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歲末南北斗星君察巡天下 Annual Inspection of Lord Nan Bei Dou before New Lunar Year

With the completion of the Inspection conducted by Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang (玉皇大天尊), it’s the turn for Star Lord Nan Bei Dou (南北斗星君) to conduct their Annual Inspection for the Year.

Upon completion of this Annual Inspection, Individual’s Conduct will be recorded and the Records will be used to Grade the Blessing for the Individual for the Year of Gui Si Snake Year (為甲午馬年察巡天下以定福禍).

This Year, the Inspection falls on 29th Day of Lunar 12 Month (臘月廿九日), which is 29 Jan, a Wednesday.

For more detailed info on how to prepare for this Day, please refer to the following;

In Taoist Culture, 1 Day before the Lunar New Year’s Eve, is considered as the Inspection Day of Lord Nan Bei Dou (南北斗星君).

On this Day, Taoists will visit Temples or Set-up Altar at Home to usher in Lord Nan Bei Dou in-order to request for the Necessary Blessing for the Lunar New Year.

So what is the Main Purpose of this Inspection?

On the 25th Day of Lunar 12 Month, Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang (玉皇大天尊) had made his Inspection on the Mortal World to check on the on-going activities that Mortals are involved in and during this Inspection, Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang will definitely be there to check on the Good & Evil Doings of Mortals. And so, after this Inspection, Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang will need a Follow-up Inspection by the Associated Officers to do the Recording and so, before a New Lunar Year arrives, Lord Nan Bei Dou will be appointed to do the Inspection in-order for them to do the necessary Recording on the Credits, Merits, Sins & Debts of Mortals and from there, the equality-blessing will be bestowed upon the Mortal accordingly.

After the necessary Recordings are being made and being reported to Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang, on the 15th Day of Lunar 1 Month (農曆正月十五日), Heavenly Lord of Heavenly Realm aka Tian Guan Da Di (天官大帝) will be there to perform the Inspection and Distributing of Fortune & Prosperity to the Mortals (賜福人間) who have gained the necessary Blessing according to their Accumulated Credits & Merits.

Before that, On the Eve of Lunar New Year (大年除夕), Fu Lu Shou (福祿壽) – the Three Prosperity Stars will be there to distribute the necessary Blessing to the Mortals for the Lunar New Year. Due to this piece of Info is not being widely share among the Taoists & Chinese, a lot of People tend to mistaken that on the Eve of Lunar New Year is a Day to usher in the Deity of Wealth (財神), which is Wrong and this is just a Commercial Trick that Modern People had planned.

So what to do on this Day?

For Lord Nan Bei Dou’s Inspection Day, usually some simple Honouring being done will do.
Main Purpose of this Honouring is to Sincerely & Faithfully making Self-reflection & Reprimanding of One’s Wrong Doing for the past 1 Year and hoping by doing so, Lord Nan Bei Dou will be there to provide the necessary Guidance for Oneself and Oneself will be able to be Blessed by the Heaven for the next 12 Months.

Besides that, this is also to remind Oneself that from this Day onwards, Oneself shall be more Kind, Compassionate and Caring towards the others and also, Oneself must be responsible in ALL Physical & Verbal actions that Oneself has made.

So what to Prepare for the Honouring?

For the Offerings, Oneself can prepare the following:

1 – 3 cups of Chinese Tea or Water (三杯清茶/水)
2 – 5 Longevity Buns (五個壽桃包)
3 – 1 packet of Longevity Noodles (一份長壽面)
4 – 1 Huat Kueh (一個發糕)
5 – 1 Nian Gao (一個年糕)
6 – 1 set of Red Candles (一對紅燭)
7 – 3 Long Incenses (三支長壽香)

Once all the Offerings are Ready, just proceed to any nearby Temples to do the Honouring.
So what to Say during the Honouring?

Before Oneself make any form of Requests, remember to make 3 Sincere Bow and then Kneel down.
Upon Kneeling down, report Oneself’s Name, DOB, Residing Address, Today’s Date and the Request that Oneself making. After the Requesting, make 3 Bows and then stand up.

Remember, do not make any form of Un-realistic Requesting, especially to Lord Nan Bei Dou, San Guan Da Di (三官大帝), etc.

Nan Bei Dou Xing Jun Zai Shang

Dao Men Di Zi XXX

Sheng Yu X Nian X Yue X Ri X Shi


Jin La Yue Nian Jiu Ri

Xi Feng Nan Bei Dou Xing Jun Xun Cha Tian Xia

Dao Men Di Zi XXX Yu Ci Qi Qiu XXXXXXXX

Zai Ci Xian Shang San Bai Jing Li

Yi Da Xie Nan Bei Dou Xing Jun Bi You Zhi En (三拜 Three Bows)

After the Honouring, what to do with the Offerings?

Do remember to bring back the Offerings, if Oneself got Altar at Home, place them on the Altar, if not, the Offerings can be shared among the Family Members.

Last of ALL, wishes ALL of You having a Nice Communication with Lord Nan Bei Dou before Lunar New Year arrives.


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