Thursday, 30 April 2009

Heavenly Lord Pu Hua Praise Poem (雷聲普化天尊朝禮偈)


Pu Hua Xian Shen Zhuan Shi Fang


Yu Qing Shang Zhen Wu Shang Wang


Chang Tan Bao Jing Yue Yu Shu


Jiu Feng Fu Zuo Ying Yuan Tang


Shen Hua Jin Guang Ying Qian Kun


Xin Yun San Jie Wan Ling Zun


Che Kai Zhi Hui Xiang Zhu Mo


Xin Yan Yi Shan Hua Chen Fen


San Jie Sheng Zhen Xian Shen Zhi


Fu Shi Nan Nv Lao Shao Ru


Si Hai Hun Po Jing Ling Mei


Wu Yue Yao Shao Qin Xiao Chu


Yang Zun Fa Yuan Gui Ming Li


Cheng Xin Cheng Song Song Yi Bian


Jiu Tian Lei Sheng Pu Hua Zun


Ying Sheng Xian Hua Du Sheng Lun

Note: This is a Rare Praise Poem to be recited by the Taoists & Chinese in the Modern-day now.

For those who are sincerely and faithfully wanted to honour Pu Hua Tian Zun, beside reciting the Bao Gao aka Praise Mantra, can recite this Praise Poem first.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Outbreak of Swine Flu (豬流感,罩天下)


Unknown diseases are back again in the Mortal Realm to do testing on Mortals. This time round, the Cycle of Returning is getting shorter and the number of releasps are Increasing. According to Sciencticfic explanation, such returning of Unknown Diseases are due to Global Warming, Excessive-cutting of Trees and Overly-using of Natural Resources. But how true is that, for this, we will need to close follow-ups and observation.

So what is Swine Flu?

Swine Flu, in Chinese known as Pig Plague in the Olden Days. This is a type of Diseases that being spread by Pigs. In the Olden Days, when Pigs got such disease, usually it will spread only among the Pigs and Human will only get contaminated when oneself consume the Sick-pig. According to History Records, in the Olden Days, such Disease wont spread from Human to Human but Pig to Human (after consuming).

Due to time had change and Genes of Living Beings are getting Manifested in Fast-rate, now Pig Plague had transformed into Swine Flu.

Recording of Recent History, in 1900, there was an Outbreak of Pig Plague and at that time, due to lack of Medical Assistances and Accurate Knowledge, alot of Chinese was being infected by the Pig Plague and many Lives were being taken. After then, Pig Plague started to spread out to various Countries.

Now, in Year 2009, a serious Outbreak of "New Pig Plague" returns. Is this a form of punishment for Mortals? No One knows. What we can do now is to request for Blessing from the Big Dao (大道) that such a Disease can be ceased in No Time.

So how we Request for Blessing for the Sufferings?

In Taoism, it is always Simple and Easy for such Requesting of Blessing.

As a Taoist & Chinese, we shall extend out little Assistance to the Sufferings just by Sincerely & Faithfully Call-upon the Official Titles of the Various Respective Deities. Once the Official Titles are being Call-upon, then doing a Simple Report on the Situation and Sincerely request the Respective Deities to provide the Necessary Blessing for the Sufferings and I'm sure, the Sufferings will be able to get the Positive Result from the Releasing of the Positive Energies from the Deities and the Big Dao (大道).

The Respective Deities are:

1) Heavenly Lord Tai Yi aka Tai Yi Jiu Ku Tian Zun (太乙救苦天尊)

Just by Reciting of the Official Title of Tai Yi Jiu Ku Tian Zun (太乙救苦天尊) for 21 time every Morning. After the Recitation, report a Simple Message to him and with 3 Sincere Bows, this will mark an End of the Requesting of Blessing.

When Tai Yi Tian Zun will to arrive in the Mortal Realm, he will do Salvation for the Pass-on to lessen their Burdens & Pain and also, to Eliminate the Un-necessry Negative Entities in the Mortal Realms that causes the Disorder.

2) Heavenly Lord Pu Hua aka Lei Sheng Pu Hua Tian Zun (雷聲普化天尊)

Just by Reciting of the Official Title of Lei Sheng Pu Hua Tian Zun (雷聲普化天尊) for 21 time every Morning. After the Recitation, report a Simple Message to him and with 3 Sincere Bows, this will mark an End of the Requesting of Blessing.

When Pu Hua Tian Zun will to arrive in the Mortal Realm, he will do Salvation for the Living-suffering to lessen their Pains & Comfort the Discomfort-people and also, to Eliminate the Un-necessry Negative Entities in the Mortal Realms that causes the Disorder.

For one to do the Calling-upon the 2 Deities, oneself did Not need any Offerings, just 3 Sticks of Incenses and the Message will be delivered to them in No Moment.


Hoping that, by Consolidate the Mass Requesting, Heaven will know of the Requesting of Blessing for the Sufferings and in No Time, the Disease will be Eliminated from this Mortal Realm.

道頌 Praising of Dao


Dao De Dao. Fei Chang Dao


Dao Yue Dao. Dao Fei Dao


Wu Wei Qing Jing Chuan Zhen Dao


Dao Zai Na Er


Shui Zhi Dao


Dao Yun Qian Kun. Dao Yu Dao


Dao Ben Fei Dao. He Wei Dao


Dao Sheng Dao Xi Sheng Dao Sheng


Yi Dao San Hua Dao Bing Cun


Da Dao Neng Rong Qi Xiao Dao


Xiao Dao Sui Xiao Da Dao Sheng


Dao Bu Yan. Da Yu Xiao


Dao Bu Zhen. Xu Huan Shi


Jin Zhao You Lai Ming Zhao Wu


Xu Xu Huan Huan Zhen Fei Zhen


Neng Yue Dao Zhe Nai Xu Dao


Bu Yan Dao ZHe Fan Wei Zhen


Fu Ren Mo Shou Xu Dao Qi


Fu Ren Mo Ren Zhen Dao Lun


Zheng Jiao Jiao Feng Yang Zheng Shi


Bian Shi Zhen Dao Chuan Fu Ren

Above, is an Old Praising Poem dedicated to Dao aka Taoism. In this Poem, it talks about Dao and how Dao is being known or explain by the Mortals.

Even though, Dao had been explained by alot of Scholars or Taoists, but till today, who had actually explain what is Dao? No One had done or successfully explained it.

Why? Due to Dao is everywhere but yet, Dao is not what we can see or feel. Even though this is very Virtual and Un-acceptable, but this is Dao.

So call Dao, is just a form of addressing term. The Actual name for Dao is Nothing. Nothing is Dao, this is what we know as.

For People who are able to explain Dao is not the People who really Understand Dao. This is one thing that All must understand and know. So in the future, when oneself encounter those who claimed that they understand Dao fully, then such People are just conning or bluffing you.

For People who claimed that they cant understand Dao but will try their best to promote the so-called Dao, then they shall be the People that oneself can rely on.

Maybe now the Dao is being distorted, but when the Day is ripe, the True Dao will be seen by oneself.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Bi Gan Manifestation Anniversary (比干林始祖千秋聖誕)


Today, the 4th Day of Lunar 4 Month (農曆四月初四日) is known as the Manifestation Anniversary of Premier Bi Gan, which is also known as the Ancestor of the Lin Clan (even though the Surname Lin started from his Son known as Lin Jian 林堅).

This Year, 2009, Premier Lin is celebrating his 3101th Anniversary (born in BC1092 & Enlighted at BC1029).

