Saturday, 31 May 2008

Imperial Edict bestowed by Song Emperor for 24th Generation Heavenly Master Zhang (大宋帝封二十四代張天師聖旨)

In the picture below is the Imperial Edict that Song Dynasty aka Song Zhen Zong (宋真宗) issued to bestowed on the 24th Generation Heavenly Zhang Tian Shi, full name known as Zhang Zheng Sui aka Zhen Jing Xian Sheng on AD 1015 (龍虎山天師道。第廿四代天師。張正隨。賜號真靜先生。).

After receiving this Imperial Edict, Heavenly Master Zhang Zheng Sui officially take over the Leadership of Mt Long Hu Tian Shi Fu.

Today, this Imperial Edict is being nicely kept in one of the Museum in China.

Due to this Imperial Edict is made from Top-quality Silk Cloth, this is why, this Edict is about to keep for about 1000 years without any much damage.

The little damages are due to the Culture-Revolution in the Early 1900s.

Now, China is trying to retrieve back all the lost and damage Items from the Ancient Era. In this Museum, a lot of Stuffs that being bestowed to the various Heavenly Master Zhang are being display for the others to see.

Heavenly Blessed, most of the Items that are being bestowed upon our Heavenly Masters are still able to be found and retrieved back.

Spiritual Army Culture: Intro on San Jun, Wu Fang, Qi Jiang & Jiu Di 1 (神兵文化之三軍/五方/七將/九地簡介)


Spiritual Armies, Armies that cannot be seen, touch, feel or direct communicate with, etc.

Spiritual Armies, Armies that being recruit, train and batch to form a Spiritual Defense System for the Three Realms, Deities, Temples or Sintuas.

And so, in the whole Spiritual Army System, how many groups are actually involved or can be found?

In here, I will do a quick introduction on that.

Lets starts with the most important group – San Jun aka Sam Kun (三軍).

From conversations, researches and checking out with the Folks Culture Group, a lot of the Folks will regard San Jun as Tian Jun (天軍), Di Jun (地軍) & Shui Jun (水軍) or Ren Jun (人軍), meaning Spiritual Armies from Heavenly Realm, Earthly Realm, Water Realm or Mortal Realm. Actually all these are not accurate (in Modern World now, San Jun refers to Air, Navy & NS-men).

San Jun, in Ancient Period, it refers to Qian Jun (前軍), Zhong Jun (中軍) & Hou Jun (后軍) aka Dian Hou Jun (殿後軍), meaning Armies that set-off first, followed by the Middle Group of Armies and last, the Rear Troops of Armies (Qian, Zhong & Hou are being used in Tang Dynasty (唐朝) onwards, before Tang, San Jun is known as Shang 上, Zhong 中 & Xia 下 or Zuo 左, Zhong 中 & You 右).

Why these Three Batches of Armies are needed and who are being appointed in the Batches?

These Three Batches are the Overall Addressing Term for the Armies that being send out to do battling or defeating tasks, such as War, Conquering, Fighting against Invaders or Cease-Chaos, etc.

Without San Jun, a Country wont be able to enjoy Peace and Stability, without San Jun, a Country is considered as Low-rated or Non-Well-Equipped with Military Talents. This applies to the Spiritual Realms too.

If a Deity or a Spiritual Department goes without a proper Set-up of San Jun, then, the Deity or the Spiritual Department is not Strong enough or yet to have grant the Permission for performing the necessary Tasks that are appointed.

San Jun, involve Three Batches of Armies, which are:

Qian Jun (前軍) – The First Batch in the Three Batches, main tasks to clear any obstacles on the routes, detect for any danger actions that might happened along the way, setting up of tentages for the other Armies and last, to prepare the meals for the the whole San Jun.

This Batch is involved Xian Feng (先鋒) aka Vanguard & Combat, Zhi Hui (指揮) aka Commander, Ya Liang Guan (押糧官) aka Officer which take-charge of the Army Food, Jun Wu Guan (軍務官) aka Logistic Officer, etc.

Xian Feng (先鋒), a Role to do detection of Ambushes & suitable venue for settling-down.

Zhi Hui (指揮), a Role to direct the Armies.

Ya Liang Guan (押糧官), a very Important Role in the San Jun, in Chinese we have a saying, San Jun Chu Zhan Liang Cao Xian Xing (三軍出戰, 糧草先行) – meaning going on Battles, the Army Food will need to arrive or go first & being taken good care of, once any damage to the Army Food, the Strength of the Troops will be affected which may result in losing in any fightings, etc. And so, Ya Liang Guan is always a very stressful position in the San Jun.

Jun Wu Guan (軍務官), a Role to look into issues that associated with the Troops and the needs of the other Officers, usually Jun Wu Guan will also look into the issues of setting up Tents, etc.

Zhong Jun (中軍) – The Second Batch in the Three Batches, usually in this Batch, the Key Person – Yuan Shuai (元帥) aka Overall Commander, will be inside. If the Emperor of the Country is following the San Jun to observe in the battling, then the Emperor will also be arranged to follow in the Zhong Jun Batch.

This Batch is involved Yuan Shuai (元帥) aka Overall Commander, Jian Jun or Du Jun (監軍/督軍) aka The Officer to take Army Disciplinary Actions, Can Jun or Can Mou (參軍/參謀) aka The Military Advisor or Military Planner, Da Jiang Jun (大將軍) aka The Overall General of the San Jun and the few assistant Generals.

Yuan Shuai (元帥), the Main Role that being appointed by the Emperor or the Ruler of the Country to lead the San Jun. With him, he got the direct Authority for making decision without the present of the Emperor or Ruler. In San Jun, besides doing over planning for the San Jun, he also got the Authority to kill or punish anyone from the San Jun.

Jian Jun or Du Jun (監軍/督軍), a Role to without the Discipline in the San Jun. He is the one who hold onto the 2nd highest Authority, with him, he can also perform any actions without the present of Emperor or Ruler & Yuan Shuai. In the whole San Jun, he is the Only person that make comments of the doing of the Yuan Shuai or he can over-throw any un-necessary actions that the Yuan Shuai made or planned. In some contexts, Jian Jun is always being regarded as the Spy of the Emperor or Ruler for spying on the Yuan Shuai.

Can Jun or Can Mou (參軍/參謀), a Role to do certain planning for the San Jun or give advises for Yuan Shuai or Jian Jun. Can Jun can classified into Scholarly or Military, Scholarly Can Jun or Can Mou will not get directly involved in the fighting whereas Military Can Jun or Can Mou might get down to do the killing.

Da Jiang Jun (大將軍), another Role that leads the Battling besides the Yuan Shuai. In some contexts, Da Jiang Jun can be the Yuan Shuai of the San Jun too, not necessary to have another separate Position in the San Jun.

Hou Jun or Dian Hou Jun (后軍/殿後軍) – The Last Batch in the Three Batches, in this Batch, the Fu Yuan Shuai (副元帥) aka Assistant Overall Commander, will be inside. This Batch is there to perform the protecting and defending from any invading from the invaders from the backward direction.

This Batch is involved Fu Yuan Shuai (副元帥) aka Assistant Overall Commander, Fu Jiang Jun (副將軍) aka Assistant Overall General.

Fu Yuan Shuai (副元帥), a Role to lead the Last Batch in the San Jun. Usually Fu Yuan Shuai must be someone that is quite well-versed in the Skills of Battling. In case of any invading actions take place, Fu Yuan Shuai will need to do decision making without any referencing to anyone or wait for any granting of permission from the Yuan Shuai.

Due to in Hou Jun, not much Skillful Trained Generals are involved, so, Fu Yuan Shuai will need to work closely with Fu Jiang Jun to prevent any sudden attacking.

Fu Jiang Jun (副將軍), a Role that quite similar to Da Jiang Jun, but in here, he is there to provide the assistance to Fu Yuan Shuai. In case of any misfortune happened to the Fu Yuan Shuai, Fu Jiang Jun will need to take up the Role of Fu Yuan Shuai to lead the Hou Jun.

From here, you can have a rough idea of what is San Jun made up of.

