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Myth of Madam Fu De 02








Today in here, Jave will like to share another Myth on Madam Fu Ren after going through another set of Ancient Records on Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) aka Earth Deity (土地神).

The story goes like that;

Yu Nv Tai Xian (玉女太仙), the Third Daughter of Lord Mountain Tai (泰山仁齊聖帝) aka Dong Yue Da Di (東嶽大帝). Official Title known as Bi Ling Yuan Jun (碧靈元君) and was born in Shang Dynasty (生于商朝) after Empress Dong Yue (东岳淑明坤德皇后) swallowed a gust of Energy emitted from the Northern Dipper (北斗元氣).

At the age of 3, Yu Nv Tai Xian was able to assist her Third Brother – Bing Ling Gong (炳靈公), in eliminating the Negative Entities and assist her Sister – Bi Xia Yuan Jun (碧霞元君), in the recording of new Born Beings.

At the age of 7, one day, while Yu Nv Tai Xian was performing her daily Cultivation at the peak of Mountain Tai, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv (九天玄女) aka The Immortal Maiden of Ninth Heaven, descended at the Pavilion where Yu Nv Tai Xian was.

Upon entering into the Pavilion, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv was attracted by the beauty of this young lady and just as she was about to speak to Yu Nv Tai Xian, Yu Nv Tai Xian came forward to pay her respect to Jiu Tian Xuan Nv by calling out her Official Title. Jiu Tian Xuan Nv was shocked but also delighted to know that Yu Nv Tai Xian was such a brilliant girl.

From then, on every 9th Day of the Month, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv would descend on the Peak of Mountain Tai to impart Yu Nv Tai Xian the Spiritual Skills and Prediction Tactics.

By the age of 26, Yu Nv Tai Xian had mastered most of the Skills that Jiu Tian Xuan Nv imparted her. One day, while Jiu Tian Xuan Nv was about to advise Yu Nv Tai Xian on her marriage, Yu Nv Tai Xian cut in the conversation and told Jiu Tian Xuan Nv that she would be marrying to a Well-known Deity in Zhou Dynasty (周朝).

Knowing that nothing could be hidden from Yu Nv Tai Xian, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv could only smiled and continued to guide on her Practising.

On BC 1036, the 2ndYear of King Zhou Wu (周武王二年) ascending the Throne, Zhang Fu De was born on the 2nd Day of Lunar 2 Month (張福德生于周武王二年農曆二月初二日).

On BC 928 (周穆王癸己年), 10th Day of Lunar 1 Month (農曆正月初十日), Zhang Fu De passed on with an age of 108, after protecting his Master’s Granddaughter from being frozen to death. On the Day of Zhang Fu De’s passing-on, a few characters appeared on the Sky written as Yu Feng Zhang Fu De Wei Nan Tian Men Fu De Zheng Shen (御封張福德為南天門福德正神), meaning Celestially Bestowed Zhang Fu De as Fu De Zheng Shen.

Upon being summoned to the Celestial Palace, Zhang Fu De was being appointed to look after the distributing of Wealth to the Mortals upon requesting. After getting the Imperial Edict, Zhang Fu De was being positioned at the South Border of the Country.

On the 1st Month of appointment, Zhang Fu De was not able to get much honouring due to he was still new to the People staying in the South.

One day, just before 23rd Day of Lunar 12 Month (農曆臘月廿三日 – Sending Off of Kitchen Deity started in Zhou Dynasty 送灶始于周朝), where People would Send-off Kitchen Deity aka Zao Shen (灶神), a big group of People suddenly dashed towards the mini Shrine dedicated to Zhang Fu De.

At the point of time, Zao Shen was waiting for the People to provide him with a good feast of Offerings but suddenly, everyone was busy running towards a small Shrine at the City Gate. Zao Shen was puzzled and so, he transformed himself into a Commoner and followed the People dashing towards the Shrine.

Just the moment that Zao Shen stepped into the Shrine, he saw all the People kneeling down in front of the Altar and making request to Zhang Fu De, telling Zhang Fu De that they were too poor to celebrate the New Year. After every request that the People made, a string of Zhou-coins (一串周幣) would drop out from the Stone Incense-holder and landed onto the hand of the Person who made the request. By looking at it, Zao Shen was shocked and started to get jealous.

After returning to his own Mansion, Zao Shen couldn’t get over with the way that Zhang Fu De had distributed the Wealth to the People, so he decided to make his way back to the Celestial Palace on the Evening of 23rd Day to make his report to Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊, during this Period, Yu Huang shall be addressed as Tian Di 天帝, meaning Emperor of Heaven. According to some Contexts, Tian Di’s appearance was being created using the painting of Zhou Wu Wang 周武王).

At the Celestial Meeting, Zao Shen was quite upset with the behaviour of Zhang Fu De and so, with a lengthy Petition, Zhang Fu De was being “sued” by Zao Shen.

By going through the Petition, Yu Huang was shocked by the way of Zhang Fu De’s distribution of Wealth and so, without any delay, Yu Huang ordered Jin Jia Shen (九天金甲神) to summon Zhang Fu De back for questioning.