Due to his Loyalty and Faithfulness, Premier Bi Gan is always being honoured by the Taoists & Chinese as the Deity for Loyalty & Uprightness. And due to his Uprightness, after he got Enlightenment, Heaven appointed him as the Deity of Wealth, which advised him to only Distribute the Blessing for Wealth to those who are Loyalty, Upright & Filial, other than that, no one is to able to request for any Blessing of Wealth from the Three Realms.

From then, Premier Bi Gan was known as the Wen Cai Shen aka Scholarly-Deity of Wealth (文財神 according to the outlook of him).

In Tang Dynasty (唐朝), after Tang Emperor Li Shi Min (唐太宗李世民) knew about the History of Premier Bi Gan, Emperor Li was deeply touched by Premier Bi Gan's Loyalty and so, during one of the Honouring Ceremony, Emperor Li bestowed another Official Title to Premier Bi Gan as Zhong Lie Gong (忠烈公) - meaning Loyalty Above All and after a few Years, Emperor Li bestowed another Official Title to Premier Bi Gan as Lin Tai Shi (林太師) - the Grand Premier.

From then, the Popularity of Premier Bi Gan started to rise and in Yuan Dynasty (元朝), the Yuan Emperor ordered People to dedicate Statue to Premier Bi Gan and in Qing Dynasty (清朝), the Qing Emperor re-renovated the Ancient Temple of Premier Bi Gan as a form of Showing Gratitude to him.

Ok, back to topic. For those who wished to Pay Respect to Premier Bi Gan, remember to visit any Temples that are around you to make your Offering before the Temple close.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Introduction on Master Jin Ying (金英祖師簡介)


Upon request from many of the Friends & Members here, I will do a quick introduction on Master Jin Ying. Due to alot misconception and misleading info being given to Master Jin Ying, this is indeed a sad issue. In-order to return a Clear Reputation to Master Jin Ying, in here, I will share with all of you the Actual History of Master Jin Ying.

Master Jin Ying aka Jin Ying Zu Shi (金英祖師), actual name known as Lin Jin Ying (林金英), born in Ming Dynasty (生於明朝), 24th Day of Lunar 11 Month (農曆十一月廿四日). Hometown in China Jiang Su Province, Xu Zhou City Dong Shan County (祖籍於江苏省徐州市铜山县).

According to records, on the Day of Jin Ying's Birth, the neighbours saw a Big & Bright-color Eagle flying around in the mid-air above Jin Ying's home. After awhile, Jin Ying was born and at the moment of his born, the House was filled with a Nice Fragrance of Sandal-wood. With the sighting of an Eagle and the smelling of Fragrance, Jin Ying's Parent knew that this Baby was not "Normal" and so, Jin Ying's Father gave the Baby the name of "Jin Ying" - meaning the Golden Eagle (even though the Ying is not the Character for Eagle 鷹).

3 Days after the Birth of Jin Ying, a Taoist Priest arrived at the House of Jin Ying. Due to Mrs Lin was doing her confinement, so that Mr Lin had to attend to the arrival of the Priest. After entering in the House, Jin Ying started to cry out loud. Upon hearing the crying, the Priest knodded his head and request Mr Lin whether he could take a look at the Baby.

Mr Lin was more than happy to bring the Baby out and after a look at Jin Ying, the Priest recited a Poem. Upon the completion of the recitation, Jin Ying stopped crying and stare at the Priest and out of sudden, Jin Ying called out 2 words - Shi Fu (師父), meaning Master.

Mr Lin was shocked and with immediate action, he kneeled down infront of the Priest and asked why Jin Ying was able to speak, which he was only born 3 Days again.

Upon hearing that, the Priest sincerely asked Mr Lin to stand-up and told him, Jin Ying was actually an Immortal who vowed to return back to the Mortal Realm to perform his Cultivation Tasks. After checking on the Credits & Merits of the Lin Family, Jin Ying decided to get his Manifestation in the Lin Family.

Hearing that, Mr Lin was delighted and faithfully requested the Priest to accept Jin Ying as the Disciple in-order to assist him in accomplished the Cultivation Task. The Priest smiled and accepted the request. From then, the Priest stayed in the House to impart the Taoist Skills to Jin Ying.

At the age of 3 Years Old, Jin Ying was able to chant & recite most of the Taoist Scriptures & Mantras.

By the age of 5, with the Recommendation of the Priest, Jin Ying went to Hokkien Province Nan An City (南安市) to seek other Spiritual Skills from another Taoist Priest. Upon reaching, Jin Ying's Master made a depart with him and advised him that, soon they were meet again in another Special Venue. Knowing that his Master was going to leave him, Jin Ying felt very upset and started to cry infront of the Priest. Just before the Tears roll down, his Master told him, as a Taoist, you shall only Cried for the Sufferings, Cried for the Needy, not to cry for such Issues. As a Taoist, Compassionate shall be dedicated to the Big Group and not to Ownself.

After getting the Lecturing, Jin Ying reluntantly made 3 Kowtows to the Priest and with a gust of Fume, the Priest ascended into the Air and just as Jin Ying was about to call out to his Master, the Priest asked Jin Ying to remember his Taoist Title - Bi Xu Shang Jing Tai Yi Zhen Ren (碧虛上景太乙真人).

Immediately after Jin Ying departed with his Master, the other Priest came forward to lead Jin Ying to the Cultivation Venue. Soon, Jin Ying started his other Cultivation in Nan An City.

At the age of 7, the Nan An Priest told Jin Ying that he had completed whatever he needed to learn and its time for him to return back to him hometown. Upon hearing that, Jin Ying was happy and again upset due to the departure. Before Jin Ying set-off for his journey, the Nan An Priest passed Jin Ying a Waist-bag with 12 Talismans (十二道符) and advised him to use the 1st Piece after he returned back. Jin Ying was about to ask why, but with a gust of Fume, the Nan An Priest disappeared infront of him. With no choices, Jin Ying had to leave the place with Doubts.

Within a Month, Jin Ying reached his hometown in Jiang Su Province, but to his horror, the Village that he stay-in was seriously infected with Strange-sickness. With no hesitation, Jin Ying took out the Talisman that his 2nd Master gave him and burnt it.

Soon after the Burning of the Talisman, the Cloud above him turned Dark and within moments, Thunder Road and Rain started to pour. As the Rain was pouring, a strong Fragrance of Herbs was being emitted from the Rain and the Fragrance started to flow around the whole Village.

About 15 Minutes (一刻鐘), the Rain stopped and just at the same moment, All the Villagers were cured and able to walk out from their Home to the Street. Knowing that the Villagers were cured by the Talisman, Jin Ying kneel-down and made his Kowtows to the Heaven and sincerely Thanks his 2 Masters.

At the age of 8, in the Morning of 5th Day of Lunar 3 Month (得道日為農曆三月初五日), a Golden Brightness was shined onto the Roof-top of Jin Ying's House. After a while, the Villagers saw Jin Ying slowly ascended into the Air thru the Golden Brightness. Just as the moment when Jin Ying's Parent ran out from the House, Jin Ying made a smile and waved to his Parent and the other Villagers, telling them that he had to return to the Celestial Palace (天庭) to meet up with his Masters.

Due to Jin Ying ever saved the Villagers's Life, they were happy and upset for Jin Ying to leave them at such a Young Age. Within moments, Jin Ying disappeared in the Air and only left a Red-light Spot above the Village.

From then, the Villagers built Temple dedicated to Jin Ying. Till today, in Jiang Su Province & Nan An City, you are still able to see Temples dedicated to Master Jin Ying.

Because of the age when Master Jin Ying got his Enlightenment, most of the Statues that the Taoists or Chinese dedicated to him are in Young-boy form. And due to the appearance, alot of Folks tend to mistaken him as Na Zha (哪吒), the Son of Pagoda King Li Jing (托塔天王李靖).

