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新春富貴旺財法之二 Requesting of Blessing for Wealth for New Year

Requesting of Blessing for Wealth for New Year

Five Direction Wealth Formation (五方亨通迎富來)


在此與各方同道好友分享” 新春富貴旺財法之二”﹐願大家能在新年內﹕


According to Old Chinese Lunar Year Custom Records (古時新年習俗記載), there are a few methods that one self can prepare in-order to gain the blessing of Wealth by the Deities of Wealth before New Year and during the New Year Period.

Heres another way to gain the Wealth Blessing.

So what shall be prepared?

一。 準備一張紅紙﹐尺寸為48公分*48公分

First, prepare a Red Paper with dimension of 48cm by 48cm. (If you cant get those red paper that used for Rituals/Ceremonies, just get any normal red construction paper from bookshop).

二。準備五色彩色水筆 (青/紅/黃或金/白(立可白/銀筆)/黑)

Second, prepare pens of the following 5 color, Green, Red, Yellow, White (can replace with white-paint or liquid-paper) & Black.


Third, prepare 5 Ancient Coins, if cant get the Ancient Coins, prepare 5 Singapore One Dollar Coins.


Forth, get a tube of UHU glue.

Once all these are ready, here we go with the preparation of the Formation.

So after preparing, what shall be done?


Choose a good day (according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar).


Place everything on a clean table and wait for the clock to hit 9.00Am (must be within 9.00 – 11.00Am in the morning).

七。九時正﹐攤開紅紙﹐在紅紙上順序畫上五色圈 (以銅錢/龍銀大小為準)

Once the clock shown 9.00Am, open up the red paper, draw a circle using the Green Pen first then follow by Red, Yellow, White and last Black (dimension of the circle, about the size of a 50cent Coin).


After drawing the circles, in the center of the circle, draw a Yin-Yang sign (white on left and black on right).


After drawing the Yin-Yang sign, glue the Ancient or One Dollar Coin on top of the Yin-Yang sign.

After all the coins are being glued to the red paper, this is more or less considered complete for the first stage.


Now, bring the red paper with all the glued-coins to the window where you can get sunshine. Leave the red-paper under the tanning of the sun for about 45 minutes (remember, must be within 9.00 – 11.00Am).

After retrieving back from the tanning, the second stage is considered complete.

The most important stage, placing of the Wealth Formation.


If one self is requesting for Self-Prosperity, place the Formation near to the Door-way, where one self can see when he/she exit and enter.


If one self is requesting the Prosperity for the whole Family, place the Formation under the Dining Table (not necessary to glue it to the Table, just place somewhere that is visible).

Once the Formation is being placed, try not to let anyone touch it or shift it.


Only after the 16th Day of Lunar 12 Month of Next Year, then the Formation can be taken down and discard away.

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