Maybe you may ask, this San Jun theory doesnt have any direct association with the Spiritual Army System. If you do have such thinking, then in some way, I will say that you are wrong.

Maybe due to our local Spiritual Army Culture, you never have a Good Chance to see such Qian & Hou Jun being involved. In true fact, these 2 Batches do get involved in our Spiritual Army System.

A Good Taoist Priest or Spiritual Master will perform a Summoning and Rewarding to them and also, setting up of Altars for them to show Gratitude to them for providing the Protection and other necessary actions.

Do keep a Close Look out on the Future Ritual/Ceremony on the Summoning of Spiritual Armies, maybe you will see some differences.

To be continued… (Next Chapter: Wu Fang 五方)

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Banner of Long Yi Zhen Jun Bao Gao (龍一真君寶誥)

Long Yi Zhen Jun, the Founder of Long Shan Men in Tang Dynasty, near Long Shan Area (the location is still existing in China, near to Long Shan Temple).

During the end period of Tang Dynasty, China was in a Chaotic Situation where all the invaders wanted to overthrown the Tang Emperor.

At this time, there was a Rebellious person known as Huang Chao who led a group of strong army into the Capital of Tang Empire to overthrown the Emperor and at this moment, Lord Long Yi was being sent down to the Mortal World to get his reborn into a Tan Family.

After growing up, Lord Long Yi started to perform his cultivation and salvation for the sufferings.

This Bao Gao, has been passing down from Generation to Generation and Lineage to Lineage, till today, it has been passed-down to 35 Generations and me, as the Leader to pass down to the 36th Generation.

On every 1st Day & 15th Day or on the Manifestation Anniversary of Lord Long Yi on the 15th Day of Lunar 5 Month and the Anniversary of Long Shan Men on the Lunar 9th Month, All students & disciples will have to recite his Scripture and Bao Gao.

During some Rituals/Ceremonies that being conducted by Long Shan Men Priests, the Scripture and Bao Gao will also be recited.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Spiritual Skills Sharing: Self Protection from Possession of Negative Entities 2 (卡陰防範術)

After sharing the 1st set of Spiritual Skills, people had been looking forward for the other Skills that one self can practice or used in-order to prevent from meeting up or get possessed by un-necessary Entities or Spirits.


In here, I will introduce the final set of a few Skills.


Again, they are simple and every one can just try it at anytime, anywhere, etc, to increase the "Spiritual Immune System".


1 – By Enhancing the "Third Eye Chakra" aka E Lun (額輪), which is situated in the Center of our fore-head and about 1cm above the 2 eyebrows.


Some will say the "Third Eye Chakra" is in between the 2 eyebrows.


For Spiritual Sensitive people, after practicing this Skill correctly and with the help of Spiritual Masters or Taoist Priests, one self will be able to Open up the so-called "Heavenly Eye".


How to enhance?


Using of a piece of Natural Stone or Gem, rub the Spot for about 1-3 minutes.


Again, Left for enhancing and Right for cleansing.


Try to do it in the Early morning after waking up, this is the best time for one self to Open up the necessary Points to receive the Positive Energies emitted from the Morning Sun.


2 – Protecting one"s Middle Finger.


A lot of people might thought that, our Middle Finger is being used only for "Scolding" the others, but actually, our Middle Finger is a Finger that show one’s luck and predict one’s Life.


When one self is walking in a Dark Lane or Dark Area, cover the Middle Finger under the other 4 Fingers, do not expose the Middle Finger to anyone in the Night as in Spiritual Theory, we believed  that some stubborn Entities will enter one’s Physical Body thru the Middle Finger if the Middle Finger is being cut or bleed.


For Guy, hide the Middle Finger on the Left Hand and for Gal, the Middle Finger on the Right Hand.


Besides representing of our Luck & Life, Middle Finger is also a Finger that connected to our Heart. If one’s Middle Finger is being affected, there Heart issue will appeared.


3 – Always let one"s Heels touching the Ground while walking.


In Spiritual Theory, Heels are also one of the points that Spirits might attacked and forced themselves to enter one's Physical Body while the Mortal is weak or low in Spiritual Level.


So while one self is walking in a Dark Lane or Dark Area, try to be aware of the Heels, do not jump or walk tip-top, this will bring harm to one self and also, the people that are around you.


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Spiritual Skills Sharing: Self Protection from Possession of Negative Entities (卡陰防範術)

A lot of people had been approaching me to teach them a few skills to protect themselves from being attacked or possessed by Negative Entities or so-called Wandering Souls.

Here are some possible methods that as a Spiritual Master, we will impart to Public and also our own Students to provide necessary assistance at necessary period.

Skills that shared here are quite Safe & Easy to learn and use, anyone can just practice them at any time.

1 - Wearing Natural Stones or Gems that can hang directly infront of the Xian Tian Ba Gua (先天八卦) Point aka Chest (胸前)

2 - Wearing Natural Stones or Gems to protect the Xian Tian Ren Liang Point (先天人樑 directly opposite the Xian Tian Ba Gua Point, at the Back of a Physical Body)

3 - Before one self enter a Dark pathway or any Dark Areas, rub your 2 palms till it's Hot and then place them on the Back of the Neck, after placing, rub against the the Back of the Neck to keep it Warm and then start your journey thru the Dark pathway or Dark Areas.

In Spiritual Study, we believed that Negative Entities or Wandering Souls will enter one's Physical Body thru one of the Acu-point at the Back of the Neck (天柱穴).

4 - Same as Point 3, but this time round, after rubbing the 2 Palms, place the Palms on the Chest to make sure that the Xian Tian Ba Gua Point is being kept Warm.

In Spiritual Study, this is the Point that our Positive Energy is being emitted out, if one self is able to keep it Warm or Hot, the Positive Energy that being emitted out will be multiplied.

5 - Writing of the Chinese Character "Gang" on one's Palm to do protection.

How to do that?

First, recite the following Phrase softly:

Zi Chou Yin Mao Chen Si Wu Wei Shen You Xu Hai



Wang (旺)

Secondly, write the Chinese Character Gang (罡) on the Center of the Palm with the Sword Formation

Thirdly, close the Palm tight and do not release until certain Entities approached

Fourth, if nothing happened, after awhile, released the Palm and shake hard to release the Enhanced Energy from the Palm


Monday, 26 May 2008

Lord Pu Hua's Incantation for Calming of Emotions (普化天尊玉樞心咒)

Lord Pu Hua's Incantation for Calming of Emotions is a Incantation that allow one self to stay calm and peaceful while meeting with fatal issues or strange encounters, this Incantation is being recorded inside our Taoist Scripture known as Yu Shu Bao Jing (玉樞寶經) that dedicated to Lord Pu Hua.
Yu Shu Bao Jing is also an Important Scripture that needed to be chant during Taoist Rituals/Ceremonies.
In the Past, for Taoists, when one self felt uneasy while walking in dark pathway or when one self realised that something un-usual is following at the back, the Taoists will recite this Mantra softly in their Heart in-order to allow their Soul & Mind to stay calm and peaceful.
Why such Calm-ness and Peaceful-ness are important?
Cos, if one self is not feeling ease and calm during the encounters with any form of Negative Forces or Entities, they will have chances to enter one's Physical Body while the "Qiao" (竅) aka Chakra Point opens up under the Fear situation.
So what is the Incantation?
Here it goes:
The Incantation is being pronouce as:
An Hong Cha Li Sa Bo Nai
An Hong Cha Lai Sa Po Na
According to explanation and researches, this Incantation is being created according to the Sound of the Thunder Roar.
Besides making one self calm, this Incantation is also able to block the Negative Forces or Entites to come near one self.
So any After-effect during or after Reciting this Incantation?
Yes, some of the people will felt giddy or uneasy, but this will only last a while.
For some people, they will keep burping till the Positive Energy that being call-upon stopped merging into one's physical body.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Pre-Heavenly Ba Gua in one's Body (護身先天八卦)


Today, I will like to do a quick intro in the Pre-Heavenly Ba Gua aka Trigram aka Xian Tian Ba Gua that born inside our Body.

A lot of people might not know that, actually, inside our Physical Body, a Nature Xian Tian Ba Gua is being born with us.