In Taoist Lv Shan Sect (道教閭山派), Master Jin Ying is also known as Xue Shang Sheng Zhe (雪山聖者).

In Qing Dynasty (清朝年间), a Hakka Clan Priest (广东博罗县罗浮山客籍道士) known as Lin Xian Jiang (林显江) used the Name of Master Jin Ying to set up Jin Ying Sect (金英教). From then, Jin Ying Sect was being pass-down till today. Due to Priest Lin Xian Jiang was a Priest who mastered Talisman Skills from the various Taoist & Spiritual Groups, after he founded Jin Ying Sect, he merged most of the Talisman Skills into One, which was known as Jin Ying Spiritual Skill.

Appearance of Young Master Jin Ying:

1) Young Age Boy of about 5-8 Years Old
2) Both Hands holding on to 2 Round Golden Balls (雙金球) or Sun & Moon Plate (日月盤) - represent the Spiritual Energies from Yin & Yang
3) Wearing Du Dou (肚兜) or Prince-Robe (太子袍)
4) On the waist, a Bag filled with Talismans.
5) 1 Leg stepping on Cloud/Stone or Sitting on Lotus

Misconceptions & Misleading Information to Clarify:

1) Due to Records of Master Jin Ying is closely connected with the Golden Eagle, Folks tend to mistaken Master Jin Ying is the Disciple of Buddha. Cos in some Records, Buddha does owe a Eagle above his Seat. And in Folks Culture, Tang San Zang (唐三藏) was known as the Re-incarnation of the Golden Cicada (金蟬), the Folks tend to pair these Master Jin Ying & Tang San Zang together, telling People that they are Dharma-mates under Buddha.

2) In Ming Dynasty, the Chaotic Period of Mixing Religions and Fighting for gaining the Fame of Religious Leaders, the Folks Groups tend to import Deities & Immortals into their Religions in-order to gain more Followers' Support. Master Jin Ying was one of them.

After Importing Master Jin Ying into the Group, the Folks Groups claimed that they are the Branch-out of Quan Zhen Sect (三教全真道) - a Sect that Promotes the Combination of Three Religions' Teaching. From then, most of the Folks Groups used the Reputation of Three Religions to do Promotion of their Culture.

3) In Late Ming Dynasty (明朝末年), after the Three Religions' Groups started to get more Popular, some Spiritual Teachers started to import the Ancient Liu Ren Sect (古六壬派) into the New Created Liu Ren Sect (新六壬派 which most of the Liu Ren Sect Groups that we can found in Today are from that Period).

And in-order to gain the Supports from the Followers of Master Jin Ying, Master Jin Ying was being imported and was made as the Main Spiritual Deity of the Modern Liu Ren Sect.

Ancient Liu Ren Sect does not involved in Mediumship, Summoning of Spirits, Catching of Ghosts, Playing of Sharp-objects, Issuing of Wealth-Talismans or Combining of another forms of Teaching from any other Religions.

Ancient Liu Ren Sect was being pass-down by Old Master Li Bo (李播) aka Taoist Priest Huang Guan Zi (黃冠子) to his son Li Chun Feng (李淳風) & Disciple Yuan Tian Gang (袁天罡).

Only those who still followed the Teaching of Li Chun Feng & Yuan Tian Gang are known as the Official Taoist Liu Ren Students, other then that, the Modern Liu Ren Students' Spiritual Master will be Master Jin Ying or Master Li Chun Feng.

Jin Ying Zu Shi Bao Gao (Praise Mantra)

Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li

Dai Tian Jiang Shi. Jin Ying Hua Shen

Shou Jiao Yu Jiu Tian

Chuan Jiao Zhi Wan Min

Chang You Tai Xu Xian Ying Zi

Bu Shi Ren Jian Zong Wu Yi

Shen Huai Ling Fu Shi Er Dao

Fu Mo Rang Zai Shen Tong Dang

Yin Yang Bian Zhi. Qian Kun Ding Lun

Zhi Ren Zhi Sheng. Zhi Gang Zhi Zheng

Shen Fa Dai Ling. Chuan Fa Zhi Zhu

Jin Ying Zu Shi

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Heavenly Lord Tai Yi Praise Poem (太乙救苦天尊行禮讚)

Tai Yi You Shi Fang

Wen Ku Shi Gan Lu

Pu Ji Zhong Ku Nan

Xian Chu Da Ci Guang

Sheng Zuo Jiu Se Lian

Hua Shen Zi Guang Xian

Ling Shi Hao Zhen Qian

Kun Yin Bian Nuan Tian

Bu Fen Pin Yu Qiong

Bu Fen Gui Gui Yu Jian

Bu Fen Gao Yu Xia

Bu Fen Nan Nv Bie

Zhi Xin Yi Gui Ming

Cheng Xin Nian Yi Bian

Tai Yi Jiu Ku Zun

Xian Shen Zai An Qian

Note: This is a Rare Praise Poem to be recited by the Taoists & Chinese in the Modern-day now.

For those who are sincerely and faithfully wanted to honour Tai Yi Tian Zun, beside reciting the Bao Gao aka Praise Incantation, can recite this Praise Poem first.

The Biggest Gold Statue of Xuan Tian Shang Di (黃金玄天上帝聖像安座)

On 22nd April 2009, 27th Day of Lunar 3 Month (農曆三月廿七日), Jie Tian Temple (接天宮) located at Taiwan Yi Lan Province Tou Cheng City Ao Li Road had invited the World First Pure Gold Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝) Statue into the Temple.

According to the Gold Dealer, this Statue weight about 2.2 Tons (2200kg) and it took about 2 Years to complete the Carving and Touch-up. This Statue stands at about 3 Meter 40 cm

In total, Jie Tian Temple spent NT16,000,000 (equal to S$705,400.00) for the Carving of the Pure Gold Statue for Xuan Tian Shang Di.

On that Day, Taoist Priests from Wu Dang Sect (武當派) of Mountain Wu Dang (武當山) were invited to assist in the Enhancing of the Statue.

For those who are traveling to Taiwan Yi Lan Province, you may like to visit Jie Tian Temple to take a look at the Pure Gold Statue of Xuan Tian Shang Di, the Address of the Temple is as follow:

Taiwan Yi Lan Province, Tou Cheng City Ao Li Road

Friday, 24 April 2009

Introduction on Immortal Dong Feng (福州醫道董奉真人)

Immortal Dong Feng aka Dong Jun Yi (董君异), born in Three Kingdom Era, on 27th Day of Lunar 11 Month AD 200 (生于三國時代農曆十一月廿七日). Hometown in Hokkien Province Hou Guan Area (part of Fu Zhou City 祖籍為中國福建省福州市侯官鄉).

In Taoism History, Immortal Dong Feng can considered as one of the earliest Taoist Priests of Hokkien Clan (閩籍道士) to being honoured as an Immortal or Deity by the Taoists & Chinese. Besides that, Immortal Dong Feng is also being classified as Deity of Chinese Physician (建安醫神), same Popularity & Ranking as Hua Tuo (華佗) & Zhang Zhong Jing (張仲景) during the Three Kingdom Era.

Since young, Dong Feng had been doing Self-study on Chinese Medicine and the Various Physician Skills from the Records of the various famous Chinese Physicians. From there, Dong Feng learnt alot of Special set of Skills and were able to differentiate the various Edible & Poisonous Plants despite an young age.

After growing-up, with the permission-granted by the Parent, Dong Feng travelled around in Hokkien Province to seek Knowledge & Education on Physician Skills, but to his disappointment, no one wanted to accept him due to his young age and not-wealthy-look. With no choice, Dong Feng decided to return back to his hometown.

