Friday, 31 January 2014

正一龍山門新春開年慣例 Long Shan Men New Lunar Year’s Day Routine

Every New Lunar Year’s Day routine for Jave/LSM

Rat Hour, to Usher in the Three Auspicious Star Lords Fu Lu Shou

Cow Hour, to Offer the Paper Offerings to the Deities

Tiger Hour, to Offer the very 1st Incense for the New Lunar Year for the Prediction

15mins after Tiger Hour strikes, Lighting of the Yin Yang Fire for the Prediction

Rabbit Hour, to Thank the Grains’ Deities by consuming a bowl of Rice (left over from the Reunion Dinner)

Dragon Hour, to Chant the Taoist Scriptures & Accord Respect to Supreme Grand Lord San Qing

Snake Hour, to Offer the Paper Offerings to the Deities

Horse Hour, to conduct the Food Offering Ceremony dedicated to All Deities

Goat Hour, Paying Respect to Lord San Guan aka The Three Emperors of the Three Realms

Monkey Hour, to Cease the Day’s Honouring Ceremony

正一龍山門甲午馬年開正賀節 LSM Ushering in Lunar New Year 2014






1st Hour of New Lunar Year of Jia Wu Horse, Jave Wu had accord respect to the Deities and Ancestors.

May All Celestial Immortals & Ancestors will bestowed the necessary blessing to All Beings in the Mortal Realm.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

癸巳蛇年除夕辭歲迎新春 Bidding Farewell to the Old Lunar Year 2014





Ci Sui literally known as the Bidding Farewell to the Old Lunar Year while preparing for the Ushering in of the New Lunar Year and usually this is conducted on the Eve of Lunar New Year.

Besides Bidding Farewell to the Old Lunar Year, this is also the Final Round to Thank the Deities and to show our Gratitude to them for the Blessing for the Old Lunar Year and make new Request for the necessary Blessing for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

正月開年接福祿壽 Ushering in Star Lord Fu Lu Shou on Lunar New Year






In South East Asia, due to Commercialization and Mis-concept, alot of Taoists & Folks tend to perform the Ushering of Deity of Wealth on the Eve or 1st Day of Lunar New Year, which this is totally In-correct and Ignorant. Recently in Singapore, there are even The-Claimed-Taoist-Organisations conducting the Ushering in of Deity of Wealth for Devotees and asking them to participant in the Ceremony, This is seriously distorting the Upright Culture of Taoism and Chinese Customs.

In here, I will like to advise Taoists & Chinese not to get Con by such Temples, Organisations, etc. Cos Ushering in of Deity of Wealth can only be done on the 5th Day of Lunar New Year or 11.30Pm on the 4th Night of Lunar New Year.

So who we Usher in on the Eve or the 1st Day?

They are actually Fu Lu Shou - the Three Star Lords of Prosperity, Fortune (Career/Academic) and Longevity (福祿壽三星君簡介)

So what shall oneself prepare?

For the Ushering of Fu Lu Shou, actually is very easy and simple.

Just prepare a set of 3 Good Incenses, 3 cups of warm Chinese Tea or Wine and a set of 5 Oranges.

After preparing, set up the Offerings on a small Desk that faces the Heaven (any Direction).

Once everything is ready, Recite the Offering Incense Incantation and then call upon the Title of Fu Lu Shou Xing Jun (福祿壽三星君寶誥):

After that, report who you are and where you stay, then make your simple Request.

Once finished, make 3 sincere Bows and then return back into the House.

After entering into the House, leave the Door open (with Gate locked for safety) until the whole family going to rest.

Once All these are done, Fu Lu Shou the 3 Star Lords will Blessed on the whole Family with All the necessary Blessings (better off then just getting Blessing from Deity of Wealth).

Do also look up into the Sky, cos Tonight, Fu Lu Shou Stars (Orion Stars 獵戶星座) are usually the Brightest in the whole Year.

Introduction on Orion Star aka Hunter Star (獵戶星座簡介):

Do remember, do not go to any Un-official Temples or Organisation to join in any such Ceremonies, especially those that required Big Sum of Money. They are just trying to use the Name of Deities to gain the Un-necessary Money.

Last of All, wishes All:

Fu Dao Lu Dao Shou Xing Dao

Cai Wang Yun Wang Fu Gui Wang



Tuesday, 28 January 2014

甲午馬年生肖運程之犯衝刑太歲表 Chinese Zodiacs Luck in Jia Wu Horse Year 2014 - Conflicts with Lord Tai Sui

Its again the period for Jave Wu to do the analysis of the Luck for the various Chinese Zodiacs for the Year of Snake (2014) aka Jia Wu Horse  Year (甲午馬年), Taoist Calendar Year 7202 (道曆七千二百零二年) & Lunar Calendar aka Huang Li Year 4711 (黃曆四千七百十一年).