So where is this Xian Tian Ba Gua?

This Nature Xian Tian Ba Gua is located at our Chest (as shown in the following Picture)

So what is the Function of this Xian Tian Ba Gua?

Due to this is the Nature Xian Tian Ba Gua that Heaven bestowed onto every individual Mortal or Being, this Xian Tian Ba Gua is able to Protect one self from meeting with Negative Forces and/or to protect one self from being possessed by other Beings.

But, if one self's Positive Energy is not Strong & Firm, this Xian Tian Ba Gua will lost it's Energy and once the Ba Gua is being dimmed-down, any other Forces, Entities, etc, will be able to invade or enter one's Physical Body.

Besides doing the necessary Protection, this Xian Tian Ba Gua will also Generate the necessary amount of Heat (gather from the Heart) to spread out to the other parts of the Body.

In the past, Masters or Spiritual People will used to sensing of the Temperature and Heat that being emitted out from the Chest to determine what the Mortal met with, such as Spirits, Negative Forces or etc.

So how to Protect this Xian Tian Ba Gua?

In the Ancient Era, Grandparents or Parents would request Talismans and small Golden Ba Gua Pendants from Temples, in-order for the kids to wear it on the neck, a lot of Folks might not understand that, actually the Talismans & Pendants were being wear to do Protection for the Chest.

This is why, in some Countries or Traditional Family, the Elderly People will tend to be very particular on the length of the Necklace or the 7-colored String that use to hang the Talismans or Ba Gua Pendants.

Till today, this Practice is still being practiced.

For Spiritual Masters, Geomancy Masters, etc, we will tend to get a Nature Stones such as Jade, Crystals or other Gems to make it into Necklace to wear it on our neck and the length is be long enough for the Stones to hang infront of our Chest.

This is to do normal Protection such as Cleansing and also, to ward off the Negative Forces that approached us while we are performing certain Rituals/Ceremonies.

So for Normal People, besides wearing the Stones Pendants, what else can they do?

Yes, besides wearing it, they are more than a few methods to do protection and cleansing of the Xian Tian Ba Gua.

1 easiest way will be, using the Natural Stones to rub on the Chest every night before sleeping.

While one self is laying on the Bed, relax the whole body, make sure that no one is there to disturb you, once ready, take out the Natural Stone and then Gently Rub the Stone of the Chest in Clockwise Direction (for Positive Energy-enhancement) & Anti-clockwise Direction (for Cleansing Purposes).

Do it for 1-5 minutes and then, place the Stone away and now, its time for one self to go into your night rest.

Remember to soak the Stone is Sea-salt Water in the next Morning, this is to cleanse away the Negative Energies that being sucked onto the Stone the night before.

Something to take Note:

1 while getting the Natural Stones, remember the Stones must be Real Stones and not made of Plastics

2 after getting the Stones, remember to soak them in Sea-salt Water for at least 3 Days before using, this is to Cleanse them and also, to enhance them with the Nature Spiritual Positive Energies from the surrounding

3 do not let anyone touch it before using and after using

If you are keen, do try it these few Days, see what you will encounter.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Introduction of Cheng Huang Zun Shen Bao Gao (城隍尊神寶誥)

Cheng Huang Zun Shen aka Cheng Huang Gong, the Deity of City.

He is one of the Mortal Deities that is being appointed to look into issues that are associated with Mortals in an Area.

In Taoism, Cheng Huang can consider as a Middle-man that interact in between Mortal World, Heaven & Nether World.

For Ritual-wise, in Taoism, we do have a few sets of Rituals/Ceremonies that are dedicated to Cheng Huang and so, this Bao Gao will usually be recited during the Ritual/Ceremony, etc.

For other Rituals/Ceremonies such as Summoning of Souls, Filling of SPiritual Coffer, etc, this Bao Gao will also be recited in-order to gain the attention of Cheng Huang.
Cheng Huang Zun Shen Bao Gao (Praise Incantation)

Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li

She Ji Gu Gong, Tian Xia Zheng Shen

Quan Fu Guo Xian Zhong Zhi Xing

Bing Shang Shan Fa E Zhi Ren

Du Yi Zhi Zhu, Zhu Jun Si Chong

Suo Li Shi San Bu Zheng

An Pan Yi Shi Ba Si

Miao She Wan Nian, En Fu Yi Jie

She Zuo Fu Zuo Wei Zhi Bing

Zao Zhu Sheng Zhu Si Zhi Quan

Yun Shen Li Yi Hu Ying Chuan

Yu Yin Bin Er Qu Yi Kou

Zhi Ling Zhi Sheng, Nai Zheng Nai Gong

Hu Guo Bao Ning, You Sheng Wang

Wei Ling Gong, Gan Ying Zun Shen

The Great Dipper to Change One's Energy (北斗七星改運護命法)


In Taoism, Paying Respect to the Great Dipper Seven Stars is consider as a very important.

Whether is it used for Changing of One's Luck (助運順勢) or to request for Prolonging of One's Life (消災延年).

In here, I will like to do a quick Introduction on how to use the Incantation of Bei Dou (北斗星君寶誥) and using the Diagram of the Seven Stars to assist one self to increase the Positive Energies and also, to assist one self to change the Negative Luck to Positive.

For those who are pregnant, suffering from small illnesses such as Flu, Coughing, Headache, try not to practice till one self is fully recovered.

Okay, here it goes:

1 Prepare the 2 Diagrams as shown below (can be drawn or printed out on a RED A4 size paper):

2 After the Diagrams are being printed out, leave them on the Altar or at a High Level area

3 1st Lunar Hour on the Night of Lunar 7th Day of every Month (每月初七日子時), take out the Diagrams, placed them on the Floor

4 Drink a cup of Luke-warm Water and then, sincerely Bow to the Northern Heaven (if your place is not facing the Northern Heaven, then just Bow to the Heaven and call-upon the Title of Bei Dou Xing Jun 北斗九皇賜福天尊)

5 After Bowing to the Heaven, hold your 2 Palms together, just like the way that you wish the others during Lunar New Year

6 Then, Step onto the Diagrams, both Legs covering the Seven Stars completely, do not allow any of the Single Star being seen after Stepping on the Diagrams

7 Once ready, recite the following Incantation:

Kai Ming San Jing, Hui Du Wu Chang

Wei Zhao Hua Zhi Shu Ji

Wei Ren Shen Zhi Zhu Zai

Xuan Wei San Jie, Tong Yu Wan Ling

Pan Ren Jian Shan E Zhi Qi

Si Yin Fu Shi Fei Zhi Mu

Neng Jie Yi Qie Zhui, She Fu Zhu Mo Jing

大悲大願 大聖大慈。
Da Bei Da Yuan, Da Sheng Da Ci

Zhong Tian Da Sheng

Bei Dou Jiu Huang Ci Fu Da Xing Jun

8 After reciting, Close both Eyes and stand at the Position for about 5 minutes to allow the Energy to flow thru out the Whole Physical Body.

Remember, during this 5 minutes, anything that happened around you, you have to ignore them, if not, once the Flow is being dis-connected suddenly, the Physical Body will be hurt.

After 5 minutes, Slowly open the Eyes and then Release your Palms. Once the Palms are released, point both Hands downward and shake the 2 Palms hard, this is to release other un-necessary Energies.

9 Once that is done, then slowly Step out from the 2 Diagrams.

10 You may keep the 2 Diagrams for the Next session, if not, you can burn it off.

Once this is done, the whole Energy Cleansing or Enhancing is done.

This Skill is Good for those who meet with Difficulties in Work, being Surround by Back-stabbers, Long-term suffering from Health-issues, not able to Concentrate while working or study.

According to Records, this is also a Way to Open one's Wisdom and also, the Spiritual Will.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Banner of Zi Wei Da Di Bao Gao (紫微大帝寶誥)

Zi Wei Da Di aka Heavenly Emperor Zi Wei, one of the Four Important Heavenly Emperors that take charge of the issues that are related with All the Beings in the Mortal World.

Zi Wei Da Di, the Northern Hemisphere's Overall-in-Charge, he is not only the Leading Deity for All the Stars that can be seen in the Sky, but also a High Position Deity that is able to issue Luck and Life-span to a Being.

