Thursday, 4 September 2014

甲午馬年太陰星君聖誕吉慶 Manifestation Anniversary of Lord of the Moon 2014

15th Day of Lunar 8 Month (農曆八月十五日) is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary for Lord of the Moon aka Tai Yin Xing Jun (太陰星君), this is also the day that we Taoists & Chinese celebrate Mid Autumn Festival aka Zhong Qiu (仲秋).

For Year 2014, it falls on 08 Sept, a Monday.

In some Chinese Cultural Contexts, Tai Yin Xing Jun is one of the Deities that In-charge of Mortals' Marriage and this is why, on this Day, many unmarried couples or couples whom are still dating, will visit Temples dedicate Altars to Tai Yin to pay their respect or make Good-relationship-request.

For those who are interested in honouring Tai Yin Xing Jun, you all may proceed to Wan Shou Shan Guan Yin Tang (萬壽山觀音堂), located infront of Telok Blangah Height Block 54.

In this Temple, the statue dedicated to Tai Yin Xing Jun can considered as the Oldest & Biggest in Singapore.

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