Thursday, 3 July 2014

道教開天門符 Talisman for the Opening of Heavenly Gate

雖然天貺日(天門開)已圓滿﹐但在此還是與大家分享以下開天門符一道 (注﹕此開天門並非直接與天門開日有關)




Talismans for the Opening of Heavenly Gate

Even though Tian Kuang Day aka Opening of Heavenly’s Gate Day, is almost ended, in here, Jave will like to share with all of you a Talisman that usually being used by Taoist Priests during Rituals/Ceremonies for the “Opening of Heavenly Gate” or “Opening of Celestial Path” while sending off the Spiritual Petitions or Documents for the approval or vetting of the High Authorities.

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