In almost All the Taoist Rituals/Ceremonies, Zi Wei Da Di will be invited and this Bao Gao will be recited.

For Morning Ritual Chanting, All Taoists will have to recite his Bao Gao in-order to evoke his Energy to be blessed upon one self.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Theory Sharing: Spider & Spider Web (蜘蛛結網難中強)


After 3 Days of Respect Mourning for the death of the Sichuan Earthquake Disaster, its time for me to regain my new article posting.

These few days, I had been going around Singapore to do my observation on the Contribution Drive for the Disaster and I was delighted to see that, actually in Singapore, there are still a large group of people (regardless of Races & Citizenships) that will kindly & willingly make their Contributions when Disasters occurred in other places.

After the promoting and advertising by the various Medias on the locations & stations where Contributions can be made, alot of these people actually rush down, queue-up orderly and waiting patiently for their turn to make their Contributions, by seeing All these, I was deeply moved.

Here, I must really express my Greatest Thanks to those who had made their Contribution thru the various Contribution Centers or thru my side. And I'm sure, the victims and sufferings will definitely be able to benefit from all these Contribution made by our Kind Singaporeans and also, our lovely Foreign Friends.

One Day, while I'm on my way to one of the Contribution Venue to do my observation, I happened to come across a Tiny Spider that hung between 2 far-apart trees to create it's Web.

At first-sight, I was susprised and shocked and so, I continued to stay-put at the spot to observe the Spider further.

Despite the Strong Wing blowing & the High Heat, the Tiny Spider carry-on to create it's Web with No-Fear, determination and "No thoughts of Giving-up".

Soon, the Tiny Spider successfully created it's Web and able to "Happily Flying" between the 2 trees.

Even though Spider is not the type of Insects that I "Love" that much, but at that moment, what I can said is, I Respect it.

Now, thru the Spider's encounter, its time for us as Mortal to do some serious Considering & Pondering.

Since a Tiny Spider is able to go-on creating it's Web without Fear, with Determination and with a Thought of Not-giving-up, why as a Mortal, one self tend to give up easily when a minor issue strikes or Negative thoughts will appeared in their Mind?

If we as Mortals will to compare with a Tiny Spider, can I said that, we are worst than a little Insect?

As Mortal, if we can be as Brave as a Tiny Spider, the Determination of Completing the task of Creating a Spider Web, I'm sure that in this World, there will be a lot of successful people and also, a better & peaceful environment for living.

And do remember, No one in this World can gain successful without any putting in of effort.

Okay, last of all, its time for you to do some Reflection, are you a "Spider" or "Worst than a Spider"?

Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Healthier Way of doing Chanting and Recitation (誦經念咒之密要)

Recently, while I attended a gathering with a Group of Spiritual People, one of them (Non-Taoist) approached me to make some enquiries. And of cos, I'm more than willing to share with them my experiences and explanations.

Upon approaching me, this gentleman started his enquiry on the Ways of doing Chanting & Reciting, as he went on, he shared with me his problem and doubts on whether Chanting is there to assist one self to be Healtier & Better or is there to destroy a Person's Life.

Immediately I explained to him that, Chanting & Reciting is definitely a Positive Action or Event for one self to engage in and if a Chanting & Reciting is being performed Well, the after effect can be Un-predictation Good.

After listening to my explanation, he showed doubts on his face and then continued with his problem. He told me that, few years back, when he met a Spiritual Person from a Non-Taoist Faith, the Spiritual Person passed him a Scripture and advised him to do Chanting on every Morning after he offered the Incense-wood in the Cleansing Pot. From then, this Gentleman started his Chanting for the next few years.

Recently, he found out that, after so many years of Chanting, he physical body seems to have some changes, such as Throat getting very dry easily, feeling Weak while he wanted to do his work in the Office, etc, without hestitation, I proceed with the asking of the distance of the Cleansing Urn and him while he was doing his Chanting, the Time that he did his Chanting and what did he do before the Chanting, etc.

Upon getting his replies, I was shocked and immediately, I corrected some of the things that he used to do during the chanting.

Okay, here I will like to share them with you too:

1st, always perform Chanting or Reciting in the Morning.
Reason: This is the Time that the Air is much more Fresher and Cleaner, not much polluted substances are being released from the surrounding area. For those who perform Chanting everyday and/or often will know that, while one self is perfoming the Chanting, the inhaling and exhaling are very important, once the Air is not Clean, the inhaling will be affected and after a long period of Un-pure inhaling, the internal Physical Body will be affected and besides that, once the exhaling is being affected by certain blockage, the Physical & Spiritual Energies will be affected which caused one self to feel Energy-less for the Day.

2nd, always Take a Hot Shower before Chanting
Reason: In Spiritually, this is a form of Respect to the Deities and other Beings, cos in Religious, Scriptures are consider as a Holy Object, without doing proper Cleaning & Cleansing, one self is not suppose to touch them, once get in contact with the Scriptures with a pair of Dirty hands or Dirty Physical Body, it can consider as Highly-dis-respect to the Deities and Beings and those Lowly-Cultivated Beings can be annoyed or provoked.

In Scienctifically, after taking a Good Hot Shower, one self will be Awaken in the way that, the Blood-flow will be able to regain back to normal-pace after a Night Rest. Once the Blood-flow regain back to normal, one self will be able to concentrate more during the Chanting and not struggle to concentrate. Once struggling is involve, it will not only affect one self's mind, soul & physical body, but also the Mentally Part, this is why, alot of people tend to feel Restless after Chanting whereas those who are Trained will felt more Energetic and Refresh after Chanting.

3rd, Drink a cup of Luke-warm Water.
Reason: This is to calm one self down and also to Balance the Temperature of one self's Physical Body. Usually after one self wake-up or after a Shower, the Physical Body's Temperature will change, either too High or too Low, once there are such a changes and one self will to engage into Chanting immediately, one self will soon feel Giddy, feel like Vomitting or Feeling ache All over the Body, in-order to avoid such things will happeneing, one self is advised to drink a Cup of Luke-warm Water before starting to do Chanting.

4th, Lighting of Good Quality Incenses and Do Not Offer alot at a Time.
Reason: Many people like to use cheaper or lower quality of Incenses, usually such Incenses are made using some sort of chemicals that give out the Same Aroma of Sandal-wood (Tan Xiang 檀香) or Agar-wood (Chen Xiang 沉香), if one self will to inhale such Fumes that given out from such Low-quanlity Incenses. as time goes by, the Throat and Nose will be affected.
By Offering Good-quality Incenses, this will not only show one self's Sincerity and Respect to the Deities and Beings, but also assisting one self to gain the Positive Energies that being emitted out from the Incenses.

Such as Agar-wood, Agar-wood is a type of Wood that not only help to get-rid of insects, but also to increase one self's Physical Energy. By using the Right amount of Agar-wood with the Right amount of Cultivation, one self will be able to reach a Level of Cleansing inside and outside the Physical Body.

5th, Far Distance of the Cleansing Urn or Incense-Urn between the Altar and One self. Reason: Do not place the Urn too near to one self while doing Chanting. As we inhale & exhale, the Fumes from the Incenses will get into our Physical Body. As everyone know that, burning stuffs will give out Carbon Monoxide & Carbon Dioxide, once one self inhale too much such Gases, as time goes by, different sicknesses will occur and by that time, regretting will be too late.

Till today, alot of Old Priests and Spiritual People are suffering from Throat Sicknesses such as Cancer, TB, etc, why, due to the lack of Kowledge and teaching in the Past. As they performed Ritual, different types of Incenses were being offered and during large-scale burning, the Priests and Spiritual People would tend to stand very close to the burning, as time went by, the inhaling and exhaling increases. After their retire, most of them started to find out that, their Throat and Lungs started to get different types of sicknesses.

6th, Do not Chant at Night or after 8.00 Pm.
Reason: This is both Spiritually & Scientific Proven.

At Night, the Atmosphere tend to change from Positive to Negative and the Temperature might dropped tremedously.

