huang and volunteered herself to be married to Zhang Fu De.

At the moment, the whole Celestial Palace was shocked, cos of Yu Nv Tai Xian’s beauty, how could such a beauty married to an Old Man?

Lord Dong Yue didn’t make a comment but standing at one side nodding his head.

By looking at Lord Dong Yue, Yu Huang somehow had understood the situation and so, without hesitation, Yu Huang announced the Engagement of Zhang Fu De & Yu Nv Tai Xian as Immortal Couple.

Just before Zhang Fu De and Yu Nv Tai Xian left the Celestial Palace, Yu Huang appointed Yu Nv Tai Xian as Nan Tian Men Yi Pin Fu De Fu Ren (南天門一品福德夫人) – the First Grade Lady of the Celestial Realm, and given her the task of “scanning through” all the request before Zhang Fu De distributed out the Wealth to the Mortals.

Yu Nv Tai Xian accepted the appointment and left the Celestial Palace and return to the Mortal Realm with Zhang Fu De.

On the way back to the Mortal Realm, Zhang Fu De was puzzled with the decision that Yu Nv Tai Xian had made and so, he shyly asked Yu Nv Tai Xian on why she had willingly to marry to him. By looking back at Zhang Fu De, Yu Nv Tai Xian smiled and replied – cos in near future, you will be the one that being highly respected by everyone in the Mortal Realm.

By getting such a reply, Zhang Fu De got more puzzled but he knew that ALL these were Heavenly Secrets, so from then, he didn’t ask much. And whenever anyone came to make request, he would direct the request to his Wife – Madam Fu De, before making any actions.

Myths in Myth

1 – due to Madam Fu De was being appointed as the one who controlled the Wealth Distribution, this is why, People in the Southern China does not like to honour her and claimed that she is stingy

2 – due to Zao Shen had somehow accused wrongly on Zhang Fu De, Fu De Zheng Shen’s Tablet or Shrine in a house, can never be placed near the Altar of Zao Shen

3 – even though Madam Fu De and Madam Zao Shen (灶神夫人) are both Ladies staying under the same roof, both of them do not communicate

4 – Yu Huang knowing that Zao Shen and Fu De do not get along well and so, Fu De can only be placed outside the House

5 – 10th Day of Lunar 1 Month was the Immortal-hood Anniversary of Zhang Fu De, this is why, in Taoist Culture, this is also the Day that Fu De Zheng Shen opened his Wealth-coffer to distribute Wealth (福德正神開財庫日)

6 – after Zhou Dynasty, the popularity of Fu De Zheng Shen indeed increased, Yu Nv Tai Xian’s prediction indeed came true. Till today, Fu De Zheng Shen still can considered as the Top Choice for Taoists/Chinese in Honouring

Friday, 12 November 2010

Video on Broadcast Story on Master Ba Gua (八卦伏羲廣播劇)

In here, you all will be watching and listening to the Broadcast Program on the Story of Xuan Yuan Huang Di (軒轅黃帝) aka Yellow Emperor.

Hope you all enjoy it.

PS: Link in Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KkJ1SXvWYM

Video on Broadcast Story on Yellow Emperor (軒轅黃帝廣播劇)

In here, you all will be watching and listening to the Broadcast Program on the Story of Xuan Yuan Huang Di (軒轅黃帝) aka Yellow Emperor.

Hope you all enjoy it.

PS: Link in Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=232Xuhi6ji0

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dao & One Two Three (道與一二三)


In Dao Philosophy Study, Preachers or Masters tend to make the Term Dao & One Two Three theory to become very mystical and profound. And this is why, many a time, People tend to “Lost” their interest in finding out more or just blindly follow what is being given to them and never had a chance to explore themselves, this indeed defeat the purpose of the Teaching of Dao & One Two Three.

In here, Jave will be making a very Brief Introduction on Dao & One Two Three. This doesn’t means that Jave is here to challenge the Preachers or Masters, but to put the Profound Theory into a more Simplest-way for People to understand and see how the Dao & One Two Three Theory matches into the Normal Mortal Living Lifestyles we are in now.

So what is Dao?

No One in this Mortal Realm can understand what is Dao, neither a High Priest nor a High Spiritual Cultivated Master, but in Theoretical Part, Dao is being explained as a form of Level, Position and Dimension that Oneself can attained to when Oneself get combined or manifested-together into the Dimension or Energy (in Taoism, this is what we mentioned most of the time – Qi 氣, translated as Energy or Aura).

