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甲午馬年正一六十二代張元旭天師聖誕吉慶 Manifestation Anniversary of 62nd Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xu 2014

62nd Heavenly Master, named Zhang Yuan Xu (正一六十二代張元旭天師) or Zhang Xiao Chu (又名張曉初), born in Qing Dynasty Tong Zhi Period, Birthday falls on 7th Day of Lunar 8 Month in Year 1862 (生于清同治元年農曆八月初七日).

At the age of 42 (光緒三十年), he succeeded his Father, 61st Heavenly Master Zhang Ren Zheng, as the 62nd Heavenly Master of Zheng Yi Sect (繼承六十一代張仁晸天師之位﹐為第六十二代嗣教真人).

And at the age of 52 (民國三年), he was being bestowed with the Official Title of Lord Hong Tian Ying Dao (洪天應道真君) by Marshal Yuan Shi Kai (袁世凱賜封).

In Year 1912, while Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xu gave a speech in Shanghai World Religions Conference, he strongly urged the Taoists to promote the Official Teaching and Culture of Taoism and also, encouraged all Zheng Yi Disciples to continue the preaching that had pass-down by the various Heavenly Masters (民國元年﹐張元旭出席了在上海舉辦的世界宗教會時﹐當演講中﹐他老人家極力的鼓勵所有道教徒﹐在正確的方式下﹐力保及發揚正統道教文化及思想).

In Year 1925, 22nd Day of Lunar 1st Month, 62nd Heavenly Master Zhang Yuan Xu gained his Immortality in Shanghai, with the age of 63, left behind 6 sons (the 5th son pass-on at a very young age) and the eldest son Zhang En Pu, which later succeeded as the 63rd Heavenly Master (張元旭天師於民國十四農曆端月廿二日羽化於上海﹐享壽六十三。後其嗣教之位由長子張恩溥天師所繼承).

This Year 2014, it falls on 31 Aug, a Sunday.

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