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The different Bestowed Titles of the Five Ranking of Lord Cheng Huang

In Taoism, Cheng Huang can easily be categorised as Five Level/Ranking (五階官):

1) Du Cheng Huang aka Jing Cheng Huang (都城隍/京城隍) - given the title King, in Chinese Wang ()

Official Title: Ming Ling Wang (明靈王)

And to be accurate, in the Whole Chinese Deities System, there can be only one Du Cheng Huang which is in the Imperial Capital of Ancient China 帝都 (which now got no more).

2) Fu Cheng Huang (府城隍) - given the title Duke/Lord ()

Official Title: Wei Ling Gong (威靈公)

3) Zhou Cheng Huang (州城隍) - given the title Marquis ()

Official Title: Sui Jing Hou (綏靖侯)

4) Xian Cheng Huang (縣城隍) - given the title Bo as of Sire ()

Official Title: Xian You Bo (顯佑伯)

5) Cheng (as in City or an Area) Cheng Huang (城城隍) - folks addressed him with the title Ye (Officer/Magistrate)

Official Title: Cheng Huang Ye (城隍爺)

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