In Astrological Explanation, Dao is actually Universe or University Law, which means that, Dao is not easy to be Understand or still not yet being explained by many Theories or Experiments.

And in Spiritual Explanation, Dao is when a Person attained Immortal-hood or being accepted by the Celestial Realm as part of the Qualified Personnel to accomplish certain task in reducing Sufferings and also, lead the others onto the Path of putting down Oneself and realised the True Inner Self of Oneself.

So How Dao is matches with One?

In Taoism, Dao is being mentioned as Null (in many Theories, Null doesn’t means totally Nothing but is a Pre-stage of Manifesting something out from Nothing).

From Dao to Null, in Taoism, it is known as:

混沌生無極。Hun Dun Sheng Wu Ji

Wu Ji, known as Zero Stage of the Pre-Universe-formed Period, it is also a Period where Nothing had yet to be Manifested but, during this Period, the Core Elements are actually being “Born” in the Central System where is hidden inside the Null.

Such small Core Elements can be explained as Particles or Viruses that had been floating around in the No-named Dimension before this Universe is being formed.

From the time of No Particles or Viruses created to the Period of Core Elements are being shaped into a Form for the Preparation of the forming of the Universe, this Period was known as Tai Ji (太極), which in Theory known as the Stage One of Pre-Universe-formed Period.

And in Taoism, this is known as:

無極生太極。Wu Ji Sheng Tai Ji

After Tai Ji was being formed, this is the Period when Null had entered in the One Stage and this was where the starting of the Path of Universe formed.

This was Stage Zero to One.

How’s the Stage One to the Stage Two of Dao being formed?

After the Stage One had started, the various Elements started to combine or collapse accordingly to their own Mass & Varieties and this is how, the Yin Element (陰) & Yang Element (陽) or the Positive & Negative had started to form.

Yin Element, can be explained as the Heavier Particles that combined together to create a Negative Element, whereas,

Yang Element, can be explained as the Lighter Particles collated together to form a group known as Positive Element.

And this is the time that the Dao is able to classify the Positive & Negative Elements with their respective Behaviours, such as Movements (falling into the Two Poles of Magnetic Fields 兩極), Reactions, etc.

And with All the Natural Particles ended their Forming Period, this was known as Liang Yi (兩儀) Period, which in Taoism, known as:

太極生兩儀。Tai Ji Sheng Liang Yi

And this was how, Stage One stepped into Stage Two of the Dao.

How’s the Stage Two to the Stage Three of Dao being formed?

With the different Elements of Particles being separated and stationed in their respective Positions, the Harmony does not last long due to the Over-weight-age and Over-packed Elements that being compressed in a Small Space (remember this, this Period is still far from the Universe being formed).

As the Elements are still trying to accommodate themselves in such a small Space, certain frictions might occurred and as time goes by, the Energies that being released out by the frictions accumulated and within a period of time, finally the Two Elements collated with each other and this was the Period the Two Elements Manifested themselves into New Elements.

This Period was known as Big Bang in Astrological Term and in Taoism, it is known as,
(PS: to know more on Taoist Big Bang, feel free to visit this link: http://javewutaoismplace.blogspot.sg/2007/11/creation-of-dou-mu-and-relationships-of_6394.html)

兩儀生萬物。Liang Yi Sheng Wan Wu

From then, a New Era had created. This is the Start of a New Universe (in Taoism, the Universe that we stay in is only part of the Main Universe, which is known as Big Dao 大道).

And this was when the Stage Two goes onto Stage Three and finalized the whole Manifestation Period of Null to Things created.

Dao & One Two Three Theory

In Taoism, we have a saying of,

Dao forms One, (道生一)
One forms Two, (一生二)
Two forms Three, (二生三)
And Three forms Everything. (三生萬物)

From here, we are able to know at least how this Theory is being explained with the Stages of where before this Universe is being formed.

Besides that, this One Two Three Theory also fits in the Theory of Dimensions that Scientific-explanations have:

Dao forms One as Dimension One (1D 一維).
One forms Two as Dimension Two (2D 二維).
Two forms Three as Dimension Three,
Three forms Everything, the Dimension that we are staying in Now – 3D (三維).