If this will to happen, one self's Physical Body will tend to slow-down and soon, one self will felt sleepy and restless. If one self will to do Chanting at this moment, the Mental Brain will tend to get extra-stress and soon, certain Illusions will appeared and with such Illusions, one self will tend to get worried or tense-up and as time goes by, one self will suffered from Mental-dis-order or Mentailly-un-well.

In Spiritual Term, once one self is not able to concentrate or get interfer by Illusions, the Physical Body will release out Negative Signals and once such Signals ate being given out, one self will attracted more and more Entities. Among such Entities, if there are 1 - 2 Entities that shared the same Frequency with one self, then one self will encountered being possessed or being followed by such Entities.

As time goes by, the Positive Energy of one self will decrease and some, might end-up passing-on.

Okay, in Summary.
In Taoism, we always treat Chanting & Reciting as a very Important type of Cultivation, cos we know that, Chanting & Reciting are considered as a form of Energy Cultivation - similar to Tai Ji (太極) or Qi Gong (氣功).
Once the Energies that being involved in Chanting & Reciting are bein balanced and with the Positive External Assistances, the Chanting or Reciting will take it's Fullest Effect and Affects.
In other Faiths, they dont really take deep or serious Notice in that and this is why, alot of fatal-after-effects are being encountered.

If you will to do your Chanting later, try some of the Advises mentioned here, I'm sure you will see & feel some differences.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

China Earthquake Disasters (中國‧四川地震禍害)


Dear All,

On Monday Sichuan Province and the surrounding Areas in China were being attacked/invadered by a serious and fatal Earthquake Diasters, till now, 12,000 people were found died and over 18,000 people & properties were still being un-discovered.

In here, I will like to encourage those who wished to extend your lending hands to them, do contact the associated Organisations in Singapore to provide your necessary assistances.

As for those who cant extend much assistances, do help to request the Heaven & Deities to provide their Blessings to the Victims and Death.

Recite whatever Scriptures & Mantras that you know, dedicate the Merits & Credits to them, may they be blessed by the Heavens and All Deities.

Wu Liang Guan
Wu Liang Shou

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Banner of Lei Gong Dian Mu Bao Gao (雷公電母寶誥)

Lei Gong & Dian Mu aka Diety of Thunder & Lightning.

This is a rare Bao Gao to be recited in Taoist Ritual/Ceremony.

Usually this Bao Gao is being recited during Ritual/Ceremony that being engaged in requesting of Rain-pour after a long drought or to cease Stormy Weather, etc.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Introduction on Che Gong aka General Che (南宋車公大元帥)

Che Gong (車公) aka General Che, name unknown. Born in Late Song Dynasty aka Southern Song Period (南宋), hometown in Jiang Xi Province, Nan Chang City, Wu Fu Area (江西省南昌市五福區).
Since young, Che Gong had been providing his assistance to the people that stay around his area. Due to the Upright bringing-up by his parent, Che Gong was being selected by the Imperial Court of Song Empire when he participate in the Military Scholar Examination.
After being selected by the Imperial Court, Che Gong was being appointed to defeat the invaders during the late Song Dynasty. Each time, when he led the Armies to fight with the invaders, Che Gong would always gained his victory.
Soon, with the recommendation by the Loyal Officials in the Imperial Court, Che Gong was being bestowed with the title of Da Yuan Shuai aka General-in-Charge or Overall-Commendor.
During the last battle of Southern Song Empire and the Yuan Invaders, Che Gong joined in the Troop.
Due to the chaotic situation, Che Gong had to assist Premier Lu Xiu Fu (左相陸秀夫) to protect the 2 young Emperors to escape from the capturing of the Yuan Invaders.
Half way thru the escaping, Che Gong died due to over-exhaustion. After Che Gong passed-away, because of the effort that he put in to protect the 2 young Emperors, he was being bestowed.
From then, the Folks honoured him as a Deity of Uprightness and Loyalty.
Another story of Che Gong was:
Che Gong, born in Song Dynasty, name unknown.
Since young, he was a kind and intelligent young man who was well-versed in the knowledge of Chinese Herbs & Medication.
After he grow-up, he travelled around in the Country to assist the needy.
One year, he reached a Town and upon reaching, he found out that the Town was being infected by various Diseases. And so, without hesitation, he extended his assistance to the Town and prescribe the necessary Medicines to the Folks.
Within days, the diseases were being ceased and most of the folks were being saved.
After Che Gong left the Town, the folks set-up a small Temple to keep-in-memory of the assistance that he provided to the Town, from then, he was being honoured till today.
According to myth, the Town that he provided the assistance was one of the Town in Guang Dong Province in China.
Till today, in Hong Kong, Che Gong is still being honoured by most of the Hong Kong Taoists.
Every year, during Chinese New Year and the Birthday of Che Gong, alot of the Taoists will visit the various Temples in Hong Kong that dedicated to Che Gong to pay their respect to him.
Everytime after the honouring, the Taoists will buy a Paper-wind-mill (風車) back, in-order to get the blessing from Che Gong.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mothers' Day Special Report 3 (母親節特別分享)


Just a few days ago. I met with a teenage boy, age of about 17 years old, after some chit-chatting, suddenly I asked him about, how will he celebrate this coming Mothers' Day.

As immediately, he replied: No, this year I'm not free, cos I joined in a Religious Group and on that day, I will be out with them to do Temple-visiting.

Upon getting this reply, I was shocked and disappointed.

A lot of the Folks always got this impression of just by giving the necessary respects to Deities or Beings, one self will be blessed with Good Luck, Good Fortune and Good Future, even if one self is not doing any self-cultivation, ignore the importance of the Family Bonding, Not Filial and/or show no Loyalty to the Country, etc.

If you will want me to comment, that I will said, those who think that way are Extremely Wrong and sure that No Deities will provide the necessary for such people.

Firstly, no Deities will want someone to sacrifice the bonding between Family Members to pay respect to them.

Secondly, a Person who is not Filial, not Loyal & not Upright will not be blessed neither their requests will be answered.

Thirdly, if a Person who just wanted to use the method of paying respect to Deities to show their Wealth and Power, such people will also wont be able to get any form of Blessings.

And so, from the above 3 mentioned points, how many people can escape from that? I think that quantity will be very small.

Here, I will like to share a story that being passed-down by my Ancestors, who migrated from China, Hokkien Province, Jing Jiang Area (中國福建省晉江) to Singapore in about 200 years ago. The story happened in late Qing Dynasty (清末年間) and in the Area where my Ancestors staying.

One year, in Jing Jiang Area, a vicious flood happened and after the flood ceased, various diseases outbroke in the area and caused many innocent lives to end.

In the town where my Ancestors stayed, there was a little Temple that being built dedicating to Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) aka Deity of Earth, according to my Ancestors, the Fu De Zheng Shen was very Spiritually-effective and so a lot of the town-folks would visit the Temple to make their requesting.

One day, a young man of age about 30 years old approached the Temple and started his requesting and soon, he was being granted the blessing.

After the wish was being granted, one day, the young man returned to the Temple to repay his Gratitude to Fu De Zheng Shen, on that day, the young man brought a lot of offerings, such as Chicken , Ducks, etc. Those who saw that were shocked and puzzled – due to the chaotic situation that happened after the flooding, it was impossible for the young man to get the food stuffs in the town.

Just as the young man laid the offerings on the Altar and starting to kneel down in front of the Altar to make his respect, a loud Splitting Sound was heard and immediately, the Sky turned dark and a loud Thunder Roar in the Air.

Everyone was shocked and after staring at the Sky, one of the town-folks turned to look at the statue of Fu De Zheng Shen on that Altar, to his horror, the statue split into 2 pieces.

Upon seeing that, the young man was also shocked by the incident and immediately, he made several kowtows in front of the Altar, in his mouth, mumbling Sorry for uncountable times.

Everyone standing around him was puzzled by his actions and an elderly-man approached him, slowly pull him up from the kneeling pad and advised him to take a sit at the threshold at the small Temple. After the young man calm himself down, the elderly-man started his conversation with the young man, asking him what had really happened.

Just as immediately, the young man broke down to tears and started to mumble: I know that I have done something wrong and now Fu De Zheng Shen is here to punish him.