Just as he was travelling back to his hometown, he pass-by Mountain Wu Yi (武夷山). Just as Dong Feng was about to step-out of the territory of Mountain Wu Yi, he was being call-upon by an Old Man. With respect, Dong Feng stopped and pay his respect to the Old Man.

After examing on Dong Feng, the Old Man knodded his head and kept on smiling. At first, Dong Feng thought that the Old Man might be an insane person, so with a respectful bow, he quickly pick-up his baggage and wanted to leave. Just as he was about to leave, the Old Man started to ask for his name and why he was here. Dong Feng was shocked that this Old Man was not insane, so he replied honestly.

Upon knowing that Dong Feng was in town to seek Knowledge on Physician Skills, the Old Man decided to take him as Disciple and before that, the Old Man told him that actually he was a Taoist Priest who practiced and inventing certain types of Chinese Herbs & Skills. After knowing that, Dong Feng was amazed and delighted to have met a Person that he was seeking for years.

With 3 Bows, Dong Feng was accepted by the Old Priest.

Years passed and finally, Dong Feng was qualified to leave the Mountain. With sadness, Dong Feng had to depart with his Master and travelled back to his hometown.

On his way back, Dong Feng pass-by his friend's home. Due to years of not seeing his friend, Dong Feng went to the door-step and while he was about to knock on the door, his friend dashed out of the house. Just at that moment, the two of them colladed into each other.

By seeing the Aura of his friend's face, Dong Feng asked his friend whether any of his friends were in Life-danger. Dong Feng's friend was shocked and quickly knodded his head and reply that Officer Du (杜刺史) had pass-on. After hearing that, Dong Feng disagreed with his friend's reply, cos Dong Feng said that Officer Du didnt pass-on. His friend thought that Dong Feng had gone insane after so many years of missing. With no choices, his friend pulled Dong Feng to Du's Mansion to join in the Funeral.

Just as Dong Feng stepped into the Mansion, he heard crying and sobbing. Despite the sad atmosphere, Dong Feng laughed out loud and at the very moment, all the people at the Funeral were shocked. After the laughter, Dong Feng walked straight into the Coffin compound and upon reaching the Coffin, Dong Feng checked on the corpse of Officer Du.

Asking Officer Du's wife to come near, Dong Feng started to ask her about how Officer Du pass-on. With doubts, Mrs Du had to tell Dong Feng the whole story. After knowing that, Dong Feng told out an Acupunture Needle and poke it into the Top-part of the Skull - Bai Hui Point (百會穴).

Within moment, Officer Du shouted out, I'm back. All the people in the Mansion were shocked and about to run for their life, but Dong Feng stopped them and tell them that, actually Officer Du was not dead, but due to his Luck for the Year and the Debts that he needed to return, Officer Du had to travel to the Nether World to report for a short while. And due to his Blood-clot in the Skull-area, so Officer Du tend to coma till today.

After hearing that, Officer Du was so surprised that actually Dong Feng knew about the whole process, so Officer Du started to explain to Dong Feng that actually when he was about to step into the Nether World compound, an Edict arrived from the Eastern Direction and with the reciting out of the Order for Tai Yi Tian Zun (太乙天尊), his Soul was being pulled and thrown into the Brightness. And this was how he returned back.

With a great smile, Dong Feng said that this was Heavenly's Will and soon, he packed and left Du's Mansion.

From then, whenever Dong Feng travelled around to assist the Sicks & Needys, the people would tend to hear someone conveying the Order from Tai Yi Tian Zun.

At the age of 60, Dong Feng travelled to Jiang Xi Province Mountain Lu (江西廬山) to continue his Taoist Cultivation. From then, he started to do his recording & writing.

At the age of 80, Dong Feng was being summoned to the Celestial Palace (天庭). Upon the summoning, Dong Feng was being bestowed by Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) as Bi Xu Shang Jing Tai Yi Dong Zhen Ren (碧虛上景太乙董真人).

From then, Dong Feng was being appointed to assist Heavenly Lord Tai Yi (太乙救苦天尊) to travel around to provide the necessary assistances to the needy and sufferings.

In Song Dynasty (宋朝), Emperor Hui Zong (徽宗皇帝) ever dreamt of Dong Feng and after waking-up, Emperor Hui Zong felt that he was filled with Energies and so, on that very Day, Emperor Hui Zong bestowed Dong Feng as Sheng Yuan Zhen Ren (昇元真人), meaning Immortal of Enhancing of Energies.

In Commoners' Culture, Dong Feng was being addressed as Xing Lin Chun Nuan Dong Zhen Ren (杏林春暖董真人). Xing Lin, the Ancient Addressing term of Chinese Physicians. Chun Nuan, meaning giving hopes to the Sicks and Sufferings. For those Physicians who were being addressed as Xing Lin Chun Nuan, meaning that, their Medical Skills were very High and being Well-respected.

Till today, in China Hokkien Province Fu Zhou City, Immortal Dong Feng is still being widely honour & remember by the Hokkiens.

董奉真人寶誥 Immortal Dong Feng Bao Gao (Praise Mantra)

Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li

Lu Shan De Dao. Yi Qi Cheng Zhen

Chuan Shou Sheng Yi Zhi Miao Jue

Ji Shi Jiu Ren. Qi Si Hui Sheng

Dun Wu Dao Zhe Zhi Zhen Di

Wu Yu Wu Wei. Wu Chen Wu Tan

Sheng En Hao Dang. Dong De Wei Wei

Bing Cao Zhen Jie. Dao Xin Wu Xia

Xing Lin Chun Nuan Yu Ren Jian

Yi De Gao Shang Chui Qian Gu

Da Bei Da Yuan. Da Sheng Da Ci

Bi Xu Shang Jing Tai Yi Dong Zhen Ren

Sheng Yuan Tian Zun

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Introduction on Tu Gong Tu Mu (土公土母簡介)

Upon reading the Title Tu Gong Tu Mu (土公土母), alot of you might be wondering, why Jave is doing another Round of Introduction on Tu Di Gong & Tu Di Po aka Earth Deity & his Wife (土地公與土地婆).

If you will think this way, then I can said that, maybe you will have to continue reading before you can say that I'm Old & Forgetful.

Till today, alot of Taoists & Chinese still tend to mistake Tu Gong Tu Mu as Tu Di Gong & Tu Di Po. To be more Exact, these 2 Groups are of Different Deities.

So who is Tu Gong & Tu Mu?

According to Taoist Scriptures & Records, Tu Gong Tu Mu shall be the Earth Spiritual Beings that have yet to be able to Classify as Tu Di Gong & Tu Di Po (quite similar to the Case of Di Ji Zhu 地基主).

Tu Gong Tu Mu & Family was being mentioned in Yu Shu Bao Jing (玉樞寶經), a Taoist Scripture dedicated to Heavenly Lord Pu Hua (普化天尊). In this Scripture, it explains that, when oneself is being affected by the Energies that released out from the Tu Gong Tu Mu Family, oneself can recite Yu Shu Bao Jing to get the necessary blessings in-order to get rid of the Discomfort.

For Tu Gong Tu Mu, usually when Taoists or Chinese Honoured, we will tend to pay respect to the Whole Family. The Whole Family consists of Tu Zi (the 4 Sons 土子), Tu Xi (the 4 Daughter-in-laws 土媳) & Tu Sun (Grandchildren 土孫).

Why are there Four Sons?

According to saying, these Four Sons are to guard at different Directions whenever an Order is being bestowed to Tu Gong Tu Mu.

So when will Taoists & Chinese Honour them?

Usually before a Major Renovation for a Building (動土), after the Renovation (安土), Exhuamation of Graves (掘墳), & Moving of Houses (入伙) or Opening of New-shops (新張).