Huang Li aka Lunar Calendar was founded accordingly to the founding year by Yellow Emperor aka Huang Di (軒轅黃帝).

As for Taoist Calendar, many Taoists or People had been using the same calculation method as Lunar Calendar which is not very accurate. In here, Jave will like to use this opportunity to correct it back. According to records, Taoist Calendar should follow the founding year when the oldest painting of Nv Wa (女媧蛇身畫軸) was founded, which was 7202 years ago.

Ok, direct to the topic:

For Jia Wu Horse  Year, the following Chinese Zodiacs will have some minor issues with Lord Tai Sui General Zhang Ci. In Official Taoist Records in Southern & Northern Period, the Tai Sui of Jia Wu Horse Year was known as Gong De Qing. The version that we are using now is from Qing Dynasty, which have got a lot of mistakes that have yet to be clarify or change. (甲午馬年當年太歲張詞將軍又作章詞/張調。真正名諱為弓德清 – 記載於” 南北朝六十甲子太歲名錄”, 目前所用的為清朝版本):

Direct Front-facing (Direct Conflict) with Lord Tai Sui of Jia Wu Horse Year:

Horse (正犯太歲: 馬)

Lunar Age involved (農曆虛歲): 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73, 85, 97

Direct Back-facing (In-direct Conflict) with Lord Tai Sui of Jia Wu Horse Year:

Rat (正沖太歲: 鼠)

Lunar Age involved (農曆虛歲): 19, 31, 43, 55, 67, 79, 91

Adjacent Left-facing (Major-side Conflict) with Lord Tai Sui of Jia Wu Horse Year:

Rabbit (偏沖太歲: 兔)

Lunar Age involved (農曆虛歲): 16, 28, 40, 52, 64, 76, 88

Adjacent Right-facing (Minor-side Conflict) with Lord Tai Sui of Jia Wu Horse Year:

Rooster (刑沖太歲: 雞)

Lunar Age involved (農曆虛歲): 22, 34, 46, 58, 70, 82, 94

For age Below or Of 12 & Above or Of 99 won’t be affected by the Conflicts or Issue-facing with
Lord Tai Sui, so for those who have kids and elders of this Age-group, please do not worry so much (童生不越虛歲十二﹐老者虛歲欲百﹐皆不與太歲犯衝刑。).

For those who are Affected and needed the Assistance from Long Shan Men in getting the Spiritual Petition (安奉太歲疏文), please feel free to contact me at or PM me.
Info on Lord Tai Sui of Jia Wu Horse Year as followed:

Paying Respect to Lord Tai Sui Of Jia Wu Horse Year (甲午馬年安奉當年太歲星君介紹)

Dear All,

After Dong Zhi aka Winter Solstice of Year 2013, all Paying of Gratitude to Lord Tai Sui of Gui Si Snake Year (民間一般通常在冬至之前答謝該年當值太歲星君) will end (for those who miss this, usually will do it before 16th Day of Lunar 12 Month of the Year or the Day for Thanksgiving Ceremony (如若有人無法在冬至前答謝﹐可在歲末答謝神恩時或尾牙答謝該年當值太歲星君) or before 24th Day of Lunar 12 Month 或者在臘月廿四日前答謝也可).

何時為安奉新年當值太歲星君 So when is the Best timing or Accurate Day to pay respect to Lord Tai Sui?


According to Chinese Custom & Taoist Practice Records, the Best & Accurate Day to pay respect to a the Lord Tai Sui of the New Lunar Year starts on Li Chun Day - which means that, the Initial Starts of the Spring Season (a lot of people may think that the 1st Day of Lunar 1 Month is the start of a New Lunar Year, but actually is not, if we are to go according to the Old Ancient Calendar, Li Chun shall be the actual day of the arrival of Spring Season).

So when is Li Chun Day for Jia Wu Horse Year?

Li Chun Day for Jia Wu Horse Year falls on 05th Day of Lunar 01 Month of Jia Wu Horse Year (甲午馬年正月初五日), 04 Feb 2014, after 06:03hr (Rabbit Hour 卯時).

Read more on Li Chun Day 立春相關簡介:

Lighting of Blessing Lanterns on Li Chun Day 立春點平安燈簡介:

So what are the Offerings that needed to prepare?

