Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Taoist Quotes Sharing: Rather to lose it then overly using it (寧缺勿濫)


Recently, while using the time resting at home due to weak health, I managed to get some private time to do some study on the Chinese Medical Skills.

While going thru the Records of Physician Hua Tuo (華佗), I came across this Phrase that he told the Prison Officer while he was being lock-up in Cao Cao’s Territory (曹操).

This Quote was used by Huo Tuo not only on his Medical Skills but also, on the accepting of Disciples.

The Quote is:

Ning Ke Que. Wu Fan Lan

Translated as Rather to lose it then overly using it.

If we will to use this Quote in our Taoist Society today, I think it is quite relevant and associated.

Most of the People in the Taoist Society today are not doing the Promoting of Taoist Culture, but rather, using the Name of Taoism to gain the necessary Fame & Wealth. Instead of Imparting the Culture, at the end, losing most of the Precious Essences of the Culture & Teaching, in this case, I think it will be better to Lose it then to Overly used it/promote it.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Long Shan Men celebrates Wang Ling Guan's Manifestation Anniversary 2010 (正一龍山門庚寅年王靈官聖誕吉慶)

Yesterday, the 14th Day of Lunar 6th Month (農曆六月十四日 25 Jul 2010), as usual, Long Shan Men (正一龍山門) will celebrate Wang Ling Guan's Manifestation Anniversary (王靈官聖誕).

In the Afternoon at about 2.00Pm, after Vabien arrived at Jave’s House, the Honouring started with Offering Incenses & the Special Wine that Vabien had bought for Wang Ling Guan.

After waited for 15 minutes, the Paper Offerings were being sent for Burning. This Year, besides burning of the Normal Paper Offerings, we had added in the Spiritual Coffer Paper of the Three Realms (三界庫), this Spiritual Coffer Paper of the Three Realms will actually take charge of the Distributing of Prosperity Blessing (賜福), Eliminating of Sins & Negative (消災) and last, to Delete the Sufferings & other Debts (解厄).

On the 15th Day of Lunar 6th Month (農曆六月十五日 26 Jul 2010), Vabien had conducted a small scale of Honouring dedicated to Wang Ling Guan at his house (see pics 36 - 48).

Finally, this Year’s Honouring was done with Laughter and Joyous.

Special Thanks to Vabien for making his effort to join in the Short Honouring and taking of Pictures.

For High Res Pictures, please proceed to this link:

Friday, 23 July 2010

Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Marshal Wang Ling Guan 2010 (王靈官聖誕吉慶)

On 15th Day of Lunar 6 Month (農曆六月十五日) is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Heavenly Marshal Wang Ling Guan (王天君/靈官).

In Year 2010, it falls on 26 July (a Monday).

In Taoism, Wang Ling Guan holds quite an Important Role.

During Rituals/Ceremonies, Wang Ling Guan will be invited in-order to do Inspection/Guarding for the Overall Event. Besides that, he is also the One who carried out "Punishment" if a Taoist make Serious Mistakes or Distorted the Teaching of Taoism.

More Info on Wang Ling Guan:




For Higher Res Picture, please proceed to this link:

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Tian Gong Temple’s Dotting Ceremony & Luck Blessing Ritual 2010 (萬壽山天公廟庚寅年開光法會)

11 July 2010 (Sunday), Lunar 5 Mth the 30th, Telok Blangah Tian Gong Temple had conducted a Dotting Ceremony for 3 New Statues. This Dotting Ceremony was quiet special, cos for more than 30 years, Tian Gong Temple had not been conducting any Dotting Ceremony for Statues.

Upon arriving at the Temple at 11.00Am, I was greeted by Bro Darren & Sis Amy, whom specially came down for the Sharing Session on Chinese Door Deity’s Culture. Slowly, more and more of our old Friends had arrived and at about 11.30Am, the Sharing Session started by making some simple introduction on the Temple.

