Monday, 3 February 2014

立春開春旺財法 Multiplying the Wealth on Li Chun Day


在立春習俗之中﹐除了”咬春”還有一項人人皆愛的”旺春” – 既是在立春開春第一個時辰﹐朝當天財方/位行走一段(遠者可行一公里)﹐不然可在家中財位安放”五彩聚寶盆”﹐那些比較沒空的朋友們則可將與”8”相關數目的款項匯入自己的銀行戶口﹐之後三天內不可提款/或作任何銀行轉帳交易。



1 – 鳳梨
2 – 金瓜
3 – 蘋果
4 – 柚子
5 – 桔子





On Li Chun Day, besides eating the Spring Roll to usher in the New Start of the Lunar Year, some of the Taoists will conduct the following traditional practises to boost the Wealth Luck for the whole Year, such as;

1 – Walking in the Wealth Direction of the Day for a short distance or 1 km

2 – Placing of a Five Treasure Pot/Urn in the Wealth Direction in the House

3 – Bank in any amount with the Figure of 8 in personal Bank Account and within 3 days, not withdrawal or transaction can be made with that Bank Account

So what’re in the Treasure Pot?

1 – Pineapple
2 – Pumpkim
3 – Apple
4 – Pomelo
5 – Oranges

Some people may use Five Color Stones to replace and this is Okay to be used too.
May All Be Blessed with Abundance of Wealth in the Year of Jia Wu Horse.

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