Monday, 26 May 2014

本命星官錢 Star Lord of Self-protection Coin




Star Lord of Self-protection Coin, in some Contexts, this Coin is also known as the Seven Star Lords of Northern Dipper Coin or Life-enhancement Coin.

In the Ancient Era, this Coin was used as Amulet for Protection & Getting rid of Obstacles.

For Oneself’s Luck is low, by having 3 coins with him/her, the Negativity will be eliminated.

For those who are having Businesses or going to start New Business, then oneself will need at least 5 of it for the Blessing of Good Business.

For Little Children whom always have problem with the health or unable to concentrate, then the child will need 3 coins by the side and also, to place 7 or 9 coins underneath the Bed for protection.

Usually after such coins being placed correctly, most of the issues will be solved.

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