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有在【齋戒】的同道,可將此告示打印於A3A4 紙張之上﹐貼與【神案】或【大門】之龍側﹐以便警覺己身﹐常受齋戒。




9th Month Self Cultivation Notice Poster

In here, you all will be seeing a Notice Poster created according to the Ancient Cultivation Rules & Regulations.

This Notice was now being widely used during the Ninth Month Celebration for Oneself's Cultivation on the Cleansing of Soul/Mind/Verbal Actions, besides that, also to remind Oneself for going-on on Vegetarian Diet....

This Notice can be Printed out (in A4/A3 sizes) and Paste beside the Altar or Main Door.

Upon seeing this Notice, the Public will know that there are Members of the Family on-going Self Cultivation during the 9th Month Celebration, etc.

PS: This can be used during any Grand Celebration/Ceremonies in Temples/Sintuas/Taoist Society.

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