Surprises to a lot of People, Telok Blangah Tian Gong Temple was built in 1851 (about 160 years ago – initially known as Guan Yin Tang 觀音堂) and later in 1923, the name of the Temple changed to Tian Gong Temple (天公廟) due to some Spiritual Encounters.

Soon after the Sharing Session ended, it was Jave’s time to conduct the last part Ritual for the Day and so, with a short preparation, the Taoist Ritual started at about 3.00Pm.

1st was to send the Petition to Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) for the reporting on the Event of the Day and also to invite the various Deities to join in this Joyous Ceremony.

Then after the reporting was done, a Respect Chanting was done infront of the 3 New Dotted Statues and last, making Respect to Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神).

Before the whole Ceremony ended, a Wealth Distribution Ceremony was done and Enhanced Ancient Coins were being distributed to the Devotees to bring home for Luck-boosting.

At about 5.00Pm, the Ceremony ended with Joyous, Laughters & Sweat.

Special Thanks to ALL People who make an effort to drop by and special Thanks to Bro Raymond Goh of API and Sis Amy for sharing with us the Pictures & Videos. Hope to update more Pictures when time to come.

And also, Million Thanks to Vabien for assisting in the Conducting of the Ritual despite that, it was his Birthday on that Day.

For High Res Pictures, please proceed to this link:

Monday, 19 July 2010

The Whole of Long Shan Men Celebration Tian Kuang Ri 2010 (正一龍山門全體弟子舉行庚寅年天貺日祭祀)

On the 17 July 2010 (Saturday), which is the 6th Day of Lunar 6 Month (農曆六月初六日), in Taoism, this is the Day that known as the 2nd Inspection (出巡三界/校考天下) of Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) in the Mortal Realm. In Taoism Context, this Day is known as Tian Kuang Ri (天貺日) and in more Commoner’s Belief, it is known as Tian Men Kai (天門開) – Opening of Heavenly’s Gate.

1 week before Tian Kuang Ri, Vabien had coordinated with ALL the Local Disciples of Long Shan Men (正一龍山門) to remind them on conducting the Honouring Respect for Tian Kuang Ri. With Delightfulness, after the actual Day, most of them had sent in the Honouring Pictures to him.

Besides that, Philippine Zheng Yi Lv Shan Bai Jun Dian (菲律賓正一閭山白軍殿) had also conducted their Tian Kuang Ri Honouring in their HQ.

In Singapore, the participated Departments are:

1 – Zheng Yi Long Shan Dou Kou Fu (正一龍山斗口府) – lead by Davis (2nd Disciple)
2 - Zheng Yi Long Shan Yi Ling Fu (正一龍山翊靈府) – lead by Donnie (7th Disciple)
3 – Zheng Yi Long Shan Jian Sheng Fu (正一龍山監生府) – lead by Alvin (8th Disciple)
4 – Zheng Yi Long Shan Fei Jie Fu (正一龍山飛捷府) – lead by Vabien (9th Disciple)
5 – Zheng Yi Long Shan Du Cai Fu (正一龍山督財府) – lead by Gerald (12th Disciple)
6 – Zheng Yi Long Shan Jia Fu Fu (正一龍山嘉福府) – lead by Ruihe (22nd Disciple)

Due to Jave was away for Rituals, Vabien had volunteered to do the Honouring on behalf of

1 – Zheng Yi Long Shan Xia Luo Fu (正一龍山轄落府)
2 – Long Shan Da Luo Yu Qing Fu (龍山大羅玉清府)
3 – Long Shan Dong Ji Qing Hua Gong (龍山東極青華宮)
4 – Long Shan Jiu Tian Ying Yuan Fu (龍山九天應元府)

And also special thanks to those who have yet to enter into Long Shan Men for their effort in joining in the Honouring. Do keep up the good effort.

Last of All, wishes all having a Good and Prosperity Future.

For High Res Pictures, please proceed to this link:

Saturday, 17 July 2010

The 8 Predictions of Tian Men Kai for the next 6 Months (天門開之八大預言說)


Tian Men Kai (天門開) aka Tian Kuang Ri (天貺日) is happening now.

