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Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming Opening of Wealth Coffer of the Three Realms 2017
如果你現在人在中國西安﹐不妨前往【財神祖廟】向【趙玄壇公】上個香及乞個財﹐願” 祂”老人家發慈悲﹐賜你富貴平安﹐順道參與此日之隆重祈福儀式。
In Taoism and Chinese Custom, on the 26th Day of Lunar 1 Month (農曆正月廿六日), is considered as the Day for Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming (趙公明大天君) aka Deity of Military Wealth, to Open the Three Realms Spiritual Wealth Coffer for All the Beings in the Mortal Realm.
On this Day, Taoists & Chinese will tend to visit Temples that dedicated to Zhao Gong Ming & his Assistants (五路財神) to request for the Blessing of Wealth & Good Lucks and also, Official Personnel will request for Blessing for the Country or Big Society.
For Year 2017, its falls on 22 Feb.
What is the Story behind this Opening of Three Realms Wealth?
According to the Records of All Deities (三教搜神大全), after Zhao Gong Ming was being bestowed by Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊) as the Overall –in-charge of the Wealth for All Beings, he was also being appointed by Heavenly Master Zhang Dao Ling (張祖天師) to oversee All Doubts and Unsolved Issues that are associated with Wealth, etc (調解不平事宜。專治財務糾紛).
From then, since Sui Dynasty (隋朝), Taoists and Chinese had been Honouring Zhao Gong Ming as One of the Major Deities of Wealth and on 26th Day of Lunar 1st Month – which was said to be the Day that Zhao Gong Ming being appointed as the Overall-in-charge, Taoists and Chinese would honoured him, requesting Zhao Gong Ming to “Open” the Wealth Coffer for the Poor or Needy.
So when is the Best timing to pay respect to Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming?
For some Taoists & Chinese, they tend to start the honouring at Zi/Rat Hour (子時2300 Hours) but some can honoured Zhao Gong Ming at 9.00Am in the Morning till Evening time (best before Sunset).
For Year 2017, the Best Timing is 11.08Am.
So in Singapore, where can we pay respect to Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming?
新加坡供奉有趙玄壇公的廟宇 Here’re a few recommended Official Temples that oneself can visit:
Sembawang Cai Shen Temple (三巴旺財神廟) at Admiralty Road (in the Main Hall)
Jin Lan Temple (金蘭廟) at KimTian Road Tiong Bahra (at the Side Hall)
Tuas Pek Kong Temple (大士伯公宮) located at 118 Boon Lay Drive
So what are the Offerings that needed to prepare?
開財庫乞財所需供品 Here are the suggested items:
1 - One set of Mandarins (5 quantities 大桔五粒)
2 - One set of Chinese Tea Leaves & Traditional Cookies (Jian He 餞盒糖果一盤)
3 - One set of Cai Shen Incense-paper (optional 財神金)
4 - One set of Cai Shen Robe (in Red Color 紅色財神袍)
5 - One set of Incense (not to short, medium length will be best - more than 48cm 富貴長壽香)
6 - One Huat Kueh (發糕)
7 - Five Ancient Coins or The Five Emperors Coins (五個銅錢或五帝錢)
8 - One Red Packet (一個新紅包)
9 - One set of Red Candles (一對斗燭/紅燭)
After getting ready All the Offerings, visit any of the Temples and place All the Offerings on the Altar that dedicated to Heavenly Marshal Zhao Gong Ming (到達廟宇後﹐將一切供品擺於供案上).
Upon completing the placing of the Offerings, proceed to pay respect to the Main Deities in the Temple and last, proceed to the Altar for Zhao Gong Ming (先敬天地眾神後﹐在向趙玄壇公祈福).
Sincerely light the Long Incense, make 3 Respectful Bows and then kneel in front of the Altar.
Report to Zhao Gong Ming who you are and where you stay and then request for Good Luck & Necessary Blessing from him. (if you know of reciting the Bao Gao (寶誥), then do it before you do your reporting)
After reporting and requesting, stand up and sincerely bow 3 times again and then place the Incenses in the Urn and then step off the Altar area (祈福後﹐行三叩禮即可).
After 15 minutes, retrieved the Paper-offerings and burn them off (一刻鐘後將紙料化送).
Upon completion, return to the Altar, retrieve the Ancient Coins and make 3 rounds above the Burning Incenses, allow the Coins to receive the Blessings and then, keep them in the Red Packet (化寶後﹐回到供案﹐將之前所準備的銅錢放入新紅包中﹐在香爐上過香三巡﹐之後帶回作為”錢母”).

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