Monday, 25 January 2016

乙未羊年灶君返天簡介 Sending Off of Kitchen Deity for Yi Wei Goat Year 2016

Sending Off of Kitchen Deity for Yi Wei Goat Year 2016



Its again the Period for Sending back Zao Jun (灶君) aka Kitchen Deity to the Celestial Realm for the Reporting of the whole Year's Credits & Debits of the Mortals.

In the following are 2 links to the more detailed Introduction posted in the past years:

Sweet Potato Horse for Kitchen Deity (番薯馬送灶君):

In the following its the list of Good Timing for Sending off of Kitchen Deities for the 3 Days

23rd Day (臘月廿三) – 01 Feb 2016
2300 – 0059 (子時)
0100 – 0259 (丑時)
0700 – 0859 (辰時)
0900 – 1059 (巳時)
1500 – 1659 (申時)
1900 – 2259 (戌時)

24th Day (臘月廿四) –02 Feb 2016
0300 – 0459 (寅時)
0700 – 0859 (辰時)
1300 – 1459 (未時)

25th Day (臘月廿五) –03 Feb 2016
0300 – 0459 (寅時)
0500 – 0659 (辰時)
1300 – 1459 (未時)
1500 – 1659 (申時)
1900 – 2259 (戌時)

Additional Info 多知一點點:

Star of Kitchen Deity – Vesta (天文學中的灶神星)

In Taoism and Chinese Culture, we have been talking about Kitchen Deity (灶君) for Thousands of Years, but in fact, a lot of Taoists and Chinese do not know that in our Universe, there is a Star dedicated to “him”.

This Star in Astrometry is known as Vesta (灶神星).

Vesta, the name of the Roman Goddess of Heart & Hearth, whenever she present, it will represent Fire and this is how, Vesta was being depicted as the Overall In-charge of Kitchen/Food in Taoism & Chinese Culture.

In the Universe, Vesta is situated in near to Pluto (冥王星) and Ceres (穀神星) – which in Taoism, Ceres is the Star that look after all the Growth and Harvesting of Plantations & Crops.

According to Astrology Study, Vesta shall be of 10 – 20 Hundred Million Years old and the distance from Vesta to Earth is about 117 Million Mile (approx of 188 Million Km).

For those who are interested in knowing more on Vesta and the linkage with Roman Mythology, it will be great that you all can go indepth in the research.

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