In here, are 8 Predictions of the Ancient Southern China. For those who are interested, can go thru it and find out more on what will the signs that appeared on Tian Men Kai Day and affect the next coming 6 Months of the Year.



Translated as:

A Day with Warm Sunshine and Comfortable Breeze. No sign of Thunder Storm or other Disasters. This will bring Good Harvesting in the End of the Year and Everyone will be able to enjoy the Joyous moment without fail.



Translated as:

The whole Day is Cloudy and seems like Thunder Storm is coming. Everyone felt like sleeping but yet, unable to get into sleep due to fear and discomfort. For some people, they are afraid of going out due to such an unpredictable Weather. If this will to happen, the Harvesting of the Year will be affected.



Translated as:

Thunder & Lightning everywhere, seems like a Disastrous Storm is coming. Strong Wind blowing and the sound of the Thunder is scary that almost ALL Beings are not able to walk on the street. This is a sign of Negative Energy changing.



Translated as:

Bright and Scorching Sun appearing in the Clear and Cloudless Sky. The Heat is unbearable and Everyone is hiding away from the Sun. No sign of Wind & Rain. Harvesting for the Year will be badly affected and for Weak people, the next Half Year will be a suffering Year full with Sickness & Illness.



Translated as:

Heavy Rain Storm appearing. The Water level is arising and almost ALL the areas are being badly affected. No one is able to do their plantation work and Water seems like flooding the Whole place with mercy. This is a warning-sign for Beings of being Disrespectful to Heaven and Earth.



Translated as:

Earthquake happening, Land-slide happening, Earth Cracks seen, etc. The unstable-ness of the Earth cause People to feel like they are staying on the surface of Water, don’t know when, they will sink underneath it. This indicates that, there will be more disasters happening in near future.



Translated as:

Nice Breeze with drizzling. This is the sign of Good Harvesting and also, Great Prosperity for the Next coming Lunar Year.



Translated as:

Rain, Thunder & Sun appeared at the same time. After then, Rainbow can be seen everywhere. This is a sign of Prosperity & Harmony. In somewhere, sometime, there will be a Great Change in Leadership, etc.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Introduction on Mountain Hua Di (华帝山之簡介)

Mountain Hua Di aka Hua Di Shan (帝山), a Mountain dedicated to Heavenly Marshal Hua Guang (華光大帝) aka Ma Tian Jun (馬天君).

Hua Di Shan, located in China Guang Dong Province (中國廣東省), Shan Wei City (汕尾市), a very famous Tourist Attraction in the Guang Dong Province. Hua Di Shan was famous for its wonderful scenery such as High & Green Mountain and also, the beautiful running clear Streams.

On top of Hua Di Shan, there is a small Village and in the Village, there is an Old Temple dedicated to Ma Tian Jun. This Temple was believed to be built in Song Dynasty by a Richman. Initially, this Temple was known as Lian Hua Zhu Miao (莲花主庙).

In between AD1119-1125 (宋朝宣和年間), Hua Di Shan was being invaded by the Mongolian Troops, one year, while the Villagers were trying to defeat the Invaders, Ma Tian Jun appeared on Hua Di Shan. Within moments of Ma Tian Jun’s appearing, the Invaders were being defeated and soon, Hua Di Shan regained it’s Peace.

From then, the Temple that dedicated to Ma Tian Jun changed it’s name to Hua Di Gu Miao (
帝古庙) and the Mountain was known as Hua Di Shan.

According to verbal records of the Villagers, Ma Tian Jun did appeared in Hua Di Shan whenever there were some issues happening. Till today, it was still the same.

And so, for those who really wished to find out more on Hua Di Shan or get closer to Ma Tian Jun, I think, this will be the best location for Oneself to visit.

Incantations to be Recited on Tian Men Kai Honouring (天門開祭祀誦念之經典)


Upon request by Temples/Sintuas, here are some recommended Mantras/Incantations that Temple/Sintua/Individual can recite during the Tian Men Kai Honouring.