Usually the Temples that dedicate Altars to Lord Tai Sui will have set of offerings prepared for Devotees, but if you needed to get extra shares, here are the suggested items:

1 - One set of Mandarins (5 quantities 大吉)

2 - One set of Chinese Tea Leaves & Traditional Cookies (Jian He 餞盒)

3 - One set of Lord Tai Sui Incense-paper (optional 太歲金)

4 - One set of Lord Tai Sui Robe (in Blue Color 藍色太歲袍)

5 - One set of Lord Tai Sui Talisman (optional, beware that, only choose the Taoism one, not those mix with other Religions Wordings/Charms on it 正統道教太歲符)

6 - One set of Incense (not to short, medium length will be best - more than 48cm 富貴長命香)

7 - An Ang Bao with an amount of S$1.30 or S$13.00 (for Jia Wu HorseYear, there are only 13 Lunar Months)

8 - A Spiritual Petition to report on the name, age, DOB and address of the person who paying respect to Lord Tai Sui (some Temples will prepare for the devotees, if not, can always look for any Taoist Spiritual People for one 安奉太歲疏文)

For more info on the Honouring Offerings, you may wish to the following link for references:

PS: For those who need the Spiritual Petition, please PM or email Jave Wu at
Protection & Blessing Items for Oneself

Recently, many People had approached me for the enquiry of what Items to be bought in-order to do Self-protection for the Conflict-issue against the Lord Tai Sui.

安奉當值太歲星君所需供品/物件 Here are a few items that oneself can get:

1) Wu Di Qian aka The Five Emperors Coin (五帝錢)

Pls refer to link 五帝錢簡介:

2) Wooden Pendant (木制墜子)

For example, Wooden Ru Yi Pendant (木如意)

3) Golden Jewelry (金飾)

4) Tai Sui Coin (太歲錢)

5) A Copy of Lord Tai Sui Praise Incantation (太歲寶誥)

Remember, the Tai Sui Incantation must be written by oneself, do not ask anyone to do the copying or writing on behalf of you. This Incantation can be written or copy after 24th Day of Lunar 12 Month.

The Incantation can be found in (太歲寶誥資料):

Copy it on a Red or Yellow Paper with the dimension of 10cm by 10cm.

After complete writing, on the Day of Paying Respect to Lord Tai Sui, bring it along and then before burning off the Paper Offerings, bring out the Mantra and bring it on top of the Urn, go 3 rounds on top of the Incense Fume and then keep it in the Wallet.

Whenever Oneself feels uneasy or frustrated, take it out and recite once, the Issues that you faced will somehow be solved.

Last of All, wish everyone after paying respect to Lord Tai Sui, All necessary blessings will be bestowed to you and your family.

Wu Liang Shou 無量壽
Wu Liang Fu 無量福
Wu Liang Guang 無量光

Monday, 27 January 2014

歲末南北斗星君察巡天下 Annual Inspection of Lord Nan Bei Dou before New Lunar Year

With the completion of the Inspection conducted by Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang (玉皇大天尊), it’s the turn for Star Lord Nan Bei Dou (南北斗星君) to conduct their Annual Inspection for the Year.

Upon completion of this Annual Inspection, Individual’s Conduct will be recorded and the Records will be used to Grade the Blessing for the Individual for the Year of Gui Si Snake Year (為甲午馬年察巡天下以定福禍).

This Year, the Inspection falls on 29th Day of Lunar 12 Month (臘月廿九日), which is 29 Jan, a Wednesday.

For more detailed info on how to prepare for this Day, please refer to the following;

In Taoist Culture, 1 Day before the Lunar New Year’s Eve, is considered as the Inspection Day of Lord Nan Bei Dou (南北斗星君).

On this Day, Taoists will visit Temples or Set-up Altar at Home to usher in Lord Nan Bei Dou in-order to request for the Necessary Blessing for the Lunar New Year.

So what is the Main Purpose of this Inspection?

On the 25th Day of Lunar 12 Month, Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang (玉皇大天尊) had made his Inspection on the Mortal World to check on the on-going activities that Mortals are involved in and during this Inspection, Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang will definitely be there to check on the Good & Evil Doings of Mortals. And so, after this Inspection, Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang will need a Follow-up Inspection by the Associated Officers to do the Recording and so, before a New Lunar Year arrives, Lord Nan Bei Dou will be appointed to do the Inspection in-order for them to do the necessary Recording on the Credits, Merits, Sins & Debts of Mortals and from there, the equality-blessing will be bestowed upon the Mortal accordingly.

