Monday, 3 February 2014

甲午歲始立春日 Ushering in the Spring - Li Chun Day 2014

A Year is about to End and a New Year is around the corner to allow us to usher in.

Time flashes like Lighting. Now we are already in Year 2014 and for Lunar Year is Jia Wu Horse Year (甲午馬年).

So what is Li Chun Day?
A lot of people might not know that, actually our Lunar New Year will start on Li Chun Day or Lunar New Year will only be consider as Officially Arrived only after Li Chun Day.

Li Chun Day is a day to mark the start of a New Lunar Year and also, to mark the Arrival of the Spring Season.

Usually after Li Chun Day, most of the plants will start to grow again, snow will slowly cease and accumulated-ice will start to melt, etc.
So how to know when is Li Chun Day?

According to the Ancient Calculation, Li Chun Day will be within 49days after Dong Zhi (冬至) aka Winter Solstice or +/- 9 days from Lunar New Year (except for special Lunar Calendar Year).

In Solar Calendar (陽曆), usually Li Chun Day will fall within 3rd, 4th or 5th of every February.

For Year 2014, it falls on 04 Feb, a Tuesday (農曆正月初五日), starts at 0603 Hr (卯時三刻始).

So what are the events that will happen on Li Chun Day?

In the past, on Li Chun Day, Emperor would led the Officers of the Imperial Court to the Eastern Field (東郊 out from the Capital City) to usher the Spring or Deity of Spring (迎春神), this represent the Spring Deity was there to perform his task, etc.

As for commoners, they would visit Temples to pay respect to Deities for blessing for the New Year.

Some Folks Organisations would organize Traditional performances, Lion Dances, Guessing-games, etc.

For the modern day now, due to works, education, etc, a lot of such Traditional Dates/Festivals are being forgotten. This is indeed a pity sad thing.

Besides the above mentioned Events, Li Chun Day is also a Day to usher in Lord Tai Sui of the New Lunar Year (值年太歲星君).

For those who are being affected by the Confliction of Lord Tai Sui, Oneself or the Family can visit Old Temples with Proper Altar set-up dedicating to Lord Tai Sui to pay their respect. After the paying respect to Lord Tai Sui, everything will be fine and if Oneself is Sincere & Upright, that Year will usually turn out Good & Peaceful.

So when is the Best Timing to visit Temple to pay respect to Lord Tai Sui?

For those who are Not working, you can start to visit Temple to honour Lord Tai Sui after Li Chun Day (next day), for those who are working, then you can choose to visit the Temple on Weekends, but remember to do it before the Lunar New Year arrives.

Last of All, an Advise for ALL. For those who are able to visit 3 Temples on Li Chun Day, it will be Great. This action is to eliminate ALL un-necessary Negative Energies that have pestered Oneself for the past 1 Year. As for those who cant make it, Family Members or Friends can assist in paying respect to the Deities on-behalf of them.

For those who needed to Replenish their Spiritual Coffer (消災改運添補庫), Li Chun Day is also a Good Day to perform this Ceremony.

More info on Li Chun Day:

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