For Temple/Sintua, if you all cant get a Senior-person to lead the Recitation, do not worry, anyone in the Temple/Sintua whom know Chinese, will be able to take up the Task.

Few things to take note before the Recitation:

1 – The Person who lead the Recitation must be Cleanse (such as Shower, Cleanse with Flower-water)
2 – The Person who lead the Recitation must Drink a Cup of Luke-warm Water before Starting
3 – The Person who lead the Recitation must make 3 Bows before Starting(and the rest of the Devotees to follow)

Once all these are Done, the Recitation can start.

Here are the Recommended Mantras/Incantations/Praise Mantras to be recited on the Day:

三清寶誥 (Praise Mantra for the Three Pure One)

Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li

Dao Bao Jing Bao Shi Bao

Yu Qing Shang Qing Tai Qing

Yi Qi Liu Xing

San Qing Ying Hua Han Guan

Mo Mo Bu Yan

Er Shan Yun Si Shi

Zheng Se Kong Kong

Wu Ji Er Hua Sheng San Jing

Da Luo Tian Shang. Jin Que Gong Zhong

Xu Wu Zi Rang San Qing San Jing San Bao Tian Zun

Yu Huang Bao Gao (Praise Mantra)

Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li

Tai Shang Mi Luo Wu Shang Tian 

Miao You Xuan Zhen Jing

Miao Miao Zi Jin Que

Tai Wei Yu Qing Gong

Wu Ji Wu Shang Sheng

Kuo Luo Xia Guang Ming

Ji Ji Hao Wu Zong

Xuan Fan Zhong Shi Fang

Kan Ji Zhen Chang Dao

Hui Mo Da Shen Tong 

Yu Huang Da Tian Zun

Xuan Qiong Gao Shang Di

San Guan Da Di Bao Gao (Praise Mantra)

Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li

Wei San Sheng Ren

Nai Yi Tai Ji

Pu Shou Hao Jie Jia Zhi Ming

Ding Ying Wu Liang Pin Zhi Bao

Zi Wei Qing Xu Dong Yin

Zong Ling Gong Guo

Ci Fu She Zui Jie E

Pu Ji Cun Wang

Dao Guan Zhu Tian

En Tan San Jie

Da Bei Da Yuan

Da Sheng Da Ci

San Yuan San Pin San Guan Da Di

San Guan Jiu Fu

San Bai Liu Shi Ying Gan Tian Zun

Huo Ju Lei Gong Wang Ling Guan Bao Gao (Praise Mantra)
Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li

Xian Tian Zhu Jiang. Yi Qi Shen Jun

Du Tian Jiu Cha Da Ling Guan

San Jie Wu Si Meng Lie Jiang

Jin Jing Zhu Fa

Hao San Wu Huo Ju Lei Gong

Feng Zhui Yin Ya

Tong Bing Bai Wan Pi Xiu Shen Jiang

Fei Teng Yun Wu. Hao Ling Lei Ting

Jiang Yu Kai Qing. Qu Xie Zhi Bing

Guan Guo Cuo Yu Yi Shi Er Nian

Shou ming Yu Di

Ji Gong Xun Yu Bai Qian Wan Zhong

Shi Zuo Zu Shi. Zhi Gang Zhi Yong

Ji Si Ji Sheng. Fang Fang Shan Jiao

Chu Chu Kai Tan

Tai Yi Lei Sheng Ying Hua Tian Zun

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

After 3 yrs of making effort to promote the Culture of Tian Men Kai (天門開/天貺日), finally see some results this year (got quite a number of calls today on enquiries). Really appreciated and happy to see the changes. And most happiest issue is that, more and more temples & sintuas (神壇), they are joining in the honouring too and changed the addressing term of Yu Huang Shang Di to the official term of Yu Huang Da Tian Zun (玉皇大天尊). Besides that, they are using the correct Coffer Money (受生庫錢) to perform the Replenishing of Coffer for Devotees. This is really wonderful. Do keep in mind, this is also the Best Day to perform the Replenishing of One's Temple & Sintua's Luck (補壇運).