In within 3D Realm, this is where Living Beings are able to have recognition and live-on (things created out from Nothing or in short, Make things happen). And this somehow matches the sayings of Taoism – Three forms Everything.

In Spiritual Theory, only certain Spiritual Beings are able to be captured in Dimension Two, due to the Eliminating of the Physical Form, this somehow fits the Explanation of the Stage Two where before the Big Bang Theory happened (Yang & Yin occurred on Individual-self, same goes to Spirits without Physical Bodies).

The Three Pure Ones of Taoism and the Dao & One Two Three Theory

In Taoism, with the aid of collaborating the Three Pure Ones (三清道祖) into the Dao & One Two Three Theory, it somehow assists the Taoists to understand the Dao Theory or Taoism Culture more effectively and interesting.

Yu Qing Yuan Shi Tian Zun (玉清元始天尊) in Three Pure Ones is also being addressed as Dao Bao (道寶).

Dao Bao, was the First High Position Deity to be Manifested by the Null (which in Taoism is known as Yuan Shi Tian Wang 混沌無極元始天王) and was directed to over-see the Period of Stage One. And this was why, Stage One is also known as Dao Stage (道境界).

Dao, as what is being mentioned above, No One can really understand it but yet, it is able to give People a Path to achievement and successful. Without Dao, People will be lost and same goes to, if the Dao Stage was not being formed, there won’t be a Universe for us to continue the Culture.

And this is why, in Taoism, we have to remember the Great Effort of Dao Bao and so by the receiving of his Fullest & Highest Preaching, in Chinese known as Gui Yi Dao Bao Zun (皈依道寶尊).

After Yu Qing Dao Bao, the 2nd Highest Deity that being Manifested was Shang Qing Ling Bao Tian Zun (上清靈寶天尊), in Three Pure Ones is also being addressed as Jing Bao (經寶).

Jing Bao, taking charge of the Stage Two where Yin & Yang were being formed. During this Period, Jing Bao played a very Important Role. He not only be able to classify them into the Right Element Group, Jing Bao also have to lead them correctly & uprightly to the Path where they shall go to or to the Respective Groups the Particles needed to end up in. And this was why, Stage Two is also known as Jing Stage (經境界).

In Taoism, using Jing Bao as the Representative of Stage Two is the most accurate one.

In Taoism, the Term Jing Bao has got a few meanings,

1 – Jing as in Taoist Scriptures
2 – Jing as in Going Through
3 – Jing as in Past Events

As mentioned, Jing Bao got a few meanings and this is why, by sincerely receiving the Preaching & Teaching of Jing Bao, Oneself will be able to understand how Taoism came about through Scriptures, bu going through ALL the different stages of Life, Oneself will be able to learn and accept whatever is not able to and last, by looking at the Past Events, Oneself will be able to achieve what have yet to be achieved in the future.

And in Taoism, we remembered the Wonderful Advises of Jing Bao and so by the receiving of his Fullest & Highest Preaching, in Chinese known as Gui Yi Jing Bao Zun (皈依經寶尊).

When the Stage of the Universe formed, this was where Living Beings are being created. This is the time that a Master is needed to over-see ALL the Behaviours of the Beings.

Tai Qing Dao De Tian Zun (太清道德天尊) had taken over the Task of over-seeing the Final Result of the Universe-formed. In Taoism, he is also known as Shi Bao (師寶). And during this Stage, it is also being addressed as Stage of Shi (師境界).

Shi Bao, also explained as Master or Teacher. By allowing Shi Bao to look into the various Post-issues of the Universe-formed, he was able to give directions & advises, in-order to make the Universe a better Space to stay in. And this is why, in the Bao Gao or Praising Incantation (寶誥) of Shi Bao, he was being mentioned as Huang Zhe Shi, Di Zhe Shi, Wang Zhe Shi (皇者师。帝者师。王者师) - explained as the Masters of ALL Beings.

In Taoism, Shi also gives us a few meanings,

1 – Shi as in getting advises from
2 – Shi as in providing advises
3 – Shi as in gaining learning
4 – Shi as in becoming a better person

And in Taoism, we remembered the Useful Teaching & Preaching of Shi Bao and so by the receiving of his Fullest & Highest Preaching, in Chinese known as Gui Yi Shi Bao Zun (皈依師寶尊).