After the necessary Recordings are being made and being reported to Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang, on the 15th Day of Lunar 1 Month (農曆正月十五日), Heavenly Lord of Heavenly Realm aka Tian Guan Da Di (天官大帝) will be there to perform the Inspection and Distributing of Fortune & Prosperity to the Mortals (賜福人間) who have gained the necessary Blessing according to their Accumulated Credits & Merits.

Before that, On the Eve of Lunar New Year (大年除夕), Fu Lu Shou (福祿壽) – the Three Prosperity Stars will be there to distribute the necessary Blessing to the Mortals for the Lunar New Year. Due to this piece of Info is not being widely share among the Taoists & Chinese, a lot of People tend to mistaken that on the Eve of Lunar New Year is a Day to usher in the Deity of Wealth (財神), which is Wrong and this is just a Commercial Trick that Modern People had planned.

So what to do on this Day?

For Lord Nan Bei Dou’s Inspection Day, usually some simple Honouring being done will do.
Main Purpose of this Honouring is to Sincerely & Faithfully making Self-reflection & Reprimanding of One’s Wrong Doing for the past 1 Year and hoping by doing so, Lord Nan Bei Dou will be there to provide the necessary Guidance for Oneself and Oneself will be able to be Blessed by the Heaven for the next 12 Months.

Besides that, this is also to remind Oneself that from this Day onwards, Oneself shall be more Kind, Compassionate and Caring towards the others and also, Oneself must be responsible in ALL Physical & Verbal actions that Oneself has made.

So what to Prepare for the Honouring?

For the Offerings, Oneself can prepare the following:

1 – 3 cups of Chinese Tea or Water (三杯清茶/水)
2 – 5 Longevity Buns (五個壽桃包)
3 – 1 packet of Longevity Noodles (一份長壽面)
4 – 1 Huat Kueh (一個發糕)
5 – 1 Nian Gao (一個年糕)
6 – 1 set of Red Candles (一對紅燭)
7 – 3 Long Incenses (三支長壽香)

Once all the Offerings are Ready, just proceed to any nearby Temples to do the Honouring.
So what to Say during the Honouring?

Before Oneself make any form of Requests, remember to make 3 Sincere Bow and then Kneel down.
Upon Kneeling down, report Oneself’s Name, DOB, Residing Address, Today’s Date and the Request that Oneself making. After the Requesting, make 3 Bows and then stand up.

Remember, do not make any form of Un-realistic Requesting, especially to Lord Nan Bei Dou, San Guan Da Di (三官大帝), etc.

Nan Bei Dou Xing Jun Zai Shang

Dao Men Di Zi XXX

Sheng Yu X Nian X Yue X Ri X Shi


Jin La Yue Nian Jiu Ri

Xi Feng Nan Bei Dou Xing Jun Xun Cha Tian Xia

Dao Men Di Zi XXX Yu Ci Qi Qiu XXXXXXXX

Zai Ci Xian Shang San Bai Jing Li

Yi Da Xie Nan Bei Dou Xing Jun Bi You Zhi En (三拜 Three Bows)

After the Honouring, what to do with the Offerings?

Do remember to bring back the Offerings, if Oneself got Altar at Home, place them on the Altar, if not, the Offerings can be shared among the Family Members.

Last of ALL, wishes ALL of You having a Nice Communication with Lord Nan Bei Dou before Lunar New Year arrives.


甲午馬年正月初二至初五所需留意之吉日及吉時 Auspicious Date & Timing to be Observed for Jia Wu Horse Year 2014

Dear All,

Upon requested, here is the list of the Auspicious Date & Timing to be observed from the 2nd Day to 5th Day of Lunar 1st Month.

These Date & Timing will be good for Visiting Temples, Honouring of Deities, Making Lunar New Year Requesting or Paying Respect to Ancestors.

Here it goes:

2nd Day of Lunar 1st Month (甲午馬年正月初二日):

2300 – 0059 hrs (子時)
0100 – 0259 hrs (丑時)
0300 – 0459 hrs (寅時)
0700 – 0859 hrs (辰時)
0900 – 1059 hrs (巳時)
1500 – 1659 hrs (申時)

During these Hours, the Lucky Stars that appeared are (吉辰相伴吉星):

財帛 (Cai Bo aka Deity of Wealth)

PS: This Day is good for accord respect to Deity of Wealth of Academic, such as Lord Wen Chang (文昌帝君) for Academical Blessing & Career or Business Blessing (祈求學業/事業之吉日) & Scholarly Deity of Wealth Bi Gan (文財神比干皇叔).