Upon hearing that, the elderly-man comfort him and then asked him to calm down.

Soon, the young man speak-up. This was how the incident happened:

Upon getting the wish being granted by Fu De Zheng Shen of being able to win a little money in one of the private gambling den, this young man went to another town to prepare some good offerings for the paying of gratitude ceremony. Just as immediately after he came out from the shop, he saw another gambling den, and so, his hands started to itch again and so, this time round, he thought that with the blessing of Fu De Zheng Shen, he would be able to win a Big Wealth, but to his disappointment, he lose all his money.

After leaving the gambling den, he walked back to the town where he stayed, upon reaching the doorway, he saw his mother passing some money to the daughter-in-law, in-order to get some eating stuffs from the market (after the flood, all items' price increased and so, the days will tough), immediately after the young man saw the money, he dashed forward to snatch the money from the wife.

Just as immediately, the mother walked forward to stop the son from snatching the money away from the daughter-in-law, the son pushed his mother away, causing the mother to fall onto the ground, hurting her legs and got a deep cut.

At that moment, the son had ran out from the house and dashed towards the other town to do his gambling again.

This time round, his wish was being granted the 2nd time and so, he took the money, went back to the shops and got the stuffs from Fu De Zheng Shen.

After getting the stuffs, the young man happily went back to the Temple to pay his respect.

Upon laying the offerings on the Altar, the young man started to make his respect and on the moment, Split Sound and Thunder Roar were being heard and immediately at the moment, the young man saw an Old Man standing in front of the Altar, saying this sentence to him:

Take back All your offerings, All these offerings shall belongs to your mother and not me, cos the money that you use to pay for these offerings come from your mother.

PS: The statue split into 2, why? Reason, Fu De Zheng Shen rather destroy his own statue than to allow an Un-filial son to pay his respect to him.

The young man was shocked when he saw and hear that and immediately, he made his kowtows and mumbled un-countable times of Sorry in front of the Altar.

After telling this incident to the elderly-man, the elderly-man understood the whole incident and so, he comfort the young man and advised him for not repeating the wrong-doing again.

As a son, one self must be Filial, once a person is Filial, one self will not need to buy any offerings to offer the Deities, the Deities will also be able to provide the assistance for one self – this is what we called Sincere.

Sincere in Heart with Filial, Loyalty, Upright and Kind.

Okay, back to main point.

This story is not to promote how Miracle Fu De Zheng Shen is, or how Spiritually Blessed Jing Jiang Area is, just that, this story is to tell the Folks that, Deities wont accept any forms of respect from one self if that one self is not Upright in the way that one self does.

You can be rich, you can be poor, you can be far away or you can be at home, as long as you have the Faith in the Deities and the Sincerity in the Heart to pay respect to the Deities, you need not to show any form of Big actions, the Deities will still be there to look after you and also, to grant your wishes.

Last, ponder on the hidden-meaning of this Story, see how this story is being associated with the Folks that are in our Religious Society now.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Mothers' Day Special Report 2 (母親節特別分享)


The following incident is a True Encounter that I handled recently, in-order to show my respect to the Family, names and location of the people involved will not be mentioned.

Not long ago, in one late night, my mobile-phone rang, the one that called me seems to be very anxious and worried, just at the moment I picked the call, the one on the opposite side started to ask for my assistance.

Within moments, the person broke-down and sincerely requested me to go over to his place. And of cos, I agreed.

Upon reaching the house, almost all the family members were there, everyone seems to be very upset and worried and so, I started the conversation

Just a few minutes after the conversation, I heard a very pitiful crying emitted out from one of the rooms. Immediately when the crying was heard, the whole atmosphere changed to tense and more worried.

In-order to know what had happened and which actions to be taken, I continued to interact with the Family.

One of the Family Members told me, the one who crying sadly in the room was their Mother, age of about 60 years old.

Recently, she seems to suffer from insomnia and lost of appetite in consuming any food stuffs. Things got worst after one Sunday.

After that Sunday, the Mother seems to talk to herself almost every night or when any of the Family Members were around. Usually the things that the Mother said were associated with Money, there were a lot of people that followed her wherever she went or the Food that she ate outside tasted like Candles or Incenses.

Upon hearing the situation, I found out that, things might not be that easy to tackle or solve and so, I requested to take a look at the Mother from afar without any immediate or close contact with the Subject (this is to avoid any Negative Entities from escaping or dashed out) before any actions were being finalised and the Family Members agreed and so, they led me to the doorway where I could peek into the room.

When I approached at the doorway and took a peek into the room, the Mother was sitting on the Bed, with her back facing me – this doesnt matter.

After looking around at the room. I couldnt found anything unusual, just that, the energy emitted out from the Mother was not very Positive or Balanced (Not as Negative as those being possessed or followed by Entities).

In-order to find out more, this time, I had to move forward into the room to take a closer look and examined closer on the Mother.

Just as immediately when I stepped into the room, the Mother turned around and look at me with an expression of sad and weak – the face doesnt look pale neither the fore-head is being covered by Negative Forces.

Upon seeing me, the Mother started to speak up, saying: You are here. And of cos, as a form of respect, I returned with saying: Yup.

After I responded to her, she said that she felt tired and wanted to rest and so, I had to leave the room in-order for her to take her rest.

As we returned to the Living room, I told the Family Members that, their Mother was Spiritually Okay, just that the Energies in her were not very balanced, seems like something was blocking at the Head & Heart area.

Hearing that something were blocking on the Head & Heart, one of the Children told me that, the Mother was healthy and till today, no symptoms of Heart-attack or Cancer was being detected.

Upon hearing that, I explained to the Children, the Blocking was not Physical Blocking, but a form of Spiritual Energy Blocking – such Blocking may cause more Serious Destruction than a Physical Blocking, by hearing that, the Children requested me to go further into the explanation and of cos, I did.

Just that, before the explanation started, the crying and talking started again in the room, this time, I didnt ask for permission and immediately, I dashed towards the room and stand by the doorway to listen to the whole conversation.

After hearing for a while, I noticed something, which could 100% confirmed that the Mother was not being Spiritually Invaded.

How to I determine that the Mother is not being Spiritually Invaded, here are a few points that I noticed:

1 – when ever she mentioned the word or phrase of Alone, she will pause for a while
2 – when ever she mentioned her children, she will sob more seriously & loud
3 – when ever she mentioned about other Beings, she will just mumble it

Due to I know this Family for quite sometime and I know that the Mother is a very well-educated person, till today, she had never ever mentioned any forms of Deities, neither any Spirit stuff in-front of me even though she knew that I'm a Taoist Priest and so, from the way she mentioned such things, immediately I know that, something is amiss somewhere.

Soon, the Mother stopped and so I returned back to the Living room again, this time round, I requested to know what had happened on that Sunday.

And so, one of the Children recalled and told me, on that Sunday which was the Eve of the Mother's Birthday, actually the Whole Family promised the Mother to go out for a Celebration. Just 2 days before the Sunday, one of the Children was being ordered by the Boss to go overseas to deal with one Business-contract and so con-incidence, the other Children was being dragged by a group of friends to Malaysia to do an inspection on a new batch of products.

With All the appointments that the Children being engaged in, the Celebration had to cancel and the Celebration had to KIV to another suitable Date.

On the Sunday, no one was at home to accompany the Mother and on next day, which was the Birthday, of the Mother, everyone had returned back to work and so, not much people took notice. And from then, after the day, the Mother's situation got worst.

By reading till this point, I'm sure that more or less, you will have an answer in your mind, what had really happened to the Mother, if you are thinking in the way that I'm thinking, than you are Right.

Yes, the Mother is not being Possessed, neither being punished by any forms of Beings, just that, she is overly disappointed and upset by the way she was being treated and the neglecting that she got from the Family.

Let's recall some of the point that I have mentioned in the earlier part of this posting:

1 the Blocking in the Head & Heart.

In Taoism, we deal with Energy Flow and Aura-detecting, by looking & feeling on one's Energy Flow & by Visualizing one's Aura, a Priest or a Spiritual Person will be able to find out on certain causes or problem.