As a Taoist, remember where ever Oneself goes, do keep this Dao Jing Shi Bao in Heart & Mind. By using them as a Mirror, Oneself will be able to understand the Theory of Dao, Jing & Bao.

With a Simple Respect of saying this Greeting:

Di Zi Xin Shen Chang Gui Yi Dao Jing Shi Bao

whenever Oneself honoured Deities, regardless any venues, Oneself will be able to receive the Teachings of the Big Dao.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Music Video Clip of Master Pu An (清心普庵曲)

Qing Xin Pu An Qu aka Meditation Music of Master Pu An, an Ancient Piece of Wonderful Relaxing & Calming Music composed dedicated to Master Pu An.

Master Pu An, a Popular Well Known High Monk which being widely Highly Respected by Followers of Taoist Lv Shan Pu An School all over the World.

This Piece of Music was composed in Qing Dynasty, mainly for the Cultivation & Self-meditation of the followers of Master Pu An.

Thanks to Senior Da Zheng (大正師兄) from Taiwan, for sharing this with us.

PS: Youtube link at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5v3WdvkVhAc

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Introduction on Immortal Lady Ba Zi (天仙夫人八字娘娘簡介)


After a long period of resting, finally Jave got some time to resume my posting on Deities.

In here, Jave will like to do a short introduction on Immortal Lady Ba Zi aka Tian Xian Fu Ren Ba Zi Niang Niang (天仙夫人八字娘娘), translated in English is known as Immortal Lady of In-charging of Heavenly Stems (天干) & Earthly Branches (地支 in short known as The Eight Characters).

So who is Ba Zi Niang Niang?

According to Deities’ Record, Ba Zi Niang Niang was born in Song Dynasty (生于宋朝年間) on the 8th Day of Lunar 8 Month (生辰為農曆八月初八日), hometown in Hokkien Province, Quan Zhou City (祖籍中國福建省泉州市), her name known as Huang Xing He (黃杏荷).

At the age of 12, one night while Huang Xing He was in the yard of her house, she saw a Bright Shooting-star landed outside her house. Immediately without hesitation, she dashed towards the spot of the landed Shooting-star and with surprise; she saw a small wooden box.

Slowly, Huang Xing He approached the spot where the small wooden box was standing, with one glance, she was deeply attracted by the scribbles on the box cover and without second thoughts, she opened up the box and in front of her, was a Book.

Carefully, Huang Xing He took the Book out and flipped the Book open. As soon as she open-up the Book, she smelled a very strong scent of Fragrance of mixture of Flowers and just before she could react further, she collapsed on the ground.

At the moment of Huang Xing He collapsing onto the ground, she saw a Taoist Priest walking towards her. As the Priest walking towards her, Huang Xing He struggled herself to get up and with an helping hand from the Priest, Huang Xing He was being lifted up and by looking closely at the Priest, Huang Xing He found him familiar.

By looking back at Huang Xing He, the Priest smiled broadly and asked her whether she can remember him. Huang Xing He shakes her head and again with a smile, the Priest signals her to sit by the Tree besides the wooden box.

Upon sitting by the tree, the Priest told her that he was Xu Xun (許遜) from Nan Chang City (南昌市), the objective of coming to here was to impart her, the Book of the Mystery of Ba Zi (八字集要).

As Huang Xing He was listening to what Xu Xun was saying, suddenly she realised that she saw this Priest before in the Temple where People honoured Heavenly Xu Xun (許天師). Just as she was about to shout out, the Priest disappeared in front of her and for her, she could only hear Xu Xun telling her to study the Book carefully and master it as soon as possible.

Immediately after the voice of Xu Xun subsided, Huang Xing He suddenly woke-up with a shocked and was surprise to find herself in her room. On her hands, she got hold of a Book and this was the Book that she saw in the Dream.

From that Day onwards, Huang Xing He studied the Book carefully and within 3 years, she somehow mastered the Skills inside the Book.

At the age of 16, Huang Xing He was able to read someone’s fortune by looking at the Face Colour and the Aura that oneself emitted out.

One Day, while Huang Xing He was walking along Lao Jun Yan aka Cliff of Lao Zi (老君岩), she saw Priest Xu Xun again. Immediately without any delay, she dashed over to kneel down in front of Priest Xu Xun to pay her respect to her.

