Saturday, 25 January 2014

癸巳蛇年歲末清屯 Spring Cleaning of Gui Si Snake Year




通常在恭迎”南北斗星君”出巡註福壽日的前一天停止 (癸巳蛇年即是臘月廿八日亥時)。


After Sending Off Kitchen Deity and Ushering in the Arrival of Heavenly Supreme Emperor Yu Huang, on the 26th Day of Lunar 12 Month, the Spring Cleaning can take place and the whole Spring Cleaning must ends before the Inspection of Dipper Lords take place, for Year 2014, will be before 28 Jan.

For those who are cleaning the Altar and Statues of the Deities, please do take note of the following procedures;

1 – Light 3 Incenses, then Report to the Deities on the Date, Time of the Spring Cleaning

2 – Place the Incenses into the Urn

3 – Gently Touch the Urn and Push the Urn side-way of about 3cm

4 – After shifting the Urn, then Shift the Statues onto another Clean Table with Red-paper spread on it

5 – Use a New Basin, New Towel for the Cleaning

6 – Fill the Basin with Half Hot & Half Cold Water – known as Yin Yang Water, add in 5 Colored Flowers (without White), Pomelo Leaves and some with Taoist Cleansing Talisman

7 – Let the Water Enhanced for 15min

8 – Wet the Towel and leave it for 5min

9 – Start to Clean the Statues

10 – Do no Soak Statues in Water

11 – Gently Clean the Statues, Do not Rub or Scrub that Statues

12 – Once done with the Statues, wash the Towel then Soak in the Yin Yang Water again and use it
to clean the Urn, followed by the Altar

13 – Once completed all Cleaning, Invite the Urn onto the Altar 1st, offer 3 Incenses into the Urn
(need not say anything)

14 – Invite the Statues onto the Altar by crossing the Statues over the Incenses

15 – Once All Statues are position in Place, Light another 3 Incenses to Invite the Deities back

16 – Once the Incenses are Offer, serve 3 cups of Hot Tea

17 – Upon serving the Tea, Light another 3 Incenses to Thank the Deities and everything is consider Complete

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