Sunday, 9 February 2014

大年初十日土地神乞財安耕 Earth Deity distributing Wealth Blessing & Protection for Plantation Cultivation 2014




In Minnan Culture, on the 10th Day of Lunar 1 Month, is the day to accord respect to the Earth Deity for Wealth Blessing & Protection for Plantation Cultivation.

Till today, the Teochew, Hockchew & Hakka still practise the Honouring.

For Hokkien, we do it too. For the offering, we will add in Kong Bak Pao. This is to significant Wealth being Grab over for oneself.

For Year 2014, it falls on 9 Feb, Auspicious timing from 1700 till 2300 hours.

Please do not miss it.

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