This time round, Priest Xu Xun didn’t hide his true identity anymore and with a lift, he assist Huang Xing He up and congrats her for successfully mastered the Heavenly’s Secret – Ba Zi Ji Yao. Huang Xing He looked at Heavenly Master Xu Xun with respect and sincerely request Heavenly Master Xu Xun to accept her as Disciple. With a smile, Heavenly Xu Xun accepted her.

From then, besides revising on the Skills of Ba Zi Ji Yao, Heavenly Master Xu Xun also taught Huang Xing He on Medical Skills and Herbs Theory. By at age of 21, Huang Xing He was able to do prescription of Herbs for Patients.

One Year, while Huang Xing He was on her way to Mountain Wu Yi (武夷山) to look for Special Grass Herbs, she met with a Black Windy Demon (黑風妖). As she was trying to subdue the Demon, she was being swept off by the strong gust of Poison Wind and within a moment, she was being drugged to coma.

After she woke-up, she found herself resting in a Icy-stone platform (寒冰台), in front of her was a Lady.

Without hesitation, she step down from the platform and approached the Lady that seems to preparing some Herbs.

As she paid respect to the Lady, the Lady turned around and greeted her back with a smile. Huang Xing He found her familiar again, knowing that Huang Xing He was puzzle; the Lady immediately told her she was Chen Jing Gu (陳靖姑), whom was one of the Disciples of Heavenly Master Xu Xun.

Huang Xing He was shocked to know that the Lady standing in front of her was Chen Jing Gu and with a sincere bow, she paid her respect again to Chen Jing Gu. Chen Jing Gu returned back her respect and asked her not to do so in the future, as both of them were classmates.

Soon, Heavenly Master Xu Xun entered into the Cave and saw the 2 Ladies. As Heavenly Master Xu Xun approached Huang Xing He, he happily proclaimed that the Celestial Palace (天庭) had made an Order to summon Huang Xing He back to the Heavenly Realm (天界).

Upon hearing the news, Huang Xing He was delighted and Chen Jing Gu congrats her for her succeed in gaining the Immortal-hood.

On 9th Day of Lunar 10 Month (農曆十月初九日), Heavenly Master Xu Xun, Madam Chen Jing Gu and Huang Xing He returned back to the Celestial Palace, in-order for Huang Xing He to accept her Official Bestowing from Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊).

By going through the Records (功過格) of Huang Xing He again, Jade Emperor of Heaven summoned Heavenly Marshal Jin Jia (九天金甲神) to announce the Official Title of Huang Xing He as Jiu Tian Si Ming Zhi Zhang Qian Kun Ba Zi Tian Xian Fu Ren Niang Niang (九天司命執掌乾坤八字天仙夫人娘娘), in-charging of the Combination of new born Mortals’ Ba Zi aka Eight Characters (配對八字) and also, the changing of Luck for the Living Beings in the Three Realms.

From then, Huang Xing He was being addressed as Ba Zi Niang Niang (八字娘娘) in short and assist her Master – Heavenly Xu Xun in the releasing of Blessing in Luck-changing Rituals (補運祭改) and also, to work closely with Madam Chen Jing Gu, Madam Zhu Sheng (註生娘娘) & Heavenly Marshal Gao Yuan (監生高原天君) in the task of Protecting Babies (護嬰保童).

Some misconceptions of Ba Zi Niang Niang:

1 – A lot of People tend to mistaken her as Madam Zhu Sheng (註生娘娘) or The Immortal Maiden of Ninth Heaven aka Jiu Tian Xuan Nv (九天玄女)

2 – Mis-treat her as the Deity that can change Oneself’s Ba Zi to become a better person, but actually is not. The Ritual that she in-charge is only Enhancing and not Changing

3 – She is a newly Made-up character in Taiwan, which is not true, cos in Qing Dynasty Religious Records known as Qing Jia Lu (清嘉錄), her Title and History are being recorded.

So during Rituals/Ceremonies, how Oneself can honoured Ba Zi Niang Niang in-order to get the Luck enhanced?

