Thursday, 2 February 2017


Lunar New Year Inspection of Lord Bei Dou for Year 2017


據宋朝【太上老君歷世應化圖】(或【太上老君八十一化圖】)之【第六十二化】記載﹐太上道祖於漢永壽元年農曆二月初七日(《北斗經》記載為正月初七日)﹐分身下降蜀都(即今日四川)﹐傳授《 北斗經訣》與【張祖道陵天師】。


在漢永壽二年(又記載元年)正月初七日﹐太上道祖分身下降傳授《東斗妙經》﹐ 正月十五日傳授《西斗妙經》及農曆六月十五日傳授《中斗妙經》。



It’s the New Lunar Year and its time again for Lord Bei Dou to conduct their Lunar New Year Inspection & also the Distribution of Prosperity Blessing for ALL Beings on the 7th Day of Lunar 1st Month, which is also known as Ren Ri (人日) aka ALL Human Kind Day.

On the Eve of 7th Day of Lunar 1st Month, Taoists or Chinese can prepare 7 – 9 Lamps/Candles for the ushering in of Lord Bei Dou. For those who can participate in the Official Taoist Ritual of Honouring the Dipper Lords, it will be better.

This is also the Anniversary Day of Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling received the imparted Skill of Bei Dou Scripture from Supreme Lord Dao De (此日也是太上道德天尊傳授張祖天師北斗經訣之紀念日).

For Ding You Rooster Year, the Lunar New Year Inspection falls on 07th Day of Lunar 01 Month (農曆正月初七日), which is 03 Feb, a Friday.

For more detailed info on how to prepare for this Day, please refer to the following links for the intro (農曆正月初七日簡介):

More info on Lord Bei Dou & the Incantations (北斗星君簡介及寶誥分享):

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