3rd Day of Lunar 1st Month (甲午馬年正月初三日):

2300 – 0059 hrs (子時)
0100 – 0259 hrs (丑時)
0300 – 0459 hrs (寅時)
0500 – 0659 hrs (卯時)
0900 – 1059 hrs (巳時)
1300 – 1459 hrs (未時)

During these Hours, the Lucky Stars that appeared are (吉辰相伴吉星):

四相 (Si Xiang aka The Four Direction Premiers)
時陽 (Shi Yang aka The Star Lord of Positive Changes)

PS: During 0300 – 0459 hrs, Deity of Happiness aka Spring will be distributing Prosperity Blessing (寅時﹐春神/喜神下降賜佑).

At 1100 – 1259 hrs, do accord respect to Dou Mu Yuan Jun (午時請香敬斗姆﹐祈求福生無量慶豐年).

At 2100 – 2259 hrs, do accord respect to Deity of Longevity for the requesting of Health and Prolonging of Age for Elders/Parent (亥時請香敬壽星﹐祈求父母/年老者﹐身體健康並壽延).

4th Day of Lunar 1st Month (甲午馬年正月初四日):

2300 – 0059 hrs (子時)
0100 – 0259 hrs (丑時)
0300 – 0459 hrs (寅時)
0500 – 0659 hrs (卯時)
1300 – 1459 hrs (未時)

During these Hours, the Lucky Stars that appeared are (吉辰相伴吉星):

福厚 (Fu Hou aka Star Lord of Prosperity Multiplying)
七聖 (Qi Sheng aka Star Lord of the Minor Dipper)

PS: During 0500 – 0659 hrs, Lord Tian Guan will be distributing Prosperity Blessing (辰時﹐天官大帝下降賜福) & for those who have conflict with Lord Tai Sui, please do accord respect to Lords of the Northern Dipper at 1300 – 1459 hrs (若有與當年太歲星君行沖者﹐請於未時請香敬北斗星君)

During  1500 – 1659 hrs, usher back Kitchen Deity (申時迎灶回府).

5th Day of Lunar 1st Month (甲午馬年正月初五日):

0100 – 0259 hrs (丑時)
0900 – 1059 hrs (巳時)
1900 – 2059 hrs (戌時)

During these Hours, the Lucky Stars that appeared are (吉辰相伴吉星):

文曲 (Wen Qu aka The Star Lord of Knowledge & Academic)

PS: During 0100 – 0259 hrs, best timing to usher in the Deities of Wealth (丑時恭迎五路財神之吉時).

At 1900 – 2059 hrs, Lord of Benefactor (戌時迎貴人) will be descending to distribute blessing the Mortal.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

癸巳蛇年歲末清屯 Spring Cleaning of Gui Si Snake Year




通常在恭迎”南北斗星君”出巡註福壽日的前一天停止 (癸巳蛇年即是臘月廿八日亥時)。


After Sending Off Kitchen Deity and Ushering in the Arrival of Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang, on the 26th Day of Lunar 12 Month, the Spring Cleaning can take place and the whole Spring Cleaning must ends before the Inspection of Dipper Lords take place, for Year 2014, will be before 28 Jan.

For those who are cleaning the Altar and Statues of the Deities, please do take note of the following procedures;

1 – Light 3 Incenses, then Report to the Deities on the Date, Time of the Spring Cleaning

2 – Place the Incenses into the Urn

3 – Gently Touch the Urn and Push the Urn side-way of about 3cm

4 – After shifting the Urn, then Shift the Statues onto another Clean Table with Red-paper spread on it

5 – Use a New Basin, New Towel for the Cleaning

6 – Fill the Basin with Half Hot & Half Cold Water – known as Yin Yang Water, add in 5 Colored Flowers (without White), Pomelo Leaves and some with Taoist Cleansing Talisman

7 – Let the Water Enhanced for 15min

8 – Wet the Towel and leave it for 5min

9 – Start to Clean the Statues

10 – Do no Soak Statues in Water

11 – Gently Clean the Statues, Do not Rub or Scrub that Statues

12 – Once done with the Statues, wash the Towel then Soak in the Yin Yang Water again and use it
to clean the Urn, followed by the Altar

13 – Once completed all Cleaning, Invite the Urn onto the Altar 1st, offer 3 Incenses into the Urn
(need not say anything)

14 – Invite the Statues onto the Altar by crossing the Statues over the Incenses

15 – Once All Statues are position in Place, Light another 3 Incenses to Invite the Deities back

