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《斗府星君文化分享之擎羊陀羅二聖者 》








Sharing on the Dipper Lords Culture 01 – General Qing Yang & Tuo Luo

In here, you all will be seeing 2 pictures on the General Qing Yang & Tuo Luo.

In Taoist Contexts, these 2 Generals are being known as part of the Dipper Lords Group, which assist Lord Bei Dou in distributing the Blessing to All Beings.

In some Taoist Contexts, these 2 Generals sometimes depict as Male-form and some in Lady-form.

If they appeared in Male-form, they are recognised as the Assistants of Dou Mu aka Mother of Star Lords, whereas while they are in Lady-form, they will be known as the 2 Daughters of Dou Mu.

In Geomancy & Prediction Theories, when these 2 Generals appear, it is considered as “Negative” but in Taoist Culture, when the appearance of Qing Yang & Tuo Luo, meaning that All Obstacles will be Eliminated.

Many of the Taoists might not know that actually, these 2 Generals got 2 sets of Names.

In Male-form, they are known as Yang Zheng Yi & Geng Zheng Zhi.
In Lady-form, it will be Yang Tong & Geng Zhen.

In Official Taoist Ritual/Ceremony of Honouring of the Dipper Lords, special Altar will be set-up for these 2 Generals and a Lamp-formation will be displayed dedicated to them.

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