Friday, 24 March 2017

《丁酉雞年清明懷思期》 Qing Ming Festival Period 2017

Qing Ming Festival Period 2017





 Dear All, please take note of the Dates & the period for the Honouring of Ancestors.

Actual Day on 04 April (Tuesday)

10 Days before 25 Mar till 03 April

10 Days after 05 April till 14 April

Starting Timing on Actual Day: 22:17 Hours

其他資料 Other Related Documents:

清明節之禮俗介紹短片 Documentary on Qing Ming Festival:

Introduction on Qing Ming Festival - Total of 2 Papers (清明時節祭祖簡介(上下篇))


Paper 1 (上篇)

 Paper 2 (下篇)

清明吃潤餅(春卷)短片 Video on the Tradition of Eating Spring Rolls on Qing Ming:

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