Sunday, 2 February 2014

甲午馬年督財財神上任日 Overall In-charge Deity of Wealth Descending Day for Jia Wu Horse Year 2014

On the 5th Day of Lunar 1st Month (農曆正月初五日), also known as Ge Kai Day (隔開日) or means that the Day to Retrieve or Remove the Lunar New Year Offerings from the Deities Altar.

For Year 2014, it falls on 04 Feb, a Tuesday.

For more info, please proceed to this link (相關資料﹐請前往以下連接):

And besides that, in Taoist & Chinese Culture, it is also known as the Descending Day or the Reporting Day for the Overall-In-charge Deity of Wealth to the Mortal Realm to Inspect and also to distribute the necessary Wealth Blessing for the Mortals for the next 12 Lunar Months.

According to Taoist Deities of Wealth’s Rotation Shift Chart, this Year, it will be Master Tao Zhu Gong (陶朱公財神) & Master Liu Hai Chan (劉海蟾先師), which is part of the Rotating Shift of the 24 Deities of Wealth (道教督財廿四值年財神).

So who are the 24 Deities of Wealth (道教督財廿四值年財神名單)?

In the following are All the Titles of them:

Deity of Prosperity 福神

Deity of Fortune祿神

Deity of Longevity壽神

Deity of Happiness喜神

Wealth Deity- Fan Li財神(范蠡)

The Academically Deity of Wealth – Bi Gan文財神(比干)

The Militarically Deity of Wealth武財神

The Superior Deity of Wealth正財神

The Subordinary Deity of Wealth 偏財神

The Joyous Deity of Wealth 樂財神

The Richgrowing Deity of Wealth富財神

The Intellectual Deity of Wealth智財神

The Benefactory Deity of Wealth貴財神

The Wealth Gathering Deity of Wealth聚寶財神

The Luck Increasing Deity of Wealth添喜財神

The Luck Obtaining Deity of Wealth結喜財神

The Career Deity of Wealth祿元財神

The Recording Deity of Wealth計元財神

The Auspicious Astronomic Deity of Wealth 黃道財神

The Ordering of Wealth; Deity of Wealth司令財神

The Requesting of Wealth; Deity of Wealth難得財神 (福德夫人)

The Mysterical Deity of Wealth點金財神

The Found & Gone Deity of Wealth流泗財神 (楊泗大將軍)

The Three Realms In-charge Deity of Wealth三界赦財神

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