According to Qing Jia Lu, before Oneself starts to honour Ba Zi Niang Niang, Oneself shall prepared the following Items:

1 – Fold the Gold Incense-Papers into Bucket-form, the remaining Paper to be folded into Ingot form and placed them inside the Bucket

2 – Use a Red-paper to write down the Name of Oneself, Address, Date of Birth and Time of Birth. After completion, placed the Red-paper inside the Bucket

3 – During Honouring, hold onto the Bucket and sincerely make report to Ba Zi Niang Niang for Luck-enhancement

4 – Straight after the reporting, proceed with the Burning-off of the Bucket

5 – Once the Bucket is Burnt, do not turn the Head to look at the Burning and immediately leave the Temple

Once the above procedures are being observed, meaning that the Honouring is being Done successfully and within 40 Days, some changes will be seen.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Offering of Winter Clothing to the Wanderings 2010 (庚寅年送寒衣祭祀朝)


In Taoist Culture, there are 3 Major Days for the Taoists to show their Filial Piety, Gratitude and Thanksgiving to the Ancestors/Pass-on Members and also, to perform a Minor Concern to the Wanderings or Un-attended Souls. These 3 Major Days in Taoist Culture is known as The Three Gratitude Days for the Souls or San Da Ming Jie in Chinese (三大冥節).

So which are the 3 Days?

There are,

1 – Qing Ming Period aka The Tomb-sweeping Festival (清明節)
2 – The Seventh Month Celebration aka Zhong Yuan Festival (中元節)
3 – The Offering of Winter-clothing Day aka Han Yi Day (寒衣節)

For Qing Ming Period, usually it will falls in the Lunar 2 Month till Lunar 3 Month, whereas the Seventh Month Celebration will starts on the 1st Day till the Last Day of Lunar 7 Month.

And so, when is the Date for Winter-clothing Offering?

It actually falls on the 1st Day of Lunar 10 Month and this is why, in the Ancient Chinese Records, it is also known as Shi Yue Shuo Jie (十月朔節), meaning the Starting of the Lunar 10 Month or the starting of the Winter Season.

To know more on the Origin of the Offering of Winter Clothing Day, you all may wish to proceed to this Link:


For Year 2010, it falls on 06 Nov, a Saturday.

So how was this Offering of Winter Clothing being carried-out in the Ancient China?

According to the Ancient Records, the Offering of Winter Clothing are being categorised into 2 types,

1 – Home-based Offering (家祭)
2 – Official/Governmental Offering (公祭)

For Home-based Offering, Descendants/Family Members must prepared the necessary Offerings (as below) for the Honouring of the Pass-on Members at Home or at the Graves,

1 – Incenses & Candles (香燭)
2 – Paper Offerings (including the Paper-bag of Winter-clothing 紙料/寒衣包袱)
3 – Scriptures (or engaged Taoist Masters for the Chanting 經懺)
4 – Seven Cooked Dishes (七道熟食)
5 – One bowl of Soup (湯料一碗)
6 – The Three Sacrificed Meat Offerings (Pig, Fish, Chicken/Duck 三牲)
7 – Cooked Rice (米飯)
8 – Wine/Chinese Tea (茶酒)
9 – Four sets of Bowls/Spoons/Chop-sticks (四副碗筷)

Once after All the Offerings are being prepared and placed in order on the Altar, the whole Family has to make 3 Kowtows to the Ancestors and after 3 rounds of Offering of Wine & Tea, the Burning-off of the Paper-offerings and Winter-clothing will be done. On the Paper-bag of Winter-clothing, the Names of Three Generations Ancestors will be indicated – meaning, Father, Grandfather & Great-grandfather (寒衣包袱之上書有祖上三代名諱).

After the Honouring of Ancestors, the Family Members will then gathered a bowl of Rice and some dishes from the Ancestor Honouring and then throw the bowl of Rice and the dishes onto the Main Road or at some Grass-areas nearby the House, this is to Offer the Food to the nearby Wanderings. For some Families, they will also burn some Paper-offerings at the Road-side, hoping that, after the Wanderings got the Offerings, they will “Blessed” on the People staying in the area. In Taoism, this is known as Ji Gu (濟孤).

For Official/Governmental Offering, this is usually being carried-out by the Area Officers or Magistrate Office (地方官/知縣/等) – The Offering reaches Peak in Ming Dynasty.

