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Meaning of the Offerings used during Paying Respect to Tiger Deity on Jing Zhe Day


Due to lack of proper Education and passing-down of the necessary Culture-teaching, many of  such meaning of the Offerings had gone against timing.

In here, Jave will do some simple introduction on the Offerings that are being used during the Paying Respect to Tiger Deity on Jing Zhe Day’s Ritual/Ceremony.


Sharing as followed;

1 - 【安奉虎神】的生肉,分成兩種 ~

1.1   肥瘦各半的生肉,用在祭祀

1.2   全肥油即是豬油(如今改用豬皮),用在摸拭【虎神】的嘴巴

Meat that used for Offering to Tiger Deity are grouped into TWO types:

A – Raw meat with 50% meat & 50% fats, this is used for Honourng, whereas,

B – 100% fats or lard (nowadays replaced by Pork-skin), used to rub on Tiger Deity’s mouth

2         鷄蛋及豆乾,各別為【雙數】,即是鷄蛋兩顆,豆乾兩片 ~

2.1   鷄蛋兩顆,用在【解除】陰陽【連】

2.2   豆乾兩片,用在【壓四角陰陽煞】

Egg & Bean curd, used during this period must be in PAIR, meaning TWO in quantity.

Egg, used to Eliminate Bad-luck & Bean Curd to subside all misfortune.

3         黃面一包,用在【解結】,【安奉虎神】後,送往外頭

Raw Yellow Noodles used for the Tangling of ALL Bad-luck and at the end of the Day, the Noodles must be thrown away.

4         鳳梨即是黃梨(越生越酸越好),用在【送小人】,要去掉頭尾,代表不留手尾

Pineapple used for Paying Respect to Tiger Deity must CUT-off the Head & Tail, and possible, the more Sour the Pineapple, the better it is.

Removing of the Head & Tail to represent, removing ALL unnecessary Back-stabbing & Insulting and also to remind Oneself not to get interfere with other people’s businesses.

5         芝麻綠豆一碗,用在【趕走男女小人】

Sesame & Green Beans, these TWO items are used to Chase-away ALL the Back-stabbers known as Xiao Ren.

6         祭祀及【安奉虎神】,最忌諱用【魚】,這樣會“斷子絕孫”,所以一定要注意

While Paying Respect to Tiger Deity, NEVER to use Raw Fish as this will bring Bad-luck to Children, Offspring or Next Generation.

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