In this incident, the Energy Flow in the Mother's Head is weak and also, very messy, just like a bundle of wires being tangled around.

The Aura in the Heart area is very weak which give out a signal of sadness and unstable.

From here, a Priest or a Spiritual Person will be able to detect that, whether one self is being invaded by any other Beings.

PS: When one self is being invaded by Entities, the Pulse will be slow-down or some, similar to a Person who is going to depart from this Mortal World.

2 the Things that the Mother mentioned

Being familiar with the Family for quite sometime, I know that the Mother is a very Open-minded person who does not have any faith-belonging, what ever difficulties that she faced, she will always used Human Methods to solve.

In this incident, suddenly she mentioned about other Beings and whenever she mentioned about such Beings, she become a bit shy and embarrassed, this is one of the point that I caught hold of she is not being invaded by the any form of Beings.

And also, when ever she mentioned about the Children, she will sob more, from here, I can tell that she still have Physical Bonding Emotions which unlike a Person being possessed or Invaded, etc.

3 Talking to herself when ever the Family Members are around

This is a very common situation when you see Old Folks or Elderly that are Lonely and/or when they need attention from the others.

For a Person who is being possessed or invaded, the 1st thing that the Person will do when the others are around is, Stare Hard at the others and the Person will only Mumble words in the Mouth and will never say out loud or cry.

By explaining these few points to the Family Members, finally the Family Members realized the actual cause of the whole incident, after the realizing, finally the Family Members are able to relax a bit.

Just before I leave the house, I suggested to the Family Members that, cos I'm not a Doctor neither I'm a Psychiatrist, it will be best that they can get a more Official Advises from the Official Personnel and of cos, they agreed and then send me off.

And before I stepped into the cab to leave for my home, I gave them a last piece of suggestion, spend more time with the Mother, in the past, the Mother had spent most of the time on working in-order to support the Family, now is the time for the Children to repay back and allow the Mother to enjoy her life and of cos, they agreed too.

After giving my suggestion, I left for home and the case is considered Close.

Today, the Mother had recovered about 90% and need not need to consume any more Medicines, this year, the whole Family will be celebrating Mothers' Day on this coming Sunday and I'm invited, but due to I have to accompany my Mother, so I have to reject their Invitation.

Okay, back to the Main Point.

You may find this Incident quite similar to what you have watched in Drama Series or read in Newspaper and of cos, I can tell you that, this type of incident is not special, cos it happened almost in All Countries and almost in every day.

But the Main Point that I will to share with All of you is that, No Matter how busy you are, or how far you are, always show your concern to your Mother.

A lot of people may take for granted that, Mother is my Mother, without saying anything to her or without showing any actions, my Mother wont blamed me or angry with me, neither my Mother will feel sad with me.

If you are one of such people who think this way, than I can tell you, you are Really Wrong.

Mother of one self, of cos will be the Mother for one self forever, but the Mother is also a Human that needed Love, Concern & Care, especially when the Mother get older, the more Love, Concern & Care are needed.

Just like in this incident, the Mother may seems to be very Mature and Strong in the past, but when she faces lacking of Love & Concern, she broke-down, this tells us that, All Mothers in this Universe really need the Love, Concern & Care from the Children, never neglect it or ignore it, once things happened, regretting will be too late.

Okay, now, its time for YOU to do your reflection.

Have YOU take things for granted?
Have YOU show enough Care & Concern for your Mother?
Have YOU ever show little bit of your Love to your Mother?

Go ponder on these Enquiries, I'm sure you will see certain things in Return.

Last of All, wishes All Mothers be Happy and Enjoy their Life with No-worries & No-sadness.


Really happy to have assisted the Family in solving their problem.

In here, I will also like to take this opportunity to tell my Students and those who are Doing Self-cultivation, for a
Priest or a Spiritual Master, not necessary to always use Physical Spiritual Skills or Magic to solve cases, the most important is the way that one self used to tackle the problem or to find out the Main-Root-Causes of a Problem.

Heaven given us the Ability & Authority of Spiritual Skills are only to Protect us from being invaded by other Stronger & Stubborn Entities and not for us to Show-off how Capable one self can be.

By using a Sincere & True Heart to assist people, then that's the Main Objective of a Cultivated Person and also, the Final Result that Heaven wanted to see.

Hope you all can understand and treasure the sharing.

PS 2:

On that Night, upon reaching my place, when I'm going to pay my Taxi Fare, than I realized that with me, I only left with S$5.00 from the previous Taxi-ride. And so, I have to apologise to the Taxi-driver and had to go 1 big round to a near-by ATM to withdraw money... So embarrass.. Wahahaha

Friday, 9 May 2008

Mothers' Day Blessing for Mother (母親節為母親祈福)


Mothers' Day Blessing, a lot of people might be wondering, what does Taoism has to do with Mothers' Day or does Mothers' Day has any connection with Taoism.

If I say No, then I'm bluffing All of you who are doing your reading on this Article and if I will to say Yes, a lot of the people here might say that I'm trying to corrupt the Upright Culture of Taoism, etc.

In-order for you to understand more on the Miracle Connection between Mothers' Day and Taoism, I will do a quick introduction here.

Mothers' Day, a Day to show one's gratitude & respect to one's Mother (may it be living now or Mother who has pass-on).

According to Western History, the First Mothers' Day was being celebrated on 10 May 1908. After this year, most of Countries started to celebrate Mothers' Day on the 2nd Week of May, whereas in some other Countries, besides celebrating on the 2nd Week of May, such Countries will also dedicated another
Date for the Mothers.

And so, why as a Taoist, we also need to celebrate Mothers' Day?

1st, to reward one's Mother for her hard work of looking after the Family for the past one year (besides her Birthday)

2nd, to show our Filial Piety & Gratitude to the Living Mothers and also, the Departed Mothers.

In Taoism, Filial Piety (孝) & Loyalty (忠) come first in other ranking, without Filial Piety, a person wont consider as Full or Balance, this is why, in the Major School of Taoism, such as Zheng Yi Sect (正一道), we do not need to leave home as we performed our Cultivation, only those Schools that being affected by the Teaching of other Non-Taoist Religions, then the followers will need to take vow of leaving home to stay-clear from the Bonding of Family-ties, etc.

What do I meant of Departed Mothers?

Departed Mothers are not only mend for those Mothers of A Family who have passed-on, but also the Grandmothers, Great-grandmothers, etc.

It also refers to those Ladies who had contributed their effort to the Society, such as Heroines during Wars, Samsui Women who developed our Country, Lady Teachers who educated the children, etc.

So, how do we performed the Blessing for Mothers?

Very simple, on the Day, prepare some simple Offerings such as Incenses, Flowers, a set of Fruits (with 5), 3 stacks of Tian Gong Jin (the Big Josspaper), 3 stacks of Shou Jin (the Normal Josspaper), etc, visit a Temple that is dedicated to Taoist Deities such as Dou Mu (斗母), Ma Zu (媽祖), Xi Wang Mu (西王母) aka Wang Mu Niang Niang (王母娘娘) or Zhu Sheng Niang Niang (註生娘娘) to do the requesting of Blessings for the Mothers.

Upon reaching the Temple, layout the Offerings on the Altar and then go around the Temple to pay respect to the other Deities first and last, return to the Altar that dedicated to the above-mentioned Deities.

Sincerely make a bow and then kneel down to start the requesting of Blessing.

Here's a suggested Phrase while making the request:

Jin Feng.

Liang Chen Ji Shi Qi Fu Ri.

Di Zi Qian Xin Jing Shen En.

Cheng Xian Xiao Xin Wei Jia Ci.

Qi Yuan Ci Fu Ci Mu Shen.

南洋新加坡共和國。 (你的住址) 。
Nan Yang Xin Jia Po Gong He Guo. (Your Address)

信士 (你的名字) 。
Xin Shi (Your Name).

Wei Jia Ci (Your Mum's Name & Birthday) Qi Fu Zhu Yuan.

Yu Ci

Qian Bei Bo Li Jiu Yi.

Jing Xiang Tang Shang Shen Ming.

Qian Cheng Qing An Bing Wei Jia Ci Qi Fu.

Yu Ci Qian Qi.