While the Taoists or Chinese are paying respect to Earth Deities, Dragon Deities and other Passer-by Deities, they will call-upon the Tu Gong Tu Mu Family to come for the Honouring.

So when we Celebrate the Manifestation Anniversary?

Due to Misconceptions & Mis-leading Info, nowadays, Taoists & Chinese tend to Celebrate the Manifestation Anniversary on the Same-day as Earth Deity - 2nd Day of Lunar 2 Month (農曆二月初二日).

To be more exact, till today, no one knows about the Actual Date for the Manifestation Anniversary.


1) They are not Human-gaining-Immortal-hood-Deities, meaning that they might not be Human
2) They can be Human, but due to too many being appointed as Tu Gong Tu Mu, etc, no one has an Actual Record on the Manifestation Anniversary.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Manifestation Anniversary of Emperor Lord Dong Yue (東嶽大帝千秋聖誕)

28th Day of Lunar 3 Month (農曆三月廿八日) is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Emperor Lord Dong Yue aka Dong Yue Da Di (東嶽大帝).

This Year 2009, it falls on 23 Apr (Thursday).

Dong Yue Da Di, a High Ranking Taoist Deity that being appointed to In-charge of ALL beings Life-span and After-life Issues. Due to misconceptions and misleading Info, Dong Yue Da Di is always being depicted as a Nether World Deity, which actually is NOT True.

In Singapore, oneself can Honour Dong Yue Da Di at Dong Yue Temple (東嶽廟) located at Bukit Purmei Road (besides CHIJ Kellock).

More info on Dong Yue Da Di:

Monday, 20 April 2009

Ma Zu's Manifestation Anniversary Ceremony (媽祖華誕祝壽法會)

On 18 Apr 2009, which was considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Empress Lord of the Sea aka Ma Zu (天上聖母媽祖), a Manifestation Anniversary Ceremony was being conducted at Gerald's Home (36th Generation 12th Disciple).

At about 11.30Am, Me and Vabien (36th Generation 9th Disciple)arrived at Gerald's Place while Luke (36th Generation 10th Disciple) was already there to assist his Junior to do some simple Preparation for the Ceremony.

At about 12.00 Noon, before the Ceremony started (Pic 01-04) with a simple Report and Paying Respect to San Qing Dao Zu (三清道祖).

Once the Incense-holder was hold-over to Gerald (Pic 05-09), the Manifestation Anniversary Ceremony started.

With the Invitation of Ma Zu & other Deities, a Spiritual Petition was being recited and after the recitation, the Petition was being Burnt infront of All the Deities in-order to show the Gratitude and requested for witnessing of the Conducting of the Ceremony (Pic 10-12).

Upon completion of the Burning of the Petition, Gerald & his Mum take-turn to Offer Wine & Tea to the Deities (Pic 13-14), following by chanting of Bao Gao aka Praise Mantra (寶誥) & Taoist Scripture (Pic 15).

With the completion of the Chanting, it was about time to do the Sending-off of Paper-offerings. With the asking of Permission (Pic 16-18) to Ma Zu, a Positive-approval was given and with that Authority, the Sending-off of Deities & Paper-offerings were conducted.

All Paper-offerings were being brought down to do Sending-off (Pic 19-21). During the Burning, a Mantra was being recited by Me in-order for the Offerings to be allowed to Transform into Blessing.

During the Sending-off of Petition, Vabien & Gerald saw the Clouds infront of the Building changed into Dragon & Phoenix (Pic 22-23).

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Tian Fu Gong Ma Zu Manifestation Celebration (天福宮媽祖華誕慶典)

18 Apr 2009, was considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Ma Zu aka Empress Lord of the Sea (天上聖母媽祖).

After having a Short Ritual at Gerald's Home (36th Generation 10th Disciple), went off for a short-break before heading towards Tian Fu Gong aka Thian Hock Kheng (天福宮) to pay my respect to the Ma Zu.

Arriving at about 7.30Pm, just nice to observe the Taoist Ritual (Paying Respect to Dipper Lords 禮斗) conducted by Hun Yuan Dao Tan (混元道壇) leaded by High Priest Master Tan Kok Hian (高道陳國顯道長).

At about 8.00Pm, Bro Victor, of Taoism eGroup, came with his Family. With a short-chat, we went around the Temple to take some Pictures while the Ritual was in the mid-of-conducting.

This Year, Ge Tai aka Musical Entertainment Show (歌台) was being engaged to provide "Happiness" to the Devotees and Public staying around Telok Ayer Area.

At around 9.00Pm, we left the Temple to proceed with some quick Dinner and Ended for the Day.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Deities Video Intro: Ma Zu Cartoon DVD (海上傳說媽祖DVD)

While we are Celebrating Ma Zu's Manifestation Anniversary, our Local Video Company - TS Pte Ltd, had also imported in the Taiwanese Cartoon DVD of Ma Zu.

For those who are interested in getting this Set of Cartoon, you can visit any TS Outlet in major Shopping Malls.

Now they are having Promotion, a Set only cost S$7.90. Do act fast and while Stock Last.

PS: This Cartoon DVD will come in 2 Languages - Chinese & Hokkien.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Introduction on Black-face Ma Zu (黑面三媽之由來)

Another 2 Days, it will be the Manifestation Anniversary of Empress Lord Ma Zu. In here, I will like to use this Opportunity to do a quick intro on the Manifestation Form of Empress Lord Ma Zu (天上聖母媽祖) - The Black Face Ma Zu aka Hei Mian San Ma (黑面三媽).

Alot of People had been wondering why is there a Ma Zu that got a Black Face. In Folks Belief, there are quite a number of saying, one of them is, due to the Fuming from the Incenses and other said that, due to the Oil-stain sticking to Ma Zu's statue while one of the Statue fell into the Sea.

In here, I will like to do a introduction on the Origin of how Ma Zu got a Black Face, here it goes:

One Year, in Ming Dynasty, while Ma Zu was traveling around to perform her Salvation Task, suddenly Qian Li Yan (千里眼) & Shun Feng Er (順風耳) inform her that, in somewhere near Fu Jian Province (中國福建省), a Dark Haze was covering the Air On-top of the Province.

Without hesitation, Ma Zu and the 2 Spiritual Assistants made their Way to Fu Jian Province.

Upon reaching, after some investigation, Qian Li Yan & Shun Feng Er found out that the Dark Haze was emitted out from somewhere near Mountain Wu Yi (武夷山 now known as the Famous Mountain for Hokkien Tea). After getting the info, Ma Zu transformed herself into a Village-girl and then proceed to Mountain Wu Yi to do her closer investigation.

By the time when she reached Mountain Wu Yi, she call-upon the Earth Deity (土地神) to check on what had happened in this Area for the past period. Upon getting the Summoning-order, Earth Deity had to come out and report to Ma Zu on the whole Incident.

The Incident goes like that:

Few Months ago, after a Strong Thunder Storm, a Black Demon fell from the Heaven into a Cave in Mountain Wu Yi. From then, Mountain Wu Yi keep emitting out a Gust of Black Haze. Whenever the Commoners come near to the Mountain to do their Plantation-job, their Face will turned Black after in-haling the Black Haze. Since after the Commoners' face turned Black, no one dare to come into the Premises of Mountain Wu Yi. From then, Mountain Wu Yi's Plantation was seriously affected.

After Ma Zu knew of the result of this Black Haze, she appointed Qian Li Yan & Shun Feng Er to stay guard in the Air ans Ma Zu herself will entered into the Mountain to subdue the Demon.

Just before she entered into the Mountain, Ma Zu changed turned her face into Black Color, this is a trick to lead the Demon into her trap.