In the Morning of the 1st Day of Lunar 10 Month (農曆十月初一日早晨), the Officer will arrived at the Temple dedicated to Lord Cheng Huang aka City Deity (城隍尊神) and made a report on the Objective of the Day’s Event and then, the Constables (衙差) will shift the statue of Lord Cheng Huang onto a prepared Sedan-chair and on the Sedan Chair (大紅轎), there are 1 or 2 plaque(s) with the words written on it – Feng Zhi Si Gu (匾書有 - 奉旨祀孤), meaning this Offerings to the Wanderings is being Authorised and Granted by the Emperor. In Ming Dynasty (明朝), The Lunar 10 Month Procession of Lord Cheng Huang is also known as Fang Gui Shou Ji Ri (放鬼受濟日), meaning Releasing of Souls for Salvation.

Once the statue of Lord Cheng Huang is being invited on the Sedan-chair and secured firmly, the Officer will lead the way and starts the Procession of going round the whole Village/Town/City (遊境濟孤).

During the Procession, the Officer will stop at certain areas/corners and ordered the Constables to burn some Paper-offerings, this is to show the “Concern” for those un-attended Souls or Suffering Wanderings in the Area. By doing so, the Officer hopes that the Wanderings will not disturb the Mortals living in the Area.

After the whole Procession was done, the Officer will lead the Sedan-chair back to the Temple and ushered Lord Cheng Huang back onto the Altar and on the very night, simple Dinner will be held at the Area/Village/City for the People staying around, this is to celebrate that Harvesting had completed and a Year is about to end.

In Summary

Due to lost of Interest in Chinese Culture, lost of Recognition in Root-Culture and the Down-fall of Taoist Culture, many such Traditional Practices are gone or being forgotten by a lot of the Taoists/Chinese.

Shall Oneself still continue such a Culture?
Is Oneself doing it for Fun?
Is this Culture important to Oneself/Us?

I think this is something that worth many of us to sit down and ponder over it.

Last of All, hope to see more People/Temples/Sintuas get involved in this Culture before it is gone.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Movie Clip on Myth of Marshal Hua Guang & Fairy Qiong Hua 03 (粵語神仙戲之瓊花仙子與華光)

In here, you all will be watching a series of 3 Old Movie Clips showing the Myth of Marshal Hua Guang and Fairy Qiong Hua.

In the last Clip, you all will see the part that Marshal Hua Guang rescued his Mother out from the Demonic Prison (this myth is being copied from the story of Bao Lian Deng – 寶蓮燈 and also, the origin of the story of Mu Lian rescued his Mother from Suffering Hell – 目連救母).

Last of All, hope you all enjoyed this Movie.

PS: Manifestation Anniversary of Marshal Hua Guang (馬華光天君聖誕) falls on 04 Nov 2010 (28th Day of Lunar 9 Mth 農曆九月廿八日), a Thursday.

Movie Clip on Myth of Marshal Hua Guang & Fairy Qiong Hua 02 (粵語神仙戲之瓊花仙子與華光)

In here, you all will be watching a series of 3 Old Movie Clips showing the Myth of Marshal Hua Guang and Fairy Qiong Hua.

In the last Clip, you all will see the part that Marshal Hua Guang rescued his Mother out from the Demonic Prison (this myth is being copied from the story of Bao Lian Deng – 寶蓮燈 and also, the origin of the story of Mu Lian rescued his Mother from Suffering Hell – 目連救母).

Last of All, hope you all enjoyed this Movie.

PS: Manifestation Anniversary of Marshal Hua Guang (馬華光天君聖誕) falls on 04 Nov 2010 (28th Day of Lunar 9 Mth 農曆九月廿八日), a Thursday.

Movie Clip on Myth of Marshal Hua Guang & Fairy Qiong Hua 01 (粵語神仙戲之瓊花仙子與華光)

In here, you all will be watching a series of 3 Old Movie Clips showing the Myth of Marshal Hua Guang and Fairy Qiong Hua.

In the last Clip, you all will see the part that Marshal Hua Guang rescued his Mother out from the Demonic Prison (this myth is being copied from the story of Bao Lian Deng – 寶蓮燈 and also, the origin of the story of Mu Lian rescued his Mother from Suffering Hell – 目連救母).

Last of All, hope you all enjoyed this Movie.

PS: Manifestation Anniversary of Marshal Hua Guang (馬華光天君聖誕) falls on 04 Nov 2010 (28th Day of Lunar 9 Mth 農曆九月廿八日), a Thursday.