Monday, 25 August 2014

甲午馬年九天司命定福灶君聖誕吉慶 Manifestation Anniversary of Kitchen Deity 2014

3rd Day of Lunar 8 Month, known as the Manifestation Anniversary of Kitchen Deity aka Zao Shen (灶神). In Taoism, this is a Day that the Leader of the Family to offer his/her respect to the Kitchen Deity. For Families with Children under Lunar Age of 12, it is a MUST to honour Zao Shen.

For Year 2014, it falls on 27 Aug, a Wednesday.





More Info on Zao Jun (司命定福灶君相關資料):

Pictures of Zao Jun (

Scripture of Zao Jun (司命定福灶君經文):


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