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The Element of Sun Descending for Autumn Period of Bing Shen Monkey Year 2016

For the Element of Sun to descend to bestow the Brightness Blessing on Oneself, Oneself will need to light a certain number of Lamps, each Season different timing and different quantity of Lamps to be lighted.

For this Season, the Element of Sun will descend on the 20
th Day of Lunar 8 Month, which is
20 Sept, a Tuesday.

Quantity of Lamps to light will be 7 or 70 and 700.

Just need to light it on the Altar or in front of Lord San Guan aka The Lord Emperors of the Three Realms.

Pictures of San Guan Da Di (三官大帝照片連接):

Praising Incantation of San Guan Da Di (三官大帝寶誥):

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