After entering into the Premises and somewhere nearby the Cave, Ma Zu called out Tragically. Soon, a Gust of Strong Wind blew towards Ma Zu. With her Heavenly Eyes, Ma Zu saw the Demon and without any hesitation, Ma Zu transform back to her Original Form and fight with the Demon.

Upon knowing that Ma Zu was a Heavenly Deity, the Demon didnt dare to delay in the Battling, just as the Demon was about to return into the Cave, Qian Li Yan & Shun Feng Er descended down from the Heaven and captured the Demon.

Soon after the Demon was captured to the front of Ma Zu, the Demon changed itself back to its Original Form - a Black Tortise. From then, the Black Tortise vowed to stay by Ma Zu's side to assist her while she was on the Sea performing her Salvation Tasks and eliminating of Demons & Negative Entities.

Due to this incident was being spreaded around by those who witnessed the capturing of the Black Demon. From then, the Commoners dedicated Statue to Ma Zu with a Black Face and Stepping on Black Tortise.


Due to this Background, in Myth Taoism, Black Face Ma Zu was known as the Military form of Ma Zu that fight against Devil, Demon & Negative Entities. Usually at home, we dont Honoured her unless, certain special Cases permitted for Black Face Ma Zu to arrive.

In the past, there were People dreamt of Black Face Ma Zu stepping on the Tortise, but whenever such Dreams appeared, the Area tend to engage into Disasters. Not that Ma Zu bring in the Mis-fortune, but actually Ma Zu is there to advise the People. Due to misunderstand, from then, alot of People dont honour her.

Manifestation Anniversary of Empress Lord Ma Zu (天上聖母媽祖華誕)

On 23rd Day of Lunar 3 Month, it is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Ma Zu (in Year 2009, it falls on 18 Apr Saturday).

During this Day, regardless of which Dialect Clans, the Dialect Groups will sure to hold Grand & Official Celebration for Ma Zu. This is to show our Gratitude towards Ma Zu for Blessing our Ancestors Safely reached Singapore in the Olden-Era.

This Year, if you will like to show your Gratitude to Ma Zu, you can visit the following Temples to pay your respect to her:

1) Yue Hai Qing Temple (粵海清廟) located at Phillip Street
2) Tian Fu Gong (天福宮) located at Telok Ayer Street
3) Sembawang Tian Hou Temple (三巴旺天后宮) located at Admiratly Road
4) Ban Gang Tian Hou Temple (半港天后宮) located at Sengkang
5) Hainan Association Tian Hou Temple (海南會館天后宮) located at Beach Road

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Pictures of The Yang Warriors (宋代忠丹楊家將)

In here, you will see the Pictures dedicated to the Yang Warriors aka Yang Jia Jiang of Song Dynasty.

Till today, in China Shan Xi Province Dai Area (中國山西省代縣), you are still able to find the Descendants of the Yang Warriors.

Pic 01: Yang Ling Gong Yang Ji Ye (楊令公楊繼業)
Pic 02: Yang Ling Po She Sai Hua (楊令婆佘賽花)
Pic 03: Yang Da Lang & Yang Er Lang (楊大郎延平/二郎延定)
Pic 04: Yang San Lang (楊三郎延光)
Pic 05: Yang Si Lang (楊四郎延輝)
Pic 06: Yang Wu Lang (楊五郎延德)
Pic 07: Yang Liu Lang (楊六郎延昭)
Pic 08: Yang Qi Lang (楊七郎延嗣)
Pic 09: Meng Liang (孟良) - Assistant of Yang Ling Gong
Pic 10: Jiao Zan (焦贊) - Assistant of Yang Ling Gong

Monday, 13 April 2009

Manifestation Anniversary of Lord of Sun (太陽星君千秋聖誕)

On the 19th Day of Lunar 3 Month (in 2009, falls on 14 Apr), in some Taoist Contexts, this Day, it is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Lord of the Sun aka Tai Yang Xing Jun (太陽星君).

In Singapore, due to the Modernization & Urbanization taking place, a few Old Temples that dedicated to Lord of Sun were being demolished. Now only left with 1 in Bukit Batok.

For those who are free, do drop by any Temples to pay your respect to Lord of Sun.

PS: Know more, please refer to the following link:

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Manifestation Anniversary of Bao Sheng Da Di (保生大帝千秋聖誕)

On 15th Day of Lunar 3 Month, besides the Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming (趙公明元帥), it is also the Anniversary of Bao Sheng Da Di (保生大帝) aka Duke Wu Tao (吳本).

In Singapore, for those who wish to Pay Respect to Bao Sheng Da Di, you can visit Zhen Ren Gong (真人宮) aka Zhen Long Gong (真龍宮) located at Redhill Close to honour him.

Manifestation Anniversary of Marshal Zhao Gong Ming (趙公明元帥聖誕)

On this coming Friday (10 Apr 2009), 15th Day of Lunar 3 Month (農曆三月十五日), it is considered as the Manifestation of Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming (趙公明元帥).

For those who are interested in Paying your Respect to him, can visit any Temples that dedicate Altars to him.

Remember, do not request any Un-necessary stuffs from him, cos even though Heavenly Marshal Zhao is considered as Deity of Wealth, but he is not a Deity that will distribute the Wealth Un-necessarily.

Be Sincere & Faithful, once your Luck-period ripes, your Blessing from him will be there.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Introduction on Tiger & Rooster Deity (公雞神與虎爺公)


A lot of Taoists & Chinese had been approaching me on finding out why in most of the Temples, they will usually see a few Roosters' Statues being put together with the Statue of Tiger Deities. Some of them even thought that the Roosters' Statues are actually the 'Food' for Tiger Deities.

In here, I will do a quick Introduction on the Reasons of why there are these Roosters being placed around on the Altar of Tiger Deities.

This History had to track back to Late Ming Dynasty (明朝末年), in Hokkien Province, Quan Zhou City (中國福建省泉州市).

According to the Records on Ancient Quan Zhou. During Late Ming Dynasty, One Year in one of the small Towns, strange issues happened to All the Farms & Home-plantation Areas.

Every Morning, when the Farmers woke-up, they would see Vegetables and Rice-grains scattered around in the Premises and some were being eaten half-way. For little Children, whom accidentally touches the Left-over Food-items, the Children would start to Cry and got Fever in the Night.

Due to unknown causes and eager Parents couldnt get the necessary assistances from the Physicians, one of the Elders from the Town suggested to approached Deities for help.

With no choices, the Town-mates had to gather around and went to the nearby Tu Di Temple (a small Earth Shrine dedicated to Earth Deity 土地祠) to make their Report.

The Elder who suggested this Idea came forward to the Altar of the Earth Deity and started to make a Long Report to Tu Di and after the Reporting, the Elder got hold of the Divination Blocks (聖筊 the Culture of using of Divination Blocks was being invented in Early Ming Dynasty, pls refer to and then throw them on the Altar. Immediately after the Divination Blocks hit the Altar, the Blocks cracked into Half and a Chinese Character Hu aka Tiger (虎) appeared.

Upon considering & thinking, the Elder got the Hint and asked a few Guys to carry the Tiger Statue, that placed under the Altar of Tu Di, to go round the Town.

Once the Statue of the Tiger Deity was being carried out from the Earth Shrine, Thunder starting to Roar and Lightning started to Strike. In-order to avoid from hurting from the Thunder & Lightning, All the Town-mates ran home to get their necessary Protection.

Seeing the scene, the few Guys who carried the Statue of Tiger Deity also ran home, leaving the Statue besides a Well outside the Earth Shrine.

