Friday, 7 February 2014

玉皇萬壽文化之黃錢通寶 The Yellow Coins for Honouring Yu Huang




1 – 家中只有不多於三代人﹕一對
2 – 家中少于五代人﹕ 三對
3 – 家中多於五代人﹕五對
4 – 子孫超於百人﹕九對
5 – 答謝天恩﹕十二對




Yellow Coins, in Official Taoist terms known as Huang Chang Qian, Huang Gao Qian, Huang Diao Qian or in Traditional Culture known as Diao Qian or Sugar-cane Coins.

In Min-nan aka Hokkien Culture, this is one of the Paper Offerings that is a MUST to have for honouring of High-authorities Deities such as Yu Huang aka Tee Kong.

Due to lack of Introduction or sharing, many Taoists/Hokkiens will only prepare a set/pair of the Yellow Coins to be used during the Honouring of Yu Huang, but in actual facts, there are a certain set of instructions to follow, they are as followed;

1 – for family with less than 3 Generations, prepare 1 set

2 – for family with less than 5 Generations, prepare 3 sets

3 – for family more than 5 Generations, prepare 5 sets

4 – for family with more than 100 Grandchildren or so, prepare 9 sets

5 – for Thanking of Heaven, prepare 12 sets

In case you have yet to prepare the correct number of sets of Yellow Coins, do grab them before the Clock strikes 0000 hrs.
May All Be Blessed.

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