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How to Prevent Negative Entities from Entering ones Home Part 02 (防範陰體所入侵分享之二)


In Taoism, Geomancy Theory, Spiritual Skills and Chinese Customs, there are tons of methods to prevent Negative Entities from entering into ones home.

In here, I will like to introduce a few easy methods for those who are not Spiritually-trained and yet, they can be performed it at home to do self-home protection & prevention.

A – Avoid hanging Clothing Outdoor at Night

A lot of people might have neglected this point of retrieving in the Drying Clothing at Night.


Cos, if the Drying Clothing is not being retrieved back at Night, different Negative Entities might be able to possess onto the Drying Clothing and if the Drying Clothing is not being Sun-bath on the next day and one self will to wear on the Night-hanging Clothing, one self might get disturb by the Negative Entities.

Many people or Non-Taoists might find this stupid or irrelevant, but according to Scientific Research, part of the saying is quite True and being proven.


At Night, the Atmosphere or in the Air, a lot of Electrons will be released from the surrounding Environment.

If the hanging clothing are wet, such Electrons will stuck onto the wet clothing very easily, which changes the Magnetic Field of the clothing from a more Positive Percentage to Negative Percentage.

Once such Magnetic Field changes and one self will to wear a Clothing with many Electrons stuck onto it, one self Physical Body Magnetic Field will also changed.

Such changes can cause one self to feel restless, energy-less or unable to concentrate, once one self is not able to concentrate well, different forms of illusions will be able to appear and the Mental-health will be affected. As time goes by, one self will look like being possessed.

And so, in-order to prevent such issues from happening, try not to hang out and Drying Clothing at Night, if no choice, then the next day, remember to have enough Sun-bath for the Drying Clothing.

B – Avoid growing Plants that Bloom White Flower

From young, I’m sure most of the Chinese will have got this Teaching from their Grandparents of, Do not grow any form of Plants with White Flowers indoor or outdoor.


According to Spiritual Theory, Entities tend to rely on the Blossom of White Flowers to stay Alive or get the chances of gaining their Reborn in the way of using the Energy that the White Flowers during they got their Fertility.

And so, when you find a Plant that got many Flowers being Blossom, meaning that, many Entities are being born thru the Blossom and so, Negative Energies will be emitted from the White Flowers.

In someway, this is quite True.

If you will to observe closely and will to go near any Plants that Blossom White Flowers, try to calm one self down and then lift up your Right Hand to go near the Plant, you will be able to sense a drop in the Temperature around the Plant (some people thought that this is normal, but if you will to go near other Plants, you wont be able to sense that drop of Temperature that immediately).

And, if you will to sniff on the Blossom White Flowers, usually the first sniff, you will smell a type of Aroma that are so Familiar (like Josspaper or Paper Objects – even for Jasmine), some will even give out a Rotten-smell (and you shall know why the smell is so Rotten).

C – Stepping on Burnt Josspaper aka Ash

This is quite a common issue that happened in the Chinese Society.

For those who stepped on Burnt Josspaper that dedicated to Deities, then it is fine, but if one self will to stepped on the Burnt Josspaper that are dedicating to Spirits or Ancestors, then one self will have to be careful.

Upon stepping onto the Burnt Josspaper and immediately, one self sense a Cold-feeling crawling from the Bottom of the leg to the Spine, quickly look for a nearby Temple and hide into the Temple, get a set of Offerings, pay respect to Heaven and the Main Deities and use the Josspaper to sweep around the whole Body (this is not encourage to be done, but for this case, No Choice) and then burn it outside – Not into the Main Burning Urn, cos this is a form of Disrespect to the Deities.

But if one self didnt sense anything, then meaning that one self has not annoyed the Beings. And so, after returning home, do not bring the shoes into the House, leave it outdoor and try to put them (the tip of the shoes) facing outward direction and place them in improper manner (some will place them upside down).

In-order to avoid any Fatal Issues to happen, try to be careful while walking on the Pathway during Celebrations or on Certain Periods.


  1. "...Josspaper to sweep around the whole Body (this is not encourage to be done, but for this case, No Choice).."

    May I know why is it not encourage?

  2. I heard that joss paper sweep body would more or less affect our luck too.Thus is not encouraged.

  3. Josspaper, a Holy Object that use to summon Souls, Grab Souls, Bribe Souls and last, Destroy Souls.

    If a person's Luck is extremely Down and yet, keep using the Josspaper to sweep around the Physical Body, when the Down Luck hits the Maximum, certain part of the Weak Souls (3 Hun & 7 Po) will be Grab-off without one self knowing, by the time, the person will enter into a coma state and slowly, other Entities will be able to invade the Physical Body or last, death occur.

    For this case here, the Josspaper is to Destroy the Connection between the Mortal & the Entities and so, sweeping of Josspaper can be used.

    Today, alot of Taoist Groups have stopped using the Sweeping of Josspaper over Devotees, cos too many issues had happened in the past.

    Now, only some of the ignorant Folks Culture still using that.

  4. I noticed some teochew guanyin temples like balestier still encourage devotees to do
    "kah lau" after it bad? wrong practice?


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