16 – Once the Incenses are Offer, serve 3 cups of Hot Tea

17 – Upon serving the Tea, Light another 3 Incenses to Thank the Deities and everything is consider Complete

正一龍山門恭迎玉皇聖駕 Long Shan Men Ushering in the Arrival of Supreme Emperor of the Heaven










Friday, 24 January 2014

癸巳蛇年冬季九天司祿貴人下降 Deity of Prosperity Distributing Blessing for Lunar New Year






Deity of Prosperity will be descending into the Mortal Realm for Distributing of Blessing for Businesses, Career and Academic on the 25th Day of Lunar 12 Month at 0900 – 1500 Hours.

For those who are doing business, please do prepare 3 sets of Fruits and 5 Color grains to offer.

May All of you be blessed.

玉皇大天尊出巡人間 Jade Emperor of Heaven Inspecting Mortal Realm for Jia Wu Horse Year







After Zao Jun (灶君) aka Kitchen Deity went back to do his Annual Reporting to Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊), Yu Huang will conduct the Final/3rd Annual Inspection on the Mortals & other Beings in the Mortal Realm for the Bestowing of Blessing for the New Lunar Year.

And this Day falls on 25th Day of Lunar 12 Month (臘月廿五日), which in 2014, its on 25 Jan, a Saturday.

Details as followed:

After Sending Off our Dearest Kitchen Deity (灶君) back to Heaven for the Annual-Round-Off Reporting, on the 25th Day of Lunar 12 Month, the Big Boss - Jade Emperor of Heaven will be conducting an Inspection on the Mortal Realm.

Last Year, I had touched on the Simple & Basic Info on this Important Day (you can read the intro at:, this Year, I will like to concentrate more on the Spiritual or so-called Religious Side of the Thanksgiving Ceremony.

For us as the Zheng Yi Taoists or Priests (正一門徒及道士), usually we will start the Offering or Ushering of Jade Emperor of Heaven's arrival on the 24th Night (around 11.00Pm in Singapore).
If oneself is not able to perform the Ushering on the 24th Night, then oneself can do it in the Morning on the 25th Day.

For those who does not have an Altar at Home and yet you wished to Usher-in the Deities to do Inspection & Blessing at your Home, remember to clean your home and switch-on most of the Lights at Home on the 24th Night. Make sure that your House is Clean and Smell-nice. Try to keep the Door (remember to lock your Gate as to prevent Thiefs coming in) & Window open. On the 25th Day, just visit any Official Temples to pay respect to the Deities to request for Blessing.

Do not argue or quarrel after 10.00Pm on the 24th Night. Try to stay Peace and Calm for the Day. Once the Deities arrived and the Inspection is being Done, certain Remarks will be made and recorded and this will contribute to the Luck-distribution for the Next New Lunar Year.

So what do we need to prepare (in whole)?

For those who does not have any Altar at home, then oneself wont need to prepare any Offerings.
For those who have Altars and wished to perform the Ushering Ceremony, in the following is a List of suggested Items that you and your Family can prepares:

Food Offerings

1) 1 Set of Fruits (一份水果 )
2) Nian Gao aka New Year Glutinous Rice Cake (年糕)
3) Fa Gao aka Huat Kueh (發糕)
4) 12 Bowls of Vegetarian Items (十二菜碗 6 Vege & 6 Cookie Items) - Hokkien Clan
5) Rice Wine aka Bai Mi Jiu (白米酒)
6) Chinese Tea (上等茶)

Incenses & Paper Offerings

1) 1 Set of Good Quality Long Incenses (長壽香 about 48 cm)
2) 1 Pack of Good Quality Short Incenses (平安香)
3) 1 Pair of Red Candles or Dou Zhu (紅燭/斗燭)
4) 1 Pair of Huang Gao Qian aka Diao Qian (黃高錢/吊錢)
5) 3 Stacks of Tian Gong Jin aka Tai Ji Jin (三份天公金/太極金 )
6) 3 Stacks of Shou Jin aka San Bao Jin (三份壽金/三寶金 )
7) 3 Stacks/Packs Da Gui Ren aka Men Wai Gui Ren Lu Ma Zhi (三份大貴人/門外貴人祿馬祇 )
8) 3 Stacks/Packs Gui Ren Zhi (三份貴人紙 )
9) 1 Set of San Jie Deng Liao (三界燈料/天公燈料)
10) 1 Set of Dou Jin aka Dipper Offering (一份斗金)
11) 1 Set of Jin Gong or Jin Tong aka Golden Basket (一份金貢/金桶)
12) Huang Qian Jia Ma (黃錢鉀馬)

Once All the necessary Offerings are being prepared, on the 24th Afternoon, you can actually lay them out onto the Altar.