Things to take note for the Tian Men Kai Honouring 2010 (天貺日祭祀須知)


This coming Saturday (17 Jul 2010) will be the Day of Tian Kuang Ri (天貺日) and on Sunday (18 Jul 2010), common Folks will celebrate the Opening of the Heavenly Gate which is also known as Tian Men Kai (天門開).

On this Day, while doing the Honouring, there are some things that Oneself shall take note:

1 – Do Shower/Bathe before performing the Honouring

2 – Try to wear Bright Colours like Red, Orange, Purple (omit Yellow)

3 – No Shorts / Mini Skirt or Sleeveless Shirt

Other than that, for those who are conducting Home Honouring, there are some things to take note for the Honouring Table:

1 – The Table must be Stack-up or using a Piece of Gold Incense-paper to place underneath the Leg of the Table (四腳踏金)

2 – Possible, the Table must Face EAST (東方)

3 – Use Red Cloth/Paper to place on top of the Table-surface before placing the Offerings on it

4 – Use the Cleansing Method to do Cleansing for the House before Honouring (pls refer to this link:

For more Info regarding Tian Kuang Ri or Tian Men Kai, feel free to visit the following link:

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Year 2010 Opening of Heavenly Gate aka Tian Men Kai (庚寅年天門開又稱天貺日)

Start:     Jul 17, '10 09:00a
End:     Jul 18, '10 6:00p
Location:     All Over the World, Singapore

Dear All,

Tian Men Kai Day for Year 2010 will fall on 17 July (Saturday) and End at 18 July (Sunday) Evening.

For those who want to pay respect to Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊), please do proceed to any Jade Emperor of Heaven's Temples in Singapore or ALL over the World to do your honouring.

More Info:

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Tian Gong Temple Final Set-up for the Dotting Ceremony (萬壽山天公廟開光法會前之最後籌備工作)

Today (10 July 2010), after conducting a Dotting Ceremony at Taoist Bro Nelson Yeo’s Home, we all went over to Telok Blangah Height Tian Gong Temple to set-up the necessary Altars & Offerings for the Dotting Ceremony that take placed on Sunday (11 July 2010).

At 3.30Pm, we arrived at Tian Gong Temple, upon our arrival, we had saw quite a lot of the Major Offerings had been spread-out on the new Altars.

Since that we were already late for the Set-up, so without any further delay, we started our setting-up of Altars & Offerings.

Million Thanks to Taoist Bro Nelson and all for the helping out in the setting-up.

While we were busy cleaning the Altars, Vabien was there to do the preparation of the 24 Bowls (傳統廿四碗) and special thanks to him for the contributing of the 24 Bowls and also, some Kueh-items (糕點).

In Picture 01 – 03, you all will be able to see the Traditional Offering Holder (餞盒架) & the 3 Peanuts Sacrifice-offerings (齋料三牲), all these were sponsored by Taoist Bro Nelson & his Wife Sis Ailsa.

After 1.5 hours of setting up, we finally completed the task and left the Temple for home for a good rest.

For High Res Pictures, feel free to visit this link:

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tian Gong Temple preparing for the Dotting Ceremony (萬壽山天公廟開光法會前之籌備工作)

Today (7 July 2010), after performing the Monthly Chanting for Tian Gong Temple, I stayed back to assist my Uncles in doing the necessary preparation for the upcoming Dotting Ceremony that going to take place on this Sunday (11 July 2010).

At about 11.00Am, the 4 new statues arrived at the Temple together with the new Altars. With the help of ALL the Temple Members, we shifted the new statues and altars into the Temple and upon opening up the packaging, we do cleaning and cleansing for the items and once they were ready, we shifted them onto the Altars in-order to make the necessary preparation for this Sunday.

At about 1.00Pm, Vabien arrived at the Temple too. After the 2nd round of Chanting dedicated to San Guan Da Di (三官大帝), we assist the Temple to unpack the remaining packaging.

Vabien was kind to assist in going thru the specially made Plaques that order-made for the Introduction of the Individual Deity.