On the way back to the Celestial Palace, Zhang Fu De and Jin Jia Shen pass-by Mountain Tai, just as both of them were about to enter into the Dong Jiao Tian Men (東角天門) – the Heavenly Gate in the East Corner, Yu Nv Tai Xian and Jiu Tian Xuan Nv were making their way back to the Celestial Palace for the Meeting.

With a glance at Yu Nv Tai Xian, Zhang Fu De was shocked by her look and just as Jin Jia Shen was about to fasten Zhang Fu De, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv stopped him by doing so and by directing Jin Jia Shen to a side, Jiu Tian Xuan Nv told him on the fate that connecting the 2 of them. Upon knowing the fate, Jin Jia Shen had to follow the “instruction” that being pre-planned by the Heaven.

In the Celestial Palace, Zhang Fu De was being confronted by Zao Shen for making such a Non-realistic move of distributing Wealth to any people without checking on their background and reality of the request. By looking back at Zao Shen, Zhang Fu De was shocked to know that the way of distribution of Wealth was wrong, since that Yu Huang had appointed him to take-charge of the Wealth-blessing.

Knowing that Zhang Fu De did it out of Compassionate, Yu Huang accepted his statements but at the same time, Yu Huang was worried that Zhang Fu De would make the same mistake again and so, by suggestion, Yu Huang asked ALL the Deities that arrived in the Celestial Palace to give their comments.

Just as Zao Shen was about to speak up, Lord Dong Yue stepped out from his position and pay his respect to Yu Huang and suggested that, by getting an “Assistant” for Zhang Fu De, so that the Assistant could control on the Wealth distributed to the Mortals.

Upon getting the suggestion, Yu Huang agreed but after consideration, Yu Huang found it ridiculous – if needed another Assistant to look after the distribution of Wealth, so what for needed Fu De Zheng Shen?

Knowing that Yu Huang had doubts on the term Assistant, Lord Dong Yue spoke up again by telling Yu Huang to match-make a Wife for Zhang Fu De, so that this Lady would be able to “scan” through all requests before Zhang Fu De distributed out the Wealth.

After Yu Huang got the suggestion, he was delighted and by looking through all the Deities & Immortals in the Celestial Palace, who would want to marry to an Old Man like Zhang Fu De? And so, Yu Huang summoned Yue Lao (月佬星君) aka the Match-maker forward to check on the Match-making record.

Just as Yue Lao was about to open up his Record, Yu Nv Tai Xian stepped forward to pay her respect to Yu Huang and volunteered herself to be married to Zhang Fu De.

At the moment, the whole Celestial Palace was shocked, cos of Yu Nv Tai Xian’s beauty, how could such a beauty married to an Old Man?

Lord Dong Yue didn’t make a comment but standing at one side nodding his head.

By looking at Lord Dong Yue, Yu Huang somehow had understood the situation and so, without hesitation, Yu Huang announced the Engagement of Zhang Fu De & Yu Nv Tai Xian as Immortal Couple.

Just before Zhang Fu De and Yu Nv Tai Xian left the Celestial Palace, Yu Huang appointed Yu Nv Tai Xian as Nan Tian Men Yi Pin Fu De Fu Ren (南天門一品福德夫人) – the First Grade Lady of the Celestial Realm, and given her the task of “scanning through” all the request before Zhang Fu De distributed out the Wealth to the Mortals.

Yu Nv Tai Xian accepted the appointment and left the Celestial Palace and return to the Mortal Realm with Zhang Fu De.

On the way back to the Mortal Realm, Zhang Fu De was puzzled with the decision that Yu Nv Tai Xian had made and so, he shyly asked Yu Nv Tai Xian on why she had willingly to marry to him. By looking back at Zhang Fu De, Yu Nv Tai Xian smiled and replied – cos in near future, you will be the one that being highly respected by everyone in the Mortal Realm.

By getting such a reply, Zhang Fu De got more puzzled but he knew that ALL these were Heavenly Secrets, so from then, he didn’t ask much. And whenever anyone came to make request, he would direct the request to his Wife – Madam Fu De, before making any actions.

Myths in Myth

1 – due to Madam Fu De was being appointed as the one who controlled the Wealth Distribution, this is why, People in the Southern China does not like to honour her and claimed that she is stingy

2 – due to Zao Shen had somehow accused wrongly on Zhang Fu De, Fu De Zheng Shen’s Tablet or Shrine in a house, can never be placed near the Altar of Zao Shen

3 – even though Madam Fu De and Madam Zao Shen (灶神夫人) are both Ladies staying under the same roof, both of them do not communicate

4 – Yu Huang knowing that Zao Shen and Fu De do not get along well and so, Fu De can only be placed outside the House

5 – 10th Day of Lunar 1 Month was the Immortal-hood Anniversary of Zhang Fu De, this is why, in Taoist Culture, this is also the Day that Fu De Zheng Shen opened his Wealth-coffer to distribute Wealth (福德正神開財庫日)

6 – after Zhou Dynasty, the popularity of Fu De Zheng Shen indeed increased, Yu Nv Tai Xian’s prediction indeed came true. Till today, Fu De Zheng Shen still can considered as the Top Choice for Taoists/Chinese in Honouring

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