Tuesday, 20 March 2018




1 – 清明節

2 – 中元節

3 – 寒衣節



【寒衣】出巡稱為探鬼 民間又稱給鬼添衣 是為【城隍】可憐【無主孤魂】而贈送寒衣﹐避免來臨冬季受寒天影響。

Lord Cheng Huang conducting Inspections.

Usually this event will occur at least 3 times per year;

1st on Qing Ming Festival

2nd on Zhong Yuan Festival

3rd on Sending of Winter Clothing Festival

These 3 Days, Lord Cheng Huang will look into the individual request of the Wandering or “Homeless” Soul and provide the necessary assistances to them.

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