When the timing strikes 11.00Pm, you can start to make Usher in the Deities.

For those who prefer to pay respect on the 25th Day Morning, you are encouraged to do that too. Remember to do it before 11.00Am. Best timing to start the honouring will be at 9.00Am.

Due to this time round, you are conducting the Ushering Ceremony, do not send off the Paper-offerings after 15 minutes. You shall at least serve 3 rounds of Tea & Wine before sending off the Paper Offerings.

Each round of the Tea & Wine shall be 15 minutes apart. After every round of Offering the Tea & Wine, make 3 kowtows to the Deities, request your Blessing while you are making your Respect. Do not make any Un-necessary Un-realistic Requests.

Once the 3 rounds of Tea & Wine are being Offered, send off the Paper-offerings. After sending off of the Paper-offerings, retrieved the Food items and distribute them out to Family Members and Friends. Allowed them to get the necessary Blessings too.

Remain the Nian Gao, Fa Gao and 1 set of Oranges on the Altar, only retrieved them on the 26th Day.

Once all these are being done, the Ushering Ceremony for the Year will considered Fully & Smoothly ended.

東廚收惡存善雙仙吏 The Recording of Merits & Demerits Officers of Kitchen Deity










Thursday, 23 January 2014

送灶甜食不可少 The Traditional Sweets for Kitchen Deity




軟糖/糕 (如﹕吉紅﹐香糕)



In the Culture of Sending Off Kitchen Deity back to Celestial Realm on the 23rd/24th Day of Lunar 12 Month, offering of Traditional Sweet Items is a MUST.

Due to different Culture/Practises in different part of China, various Zao Jun Sweets were being created.

Such as in the Northern China, we have Crispy Candles, “Heartless Candy” or Red-Green-Prosperity Candle-balls.

In Southern China, we have Peanut Candles, Sesame Candles, Ji-hong (a type of soft candy), Hainanese Coconut Candle, Hakka Sweet Potatoes, etc.

In South East Asia, we have Gula Melaka, Gula Merah, etc.

Without all these “Sweets”, the Sending Off Ceremony will not be “Complete”.

If you have yet to conduct the Send Off or have yet to get the Sweets, do act fast.

癸巳蛇年送灶回天 Sending Off of Kitchen Deity for Gui Si Snake Year








23rd Day of Lunar 12 Month, the Day for LSM to conduct the Sending Off Ceremony dedicating to Kitchen Deity for the returning to the Celestial Realm for his “Annual Reporting”.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

種火之祖崑崙老母 The Mother of All Fire


在”灶王真經”之中﹐上清靈寶天尊稱她為” 種火之母”。




In here, you all will be seeing a picture of Kun Lun Lao Mu aka The Mother of All Fire.

Kun Lun Lao Mu was being mentioned in the Kitchen Deity Scripture by Supreme Lord Ling Bao, addressing her as the Patron Deity for All sorts of Fire in these Three Realms.

Other than that, her secondary task was to look-after/Supervise ALL the different categories of Kitchen Deities.

臨水宮丹霞大聖寶誥(之二) Monkey Sage Dan Xia Praising Incantation 02


In here is the Praising Incantation dedicated to Monkey Sage Dan Xia.

Monkey Sage Dan Xia Praising Incantation 02 

Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li 

Wu Feng Xian Ji. Dong Ye Cheng Shen

Huo Yan Sheng Hui. Chi Mei Tu Yan

Lan Pao Qing Gua

Wei Li Che Di Tong Tian

Bao Zhang Fa Pen
Hui Xin Zhan Yao Zhu Mei

Gui Yi Da Dao

Gan Lin Shui Zhi Shu En

Shi Yuan Qian Qu

Zuo Shun Tian Zhi Shuai Shi

Zhong Cheng Bing Ming

Du Shi Fa Yu Du Ren

Meng Lie Fu Mo

Hu Guo Geng Dang Hu Jiao

Chang Chui Ce Yin

Wu Fei Hua Yu Zhi Ji

Ji Ba Ming Yang

Lv Xian Xuan Tong Zhi Fa

Da Ying Da Yong. Zhi Zhi Zhi Ren

Shun Tian Bao Dian. Lin Shui Sheng Gong

Hu Fa Xian Zhu. Kai Lu Xian Feng

Dan Xia Hong Mian Da Sheng

Monday, 20 January 2014

福州臨水宮三大聖 The Three Monkey Sages of Lin Shui Palace

因同道好友的要求﹐在此分享一下” 福州臨水宮三大聖”的簡介。


臨水宮通天大聖 (又作黑面大聖)
臨水宮耍耍三郎 (又作爽爽三郎)

