Monday, 16 June 2014

甲午馬年福建城隍周苛公聖誕吉慶 Manifestation Anniversary of Hokkien Cheng Huang 2014

On 22nd Day of Lunar 5 Month (農曆五月廿二日), it is considered as the Manifestation Anniversary of Hokkien Province Cheng Huang  福建省城隍).

For Year 2014, it falls on 19 Jun, a Thursday.

相關資訊  For more info on Lord Cheng Huang, you can proceed to the following links:

一千七百年福建城隍周苛廟 1700 Years old Temple of Lord Zhou Ke’s Temple in China Fujian Province: 

Pictures of Cheng Huang (城隍尊神照片):

Introduction of Cheng Huang Zun Shen (城隍尊神簡介):

Cheng Huang Taoist Scripture (城隍消災集福經):

Documentary of Cheng Huang (城隍文化記錄片):

Part 01 (上集)

Part 02 (下集):

歷代城隍封號 各別區域 The Bestowed Titles of the Five Ranking of Lord Cheng Huang:

And for those who are keen in paying your respect to Lord Cheng Huang (城隍尊神) in Singapore, you may wish to visit the Official Temples that dedicate Altars to him, in the following is the list of Temples that oneself can visit:

1) Du Cheng Huang Temple (都城隍廟), besides Tanjong Pagar MRT Station

2) Lian Shan Cheng Huang Temple (蓮山城隍廟), located at Toa Payoh

3) Dong Yue Temple (東嶽廟), located at Bukit Purmei

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