Saturday, 4 June 2016

三清三境符諱簡介 Introduction on the Talisman Symbols of San Qing San Jing

三清三境符諱簡介  Introduction on the Talisman Symbols of San Qing San Jing

San Qing San Jing Talisman Symbols (三清三境符諱), a combination of Di Shu aka Earthly Spiritual Manual (地書) & Xia Shu aka Chinese Character Manual (夏書), were being founded in the Ancient Era where Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張祖天師) got the Teaching from The Supreme Lord Dao De (大羅道德天尊). These Symbols were the Combination of the Upright Aura or Positive Energies that being Manifested from the Three Realms that the Three Pure One station-in (三清三境即清微聖境﹐禹余真境及太赤仙境).

With the Skills being imparted by The Supreme Lord to Heavenly Master Zhang, these Talisman Symbols were later being distributed out by Heavenly Master Zhang to the Followers after he did the Enhancement onto the Symbols.

Even though this Skill was imparted to Heavenly Master Zhang at about 2000 Years ago, today, a lot of Taoist High Priests still performed the enhancement for these Symbols and distributed out to Taoists for Blessing & Protection.

According to Records, these Symbols must be Drawn on Yellow Straw Paper (黃表紙) with Herbal Black Ink (藥進墨) and Enhanced by Ordained Zheng Yi Taoist Priests on the Eve of Lunar New Year (除夕之夜) and once the Hour strikes Zi Shi aka Rat Hour (子時), these Symbols would be distributed to ALL Taoists for Safety Blessing & Ceasing of any form of Obstacles & Misfortune for the Year. In some other Records, it also taught the Taoists of burning off the Symbols in front of them when Oneself met with Negative Issues or felt Uneasy (解厄除危).

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