Thunder continue to Roar and Lightning non-stop Striking. Soon, the whole Sky turned dark and suddenly, a loud Rooster-crowing was heard. The Town-mates were shocked and some of them started to peek out the Window to check on what had happened.

Upon peeking out from the Window, to their Horror, the Town-mates saw a Human-size Rooster flocking around, trying to fight with a Big-size Tiger.

After a few rounds of Fighting, the Tiger Roar out loud and with a Strong-stepping on the Human-size Rooster, the Rooster was being stepped under the Paw of the Tiger. Once the Rooster was being subdued, the Stormy Sky started to clear off and Sun started to shine on the Land again.

Seeing that the Sky had cleared, the Town-mates returned to the Earth Shrine again and saw the Statue of Tiger Deity was nicely placed besides the Well, but this time Round, with an extra Stone Rooster Figurine.

After noticing this, the Elder started to comment again, saying that the Source of causing of these Unfortunate issues was actually this Rooster Demon and most of the Town-mates agreed on that.

From then, the Hokkien Clan Taoists will tend to place a few Roosters' Statues beside the Tiger Deities, acting as a form of Gratitude and also, hoping that the Unfortunate Luck can be ward-off.

Extra Note:

Note One:

In some other Chinese Culture & Believes, the Roosters that being placed besides the Tiger Deity are to represent Auspicious.

Auspicious, in Chinese pronounce as Ji (吉 2nd Pronouciation), sound quite similar to the Chinese saying of Rooster Ji (雞 1st Pronouciation).

So the Chinese will believed that, after the Tiger Deities ward off All the Negative Elements and by honouring the Rooster Deities, oneself will be blessed with Good Lucks and All Auspicious Elements will be bestowed.

Ji Shen Song Ji Hui Yun Kai. Fu Gui Rong Hua Tian Ci Lai.

Note Two:

In Chinese Culture, Rooster is also a symbol of New Start or New Life.

By Clearing-off the Necessary Negative Elements from the honouring of Tiger Deities, the Chinese sincerely hope that a New Cycle of Luck or Life will start and so, by honouring the Rooster Deities, the Chinese hope that the Rooster Deities will open their Mouth to Crow once and when the Crow ended, a New Cycly of Life for the Bad-luck-bearer will initial.

Chun Ji (Ji) Kai Qi Wan Xiang Xin. Si Ji Xun Huan Le An Ning.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Explanation of Nan Hua Zhen Ren Praise Poem (南華真人讚簡介)


Upon request, in here, I will do a quick Explanation & Translation of the Praise Poem of Nan Hua Zhen Ren aka Zhuang Zi (莊子).


The Praise Poem goes like this:

Using Heaven as my Blanket while I rest on the Mother Earth, acting as my Bed.
Need no Oil Lamps, Sun, Moon & Stars are my Source of Light in my Daily Life.
Whenever I use such description, Others mock at me as if I'm Crazy.
But, I laugh at the Others, cos' they are 'Blinded' by the Un-true Reality.
Someone ask me What is Dao, I replied Dao is Shit.
Someone ask me What is Dao, I replied Dao is as Small as Organs of a Ant in a form of Tiny.
Someone told me a Large Gourd is Useless, but to me, Useless is the Source of Useful.
Why Mortal just dont make an Effort to Realise the True-True, rather Blindly follow the Un-true True?
I Cultivate my Dao in Mountain Nan Hua but actually is Dao Cultivated me in Nan Hua.
Only when Dao Cultivate me and allow me to reach the High Level of Dao, then I'm able to Connect Dao.
Dao is Null and Null is Dao.
Did I get Dao? Did You get Dao? I did get it. Dao did get Me. So who gets who?
This is Dao.


In the Real Life of Zhuang Zi, whenever he is free, he will like to hymn out a Song that tell the Others that he treated the Heaven like Blanket & Earth as his Bed.

Due to he is quite poor, so most of the time, in his home, no Oil-lamps are being used. This is why, he will explained to the Others that Sun, Moon & Stars are the Light source that he enjoyed.

With these types of Crazy statements, alot of the People that Zhuang Zi know, like to mock him as a Mad-guy. But to Zhuang Zi, those who are not able to Enjoy the Natural Resources that the Dao bestowed to them, such People are the "True Madness".

Once, Zhuang Zi's Friend came to visit him. After knowing that Zhuang Zi only know of how to perform "Useless" Cultivation of Dao, his Friend asked him in a very Unpolite Way of what is Dao.

Zhuang Zi knew that his Friend asked this out of No-good-will, so Zhuang Zi replied to him that Dao is Shit and Dao is like Tiny Ant, dirty & ugly but they are there with a Reason behind.

After getting the explanation, his Friend felt ashame and with an immediate farewell, his Friend flee-off (All these are recording in Nan Hua Jing 南華經).

At an Old Age, Zhuang Zi's disciples asked him on the main Reason of Cultivation. Zhuang Zi replied that Dao actually existed in All Corners in this World and also in everywhere we are in. As long as we are able to realise that Truth of the Existing of Dao, Dao will be us & us will be able to merge into Dao.

Soon after Zhuang Zi advised his disciples of the Reality of Dao, Zhuang Zi got his Immortal-hood.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Introduction on Xing Fu Wang Ye (大唐勇義邢府王爺)

Upon request, in here, I will do a Brief Introduction on Xing Fu Wang Ye (邢府王爺).

Xing Fu Wang Ye aka Duke or Lord Xing. Actual name known as Xing Peng (邢鵬) or Xing Tian Zheng (邢天正). Born in Tang Dynasty AD 666 (生于唐乾封元年), Birthday on 23rd Day of Lunar 8 Month (農曆八月廿三日). Hometown in He Dong Province Li Cheng County (祖籍與河東歷城縣).

In the early age of Xing Peng, Li Cheng County was seriously being invaded by Flooding and so, the whole Family had to migrate to Hokkien Province Quan Zhou City (遷移至福建省泉州市). During the migration, Xing Peng's father had used up most of the Money and so, by the time the Family settled in Quan Zhou City, the Family had to go around to seek Financial Assistance from the Relative & Friends.

Even though the Family was poor, Xing Peng did not give up his Study. Instead, he went around to assist Scholars, Physicians & Teachers, at the same time, learnt Military Skills & Physician Knowledge from the People.

At the age of 17, with the assistance of the Scholars, Physicians & Teachers, Xing Peng sign-up for the Imperial Examination and got 3rd Position.

One year, while in Servicing of the Tang Empire, Xing Peng was summoned into the Imperial Palace to do inspection on the Sickness of Empress Wu (武則天). With the Skills that Xing Peng had learnt from the Physicians during his Young-age, Xing Peng was able to prescrible a set of Chinese Medicine for Empress Wu. After 3 doses of consuming of the Medicine, Empress Wu was cured and so, Xing Peng was promoted to Duke Position.

In AD 680, Xing Peng defeated the Invaders from the Northern China (北番). With his Great-result, Xing Peng was then being Promoted to a Higher Position of Overall Chief Commendor for Tang Empire. Even though Xing Peng had promoted to such a High Position, whenever his Subordinates got hurt or injuried in Battles, Xing Peng would make his trip to the Individual camp to do the curing & bandaging for the Armies. With his Great Compassionate & Caring, Xing Peng gained a lot of Supports from the Armies.

AD 690, Empress Wu got the Throne from her Son (唐中宗). Immediately after Empress Wu ascended to the Throne, Xing Peng was being summoned back to the Imperial Court, in-order to prevent Xing Peng from getting Rebellious.

Due to Xing Peng was not able to accept the Fact of Empress Wu got the Throne from the Tang Emperor and changed the Empire Title from Tang to Zhou (唐號至周), Xing Peng rejected the summoning. With Loyalty & uprighteous, Xing Peng killed himself (忠義殉國).