Tang Shang Shen Ming (Bow)

Bi You.

Jia Ci (Your Mum's Name & Birthday).

Yi Nian Ping An Wu Zai. Yue Yue Shen Ti Jian Kang.

Si Ji Shen Guang Bi Zhao. Wan Shi Shun Xin Le An.

Yu Ci.

信士 (你的名字) 。
Xin Shi (Your Name).

Jing Xiang.

Tang Shang Shen Ming (Bow)

Xian San Bai Li.

Yi Bai. Zai Bai. San Bai. Li Cheng (Raise)

After rising, make another sincere Bow and then left the spot.

After about 15 minutes, retrieve the Paper-offerings and then burn them off.

Once the Paper-offerings are being burnt, go back to the Altar, make another sincere Bow and then retrieve back the Offerings, bring them back home and share with the other members in the Family.

And so, the whole Requesting of Blessing is considered end.

Personal Encounter:

Recently, I was being invited by my Cousin to assist him in his Lan Shop business and so, during the period of mending the shop, I got quite a lot of chances to meet up with various type of people, such as businessmen, students and also, curious parents.

Once, quite late at night (the Lan Shop operates for 24 Hours), a mother came into the shop, looked very worried.

After she walked towards the counter-bar, I approached her and asked for permission to provide my assistance. Just as immediately, this Mother requested me to check whether her son (which is about 14 years old) was in the shop, after dong the retrieving of records, I replied to her that, No, her son was not in our Shop's record.

And for sure, she was disappointed but, besides disappointment, she looked more regretted.

Upon knowing that some other hidden reasons, I continued to find out more from her.

After asking, I found out that, she was a working lady whom didnt really have much time staying at home to look after her son, whenever there were chances for her to talk to her son would be the time that her son approached her for money.

Soon, her son grew up and entered into the Youth-age Period, whenever the Mother said things to the son, the son would felt rejected, etc. Slowly, her son even engaged into stealing of money from the Family.

One day, after finding out that her son stole a big sum from the wardrobe, this Mother scolded the son for in-consideration, etc. Just as immediately, the son turned away and dashed out from the house, from then, she lost the contact with her son.

On that night when she was in the Shop talking to me, her son was already out for at least 3 days, from her conversation, even though she was angry and disappointed with her son, but the only thing that she hope at that moment was, her son to appear in front of her safe & sound, anything that being stolen or lost were of small cases.

During the whole conversation, the Mother may seems to remain very calm, but from the way she look at you, one self can really see the regrets, worries and the Motherly-love from the eyes.

This is the Love that nothing can compared and this is the Love that one self can get from the Only Woman in the whole Universe - one self's Mother.

Okay, back to the topic.

In here, you may say that this story is just a normal encounter that anyone at any place will encountered. if you think this way, I do agree with you, but one thing that I wanted to tell everyone here is that, no matter how bad a Mother is, a Mother will always dote on her children, nothing can change this type of doting.

In this encounter, you can see how the little son treated her mother, but when the mother lost contact with her son, the 1st thing that she thought of is hoping that her son can returned safe & sound, whatever pass is already pass, as long as the son returned, anything will be fine with her - this is how Noble a Mother can be.

So, for those whose Mothers are still living in this Mortal World, try to be nicer to her, care more for her and always, put her before anything.

Once a Mother departed, forever she wont be there by your side.

Treasure this type of Love.

Last of all, wish All Mothers that living in this Universe - A Happy Mothers' Day and always stay Healthy & Happy.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Introduction of Tam Kong aka Immortal Tan (元代神童譚峭公)


Tam Kong aka Immortal Tan, a famous Cantonese Deity that being honoured by the Cantonese Clan (廣東籍) in Hong Kong (香港) and also, South East Asia (東南亞).

Tam Kong, real name known as Tan Qiao (譚峭) or Tan Xiao, born in Yuan Dynasty (元朝), 8th Day of Lunar 4 Month (農曆四月初八日). Hometown in Guang Dong Province, Hui Dong City & Gui Shan Area (廣東省惠東市歸善人).

Since young, Tam Kong had being doing Self Cultivation on Taoist Skills and Knowledge, by the age of 12, Tam Kong was able to use his Spiritual Will and Power to assist the needy.

Due to his Wisdom and Knowledge on the Taoist Skills, at a young age, Tam Kong was able to issue different prescription for different illnesses.

One day, in his 12th Year of staying in this Mortal World, Tam Kong got a Summoning Order from the Heaven for him to return to the Celestial Palace to continue his service in the Heavenly Realm.

After receiving the Summoning Order for not more than 3 Days, Tam Kong got his Enlightenment.

And this is why, in some Area, you will see the statue of Tam Kong in little kid form.

Another story about Tam Kong was:

Tam Kong, born near to a Fishing Village in Gui Shan Area.

After growing up, Tam Kong would always used his Spiritual Will & Power to assist the fishermen on what was the best time to go on sailing or when to avoid going out to the sea.

By the kindness assistance, Tam Kong saved quite a lot of Mortals from meeting up with the storm and this is why, many Folks also Honoured him as Deity of Sea or Water.

One year, while Tam Kong was out in the forest to do plucking of the various types of Chinese Herbs, an Old Man approached him.

At first, Tam Kong was shocked to see an elderly person in the forest, but after a short moment of communicating, Tam Kong put down his suspicious and continue to exchange ideas on the Chinese Medication with the Old Man.

Soon, the Evening approached, knowing that the Mother was waiting at home, Tam Kong departed with the Old Man, just before Tam Kong left, the Old Man passed him a packet of Chinese Herbs and advised Tam Kong to eat it when he reached home.

Upon reaching home, Tam Kong was curious with the packet and so, immediately after he opened up the packet, he ate all the Chinese Herbs and to his disappointment, nothing happened.

As time went by, all the people around Tam Kong had grown old, but only left Tam Kong who still stayed in his early 20's look, only then, Tam Kong realised that the Chinese Herbs that he took many years ago was Immortal Elixir.

Soon, Tam Kong left his hometown to continue his Cultivation.

Many years after his left, people saw Tam Kong in other faraway land with the youthful look, immediately after the people saw him, Tam Kong transformed himself into a gust of Fume and returned back to the Heavenly Realm.

From then, the people around his hometown setup Temples dedicating to Tam Kong hoping that Tam Kong will provide the necessary blessings for the people.
In Taoism, Tam Kong is also known as Zi Xiao Zhen Ren (紫霄真人) aka Immortal Purple Cloud.

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Monday, 5 May 2008

Introduction on Taoist Mantra – Tai Yang Zhen Jun Shen Zhou (太陽真君神咒)

Tai Ying Zhen Jun Shen Zhou aka The Spiritual Mantra of Lord of Sun aka Tai Yang Zhen Jun or Tai Yang Xing Jun, being recorded in the Taoist Scripture known as Yuan Shi Tian Zun Explains on the Eleven Brightness Stars that Provide the Enhancement Blessings for Beings  (元始天尊說十一大曜消灾神咒經).


Lord of Sun, one of the few Important Deities in Taoism that provide the living blessing for the Beings in the Mortal World.


In here, this Mantra is being recited in-order to get the direct connection with the Lord of Sun and also, to being enhanced with the Positive Energy that being bestowed upon one self by the Lord of Sun.


Besides reciting the normal Praise Mantra of Lord of Sun, one self can recite this Mantra on every morning, after waking up & wash-up.


So how to do the reciting?


After washing up, drink a cup of luke-warm water, calm one self down and then turn to the direction of East where you can see the Sunrise.


After turning to the East, make a simple bow and then, start to recite this Mantra. Usually one self can recite 3 times, 7 time or 9 times.


Once the reciting is done, make a simple bow again and then leave the spot.


For this Reciting, no Incenses or any form of Offerings are needed.



Tai Yang Zhen Jun Shen Zhou



Dong Wang Fu Sang Gong



Qi Shou Chao Wu Yi



Tai Yang Dong Ming Jing



Liao Liao He Suo Si



Ling Wu Bai Jin Se



Hou Tian Wang Ying Zhi



Huang Hua Jiang Yu Nv



Lin Xuan Jiang Ci Shi