因後來受到”西遊記”的影響﹐常把” 丹霞大聖”誤認為”齊天大聖”。

而在道教文獻之中﹐也有記載”齊天大聖”原本為一名修道之士﹐後與其弟(有作弟子)一同得道﹐其弟道號為” 通天大聖”。

Upon request, here’s the brief introduction n the Three Monkey Sages

In here are 3 Monkey Sages of Lin Shui Palace, whom which were being subdued by Empress Lin Shui Madam Chen Jing Gu.

Due to the influence of the Story of “Journey to the West”, one of the main Sages was being mistaken as Sun Wu Kong aka Qi Tian Da Sheng.

The 3 Monkey Sages that being subdued by Madam Chen Jing Gu are known as;

Dan Xia Da Sheng
Tong Tian Da Sheng aka The Black Face Monkey Sage
Shua Shua San Lang aka Shuang Shuang San Lang

灶君與雙夫人 Kitchen Deity and his Wives




髮妻 - 增壽夫人郭氏丁香
二房 - 增喜夫人王氏海棠


增壽夫人 註福消災
增喜夫人 添丁育子

In here, Jave will be sharing a picture taken in China Shandong Province Yang Jia Bu Village, where Kitchen Deity and his Two Wives were being honoured.

In Shandong Province Yang Jia Bu, this is an area that the people will promote the Culture of Cheng Huang aka City Deity and Zao Jun, widely/effectively, since the olden days. Till today, the people staying in Yang Jia Bu still keep these traditions of having Grand Celebrations dedicated to Cheng Huang & Zao Jun yearly.

Seldom people actually know that, our dearest Zao Jun got 2 wives, which they are;

1 – Madam Guo Ding Xiang, in-charge of distributing Prosperity Blessing
2 – Madam Wang Hai Tang, in-charge of blessing for Off-spring.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

癸巳蛇年灶君返天簡介 Sending Off of Kitchen Deity for Gui Si Snake Year 2014

Its again the Period for Sending back Zao Jun (灶君) aka Kitchen Deity to the Celestial Realm for the Reporting of the whole Year's Credits & Debits of the Mortals. 

In the following are 2 links to the more detailed Introduction posted in the past years: 

Sweet Potato Horse for Kitchen Deity (番薯馬送灶君): 

In the following its the list of Good Timing for Sending off of Kitchen Deities for the 3 Days


23rd Day (臘月廿三) 23 Jan 2014

0100 – 0259 (丑時)

0300 – 0459 (寅時)

1300 – 1459 (未時)

24th Day (臘月廿四) 24 Jan 2014

2300 – 0059 (子時)

0300 – 0459 (寅時)

0500 – 0659 (卯時)

1500 – 1659 (申時)

2100 – 2259 (亥時)

25th Day (臘月廿五) 25 Jan 2014

2300 – 0059 (子時)

0100 – 0259 (丑時)

0900 – 1059 (巳時)

1300 – 1459 (未時)

1500 – 1659 (申時)

2100 – 2259 (亥時)

PS: Auspicious Timing on 25th Day will usually be more than the 2 other Days.

Additional Info 多知一點點:

Star of Kitchen Deity Vesta (天文學中的灶神星)

In Taoism and Chinese Culture, we have been talking about Kitchen Deity (灶君) for Thousands of Years, but in fact, a lot of Taoists and Chinese do not know that in our Universe, there is a Star dedicated to him 

This Star in Astrometry is known as Vesta (灶神星). 

Vesta, the name of the Roman Goddess of Heart & Hearth, whenever she present, it will represent Fire and this is how, Vesta was being depicted as the Overall In-charge of Kitchen/Food in Taoism & Chinese Culture.

In the Universe, Vesta is situated in near to Pluto (冥王星) and Ceres (穀神星) which in Taoism, Ceres is the Star that look after all the Growth and Harvesting of Plantations & Crops.

According to Astrology Study, Vesta shall be of 10 – 20 Hundred Million Years old and the distance from Vesta to Earth is about 117 Million Mile (approx of 188 Million Km).

For those who are interested in knowing more on Vesta and the linkage with Roman Mythology, it will be great that you all can go indepth in the research.