At the time of his Passing-on, Xing Peng was only 33 Years old (享年三十三歲). His Passing-on Date was 13th Day of Lunar 1 Month (卒於農曆正月十三日).

After Xing Peng pass-on, the Subordinates and his Hometown Fellows dedicated Temple to him as a form of Respect & Remembrance.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Banner of Master Ba Gua Fu Xi Bao Gao (八卦祖師伏羲寶誥)

In here, you will see the Bao Gao Banner dedicated to Master Ba Gua aka Fu Xi.

Again, this is a Rare Bao Gao to be recited during Taoist Rituals/Ceremonies, but for Official Priests, when we Performed Ceremonies for the Dotting of Shan Hai Zhen aka Mountain-Sea Formation Mirror (山海鎮), this will be one of the Mantras that we needed to recite in-order to Evoke the Positive Energy from Master Ba Gua.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Introduction on Di Ji Zhu aka Home Spirit Deity (地基主簡介)

A lot of People had been mistaken Di Ji Zhu (地基主) as Tu Di Shen (土地神). For the past few decades, while paying respect to Di Ji Zhu, this group of People had been Addressing Di Ji Zhu as Tu Di Shen, which this was really a Great Mistake.

Due to Di Ji Zhu is a form of Cultivation Being, so till today, nothing serious had happened to these People. This is quite a Fortunate Blessing. In-order to assist Di Ji Zhu in getting his/her Official Title back again, in here, I will like to do a quick Introduction on Di Ji Zhu.

Di Ji Zhu, in Hokkien known as Thay Kee Choo, in Cantonese known as Kha Shan. On every Month-end or during Big Festivals such as Lunar New Year Eve, Dumpling Festival, etc, we as Taoists & Chinese will needed to prepare some simple Offerings to offer to them. This is to show our Gratitude to the Di Ji Zhu for giving us the Necessary Blessing at Home.

So Who actually is Di Ji Zhu?

Di Ji Zhu, the Home Spirit or so-called Home Spirit Deity that stayed in One's Home to do protection for the People who stayed in the House.

Such Spirit Deities are actually Cultivated Spirits (before that might be Wandering Souls) whom being Appointed by Cheng Huang aka City Deity (城隍尊神) or Tu Di aka Earth Deity (土地地祗) to Stay-guard at One's home.

Some believed that, Di Ji Zhu might also be the Previous Owner of the House (this apply to Ancient Era, not Now). After the House-owner pass-on, the Soul was not willing to leave the Premises and so, the Soul was given a Chance to Stay-guard in the House to Bless the next Owner or the Family Members.

According to Chinese Culture, Di Ji Zhu will also needed to Step-down from their Post when their Serving-period is up. Usually the Serving-period is about 60 Years (一甲子). Once 60 Years is up, Cheng Huang or Tu Di will appoint another Di Ji Zhu to report to the House before the Old-one 'Retired'.

So How a Di Ji Zhu entered into One's Home?

Upon getting the Appointment from Cheng Huang or Tu Di, the Di Ji Zhu will needed to reach the House on the Appointed Date.

By then, Di Ji Zhu will needed to report to the Door Deities (門神) first in-order to gain the Access into the House.

Secondly, the Di Ji Zhu will needed to pay respect to the Main Home Deities (家中主神) and then Ancestors and last, reside in the Kitchen Area, working near Kitchen Deity 灶神 (This is why, the Folks also Address Di Ji Zhu as Hou Fang Gong aka Au Buey Kong in mistake).

So When shall we Pay Respect to Di Ji Zhu?

If the Family had moved into the New House, then every Month, the Family shall Offered some Offerings to Di Ji Zhu on every Lunar Month-end (農曆月尾).

If the Family had yet to move into the New House, on the First trip to the New House, oneself or the Family Members must prepared something easy to pay respect to the Earth Deity and Di Ji Zhu.

Usually the Offerings are:

A set of 5 Oranges (五顆桔子)
A Huat Kueh (一個發糕)
A pair of Red Candles (一對紅燭)
A set of 3 Long Incenses (三支大香)
3 stacks of Shou Jin aka San Bao Jin (三疊三寶金/壽金)
A set of Tu Di Jin (一份土地金)

Once entering into the New House, First, located the Center Direction of the House and then lay-out the Offerings on the Floor.

After laying-out, Starts to Pay Respect to the Earth Deity and Di Ji Zhu, starting from the East Direction – South – West – North and then back to Center.

Upon completing, burn the Paper-offerings on the Floor and then oneself or the Family Members can go around the House to take a look. Once the looking around is completed, leave the House and let the Offerings lay on the Floor. Only on the Next trip, then retrieve the Offerings and put them under a Tree or throw them into the Burning-container under any Blocks.

So Who are NOT allow to Pay Respect to Di Ji Zhu?

Usually ALL of you, as a Taoist or Chinese, are Allowed to Pay Respect to Di Ji Zhu, but if your Home doesnt Pay Respect to Di Ji Zhu before you all moved in, then this Honouring shall not take place after you all move in, cos once the Family does that, the Family might attract other Wanderings into the Home if it is not Done Properly.

In-order to invite in the Positive Di Ji Zhu, oneself or the Family Members shall engaged a Trained or Official Taoist Priest to do the Invitation.

So What is the Outlook of a Di Ji Zhu?

In Records, Di Ji Zhu appeared in 2 Forms:

Old Man Form

Young Child Form

But after Years of Evolutions, Di Ji Zhu also changed accordingly. Now, from what are being observed, Di Ji Zhu can appeared in any Forms, this is why, now, we commented that Di Ji Zhu can be a Lady too.

In Summary

Di Ji Zhu, is not any 'Layman Wandering' but a Cultivated Being that stay in One's House to look after the People staying in there.

Do not get mistaken that Di Ji Zhu is Ghost that stayed in the House to do nasty stuffs to the People.

Once a Di Ji Zhu being Chase-off, One's House will be considered as 'Empty' and any other Wanderings can just entered and take-over the Position of Di Ji Zhu. If this will to happen, then the Family might encountered issues that are Negative or Bad.

Do not engaged Spiritual People to do Cleansing for the Home without Proper Chanting & Reporting to the Earth Deity & Di Ji Zhu, cos such People might accidentally Chase Di Ji Zhu off.

Last of All, stay well and work closely with Di Ji Zhu. When Di Ji Zhu is happy, you will see Red Light shining in the Kitchen.

Wu Liang Shou (無量壽)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Taoist Book Recommendation: Review on Zhuang Zi's Teaching (道教經典 - 莊子心得)

For the past 20-odd Years, many Non Taoist Religions had been trying to translate and explain on the Teaching of Zhuang Zi, but due to Self-center and trying to distort the Original Teaching of Zhuang Zi, alot of such Sharing become Degrading & Distorting of our Upright Taoist Culture.

But Fortunately, few Years back, China started to Re-enhance in the Promoting of Zhuang Zi's Teaching by inviting Professor Yu Dan (於丹教授) to share with the Public on the Teaching & Wisdom of Zhuang Zi. Besides that, China also Published a few Good Books on the Review of Zhuang Zi, known as Zhuang Zi Xin De (莊子心得).

Now, in Singapore, we are Lucky to be able to purchase the Book.

1) Zhuang Zi Xin De by Professor Yu Dan
2) Zhuang Zi Xin De in Full-colored Comic-book.

Both of these Books can be purchased in Popular Bookstore (大眾書局).

For those who are interested in getting them, please do act fast, as the Stock are running low for the moment.

Want to know more on Zhuang Zi, please proceed to: