Thursday, 16 October 2014

太上洞玄靈寶五顯觀華光本行妙經 Taoist Scripture of Ma Hua Guang

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太上洞玄靈寶五顯觀華光本行妙經﹐收錄與[正統道藏][續道藏]之內﹐是道教少數一部為 正一馬華光天君及其他四位天君﹐為主的一本經書。

正直 馬天君 聖誕將至﹐在此上貼與各方同道好友分享﹐希望大家會喜歡也用得著。



Ling Bao Wu Xian Guan Hua Guang Ben Xing Miao Jing, is a Scripture recorded in Taoist Canon, on the background of Heavenly Marshal Ma Hua Guang. This is considered as the Only One Scripture that is dedicated to him

As the Manifestation Anniversary of Marshal Ma is arriving, here Jave will like to share with all of you, this precious Scripture.

May all like it and able to use it.

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