Tuesday, 24 January 2017



Phrases to Recite while caressive the Spring Cow


Mor Ghoo Thao. Khia Soon A' Choo Thao

Explanation: Caressive the Head of the Cow, All descendants will be able to lead the People while they are out in the Society Working. Some of them will be able to reach a very High & Important Position in the Big Environment.

Khia Soon A' Choo Thao - This is a Phrase that Older People like to use while a new baby Boy is born in the Family or while there is any Grand Official Celebration like Lunar New Year or when an Elderly pass-on.


Mor Ghoo Chwuee. Thua Hoo Khwee

Explanation: Caressive the Mouth of the Cow, everyone will be blessed with Prosperity and Luck.


Mor Ghoo Kha. Khay Huey Chiat Buey Tha

Explanation: Caressive the Legs of the Cow, Private Properties (money, houses, collections) will increase in Amount & Quantities. Wont be able to spend them Off in this Life-time, alot of Aburdence.


Mor Ghoo Bhuey. Choon Ka Huey

Explanation: Caressive the Tail of the Cow, Private Properties (money, houses, collections) will be pass-down to the Next Generations.


Mor Ghoo Nee. Chiat Pha Lee

Explanation: Caressive the Ear of the Cow, oneself will be blessed with Longevity.


Mor Choon Ghoo. Nee Nee Woo

Explanation: Caressive the Spring Cow, every Year with Aburdence of Luck & Prosperity.

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