At about 4.00Pm, all cleaning and preparation was done and we made our left to the nearby Temples to pay our respect.

On Saturday (10 July 2010), we will be at the Temple again to do the Setting-up of Offerings.


For those who are coming for this Event, Refreshments & Buffet are prepared.

Telok Blangah Height Tian Gong Temple Dotting of New Statues Ceremony (萬壽山天公廟開光昇座法會)

Telok Blangah Height Tian Gong Temple (萬壽山天公廟), located at Telok Blangah Height – next to Block 45, will be conducting a Grand Ceremony of Dotting for the following 4 New Statues:

1 – Nan Hai Da Zhu Niang (南海大主娘)
2 – Monkey Sage (齊天大聖)
3 – Marshal Zhong Tan (中壇元帥)
4 – Fu De Zheng Shen aka Earth Deity (福德正神)

The Ceremony will be conducted on this coming Sunday (11 July 2010), starting at 9.00Am and end at about 5.00Pm.

Three Groups of Religious/Spiritual Masters will be engaged for the Dotting & Blessing Ceremony:

9.00Am – 11.00Am – Monk/Nun Chanting

11.00Am – 1.00Pm – Spiritual Enhancing Ritual

2.00Pm – 5.00Pm – Taoist Ritual

For those who are interested in joining in this Religious Event, feel free to drop by.

For Higher Res Picture of the Poster, feel free to visit this link:


At 11.00Am, there will be a Taoist Cultural Tour on the discussion of Door Deities (門神知多少), Notes will be given.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Taoist Quotes: Brief Introduction on the Three Grades of Taoism (道教三品之簡介)


Few weeks ago, while chit-chatting with one of Long Shan Men’s Elders (from China), as we were discussing on the various Taoism Culture, Beliefs and Teaching, he mentioned to me that in Taoism, remembering the Three Grades of Taoism is important.

Reason for the remembering of these 3 Grades is to, allowing Oneself to be mould into a better person – not to fight with people, knowing our roots and also, to promote the necessary teachings to the other interested & keen parties.

After returning home, Jave started to dig out some of the records and finally got the phrases that being passed-down.

Here are the 3 Grades of Taoism (in simplified explanation):






Taoism graded People in 3 Grades:

Top Grade – born according to Dao, actions & verbally upright and these people are closely connected with Dao.

Medium Grade – born in Dao but yet, the connection is weak, sometime got the calling, sometime don’t, easily thinking of giving up.

Low Grade – born in Dao but yet does not want to claim as part of Dao, lost it’s Root and link with Dao, always criticise the own Root and in time, forcing the others to leave Dao.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Altar Scroll of Emperor Shen Nong (神農大帝神龕圖)

In here, you all will be seeing a Picture of an Altar Scroll dedicated to Emperor Shen Nong (神農大帝) aka Master of the Five Grains (五穀神君 in the Scroll, you will see that Shen Nong was accompanied by a few little kids, each holding on to a different type of Plants, such as Corn, Wheat, Rice, Radish & Peanuts).

Shen Nong, not only being honoured as the Founder of the Edible Grains but also, the Founder of Chinese Herbs & Medicine and this is why, in the later part of our Chinese History, in Folks Belief, Shen Nong was also being addressed as Bai Yao Di Jun (百藥帝君) aka Emperor of the Hundreds of Chinese Herbs.

For this Altar Scroll, it is normally being placed in the Home Altar of Farmers & those who do business associated with Rice or Grains.

Every Year, on the Manifestation Anniversary of Shen Nong (神農聖誕) or after 25th Day of Lunar 12 Month (農曆臘月廿五日後), the Taoists or Chinese will change a New Scroll dedicating to Emperor Shen Nong.

Now in China, Counties in Hokkien Province are still practising this. Especially Villages in Teochew County (潮州) and Fu Zhou City (福州市).

For more Info of Shen Nong, you may wished to visit the following link:

For High Res Picture of this Scroll, please proceed to this link: