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上供春飯迎新春 Spring Rice Preparation

上供春飯迎新春 Spring Rice Preparation


While Preparing the Spring Rice, there are a few steps to be aware of;

1 – 飯熟後﹐不能攪拌﹐只能取最上層的熟米飯作為春飯﹐取意﹕人上人。(01)

After the Rice is cooked, only scooped the Top Layer to make Spring Rice (Pic 01)

2 – 飯入碗﹐不可擠壓﹐只能輕輕鋪開以便飯粒顆顆分明﹐取意﹕明是非。(02)

Using a Clean Bowl to make Spring Rice, never push the Rice hard into the Bowl (Pic 02)

3 – 飯落外﹐不可丟棄﹐只能自己吃掉避免浪費寶貴食物﹐取意﹕懂珍惜。(02)

If any rice will to drop out, have to consume it and not to waste it.

4 – 飯添花﹐不可傾斜﹐只能將春花插正以示人正福有春﹐取意﹕添錦花。(03)

After placing the rice into the Bowl, place the Spring Flower first and remember to put it straight-up and not bent (Pic 03)

5 – 飯加棗﹐不可隱藏﹐只能將紅棗對乘放入春化左右邊﹐取意﹕早得貴。(04)

Only after placing the Spring Flower, then add in Red Dates. Do not press the Dates into the rice, allowed at least half the Dates to be seen (Pic 04)

6 – 飯上供﹐不可冷卻﹐只能乘燙熱之時與吉紅一起上供﹐取意﹕紅利豐。(05.1/.2)

After the Spring Rice is ready to place on the Altar, it must be presented to the Deities together with Ji-hong, a type of Traditional soft-candles (Pic 5.1/5.2)

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