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Awakening of the Mortal Realm - Jing Zhe Day 2018

Jing Zhe Day or Jing Zhi Day (驚螫日), is a Day in the Lunar Calendar to mark the Awakening of the Planet Earth or Mortal Realm after the long & cold Winter (for the past 1 Season).

Usually on this Day, Raining (drizzling) or Slight Storm will occurred and a Thunder Roar will be heard (but due to the Weather change in this Modern Era and with the effects on Global Warming, such Natural Scenes might not be able to be seen annually).

For Year 2018, Jing Zhe Ri falls on 18th Day of Lunar 1 Month, which is 04 Mar (Monday), timing starts at 23:29 hours (Lunar Hour Rat 子時二刻).

Why is there a Loud Thunder Roar and why is it so Special?

In the Ancient Era, Taoists & Chinese believed that this was the Thunder Roar that sound to wake-up all Beings that were sleeping or resting during the Winter Period. Once this Thunder Roar was being released, then all Beings were have to wake-up and continue to perform their regular tasks for the New Year (平地一聲雷,大地復甦醒).

Besides that, what the Taoists & Chinese will do on this Day?

Due to this is the Day of All Beings being waken up by the Thunder Roar, All Animals (including the Spirits & Energies) will also be waken up, this includes that Tiger Deity that the Chinese & Taoists or Folks pay respect to.

On this Day, the people will prepare the following offerings to pay respect to Tiger Deity for the blessing of getting rid of Back-stabbers aka Xiao Ren (小人) - (A lot of Folks tend to mistaken this Day as rhe Birthday of Tiger Deity)

1 - A few Raw eggs (幾只生雞蛋)

2 - A piece of Raw Pork meat with fats (豬肉與豬油)

3 - A handful of Uncooked Yellow Noodles (生面)

4 - A piece of Tau Kua aka Beancurd (豆干)

5 - 2 or 5 Oranges (桔子)

6 - Jian Hup & Tea Leaves (餞盒與茶葉)

7 - Paper Offerings for Tiger Deity (usually can get in the Temple 虎神紙料)

8 - Sesame & Green Bean (芝麻綠荳)

Once all these items are being prepare, then the paying respect can take place.

So what is the best timing to pay respect?

The later the better.

For example: If Jing Zhe Ri starts at 13:10pm, oneself or the Family shall try to visit any Temples to pay respect to Tiger Deity after 4-5 Hours later (which says 17:10pm or 18:10pm).

This is to allow the Tiger Deity to have his full meal before the requesting of Blessing take place. Due to the Wakening of the Tiger Deity, the initial Energies that being released by the Tiger Deity is considered Strong & Fierce, and so, we will advise people to go later in-order for those with weak body to get lesser un-necessary interruption in their Physical & Spiritual Mind, Soul & Body.

So how to go about with the paying respect?

Once in the Temple, lay out the offerings, if the Temple allowed, place the Meat in the mouth of the Statue of the Tiger Deity.

After the laying out of the offerings, pay respect to Heaven and the Main Deities in the Temple and then, last, pay respect to the Tiger Deity.

During the paying respect, report Ownself’s name, the Date, the reason of this paying respect, etc.

After that, take out the Paper Offerings, get the Red Paper Doll & Green Horse, paste them together on the Pink Paper, after that, Paste them on the Wall provided and then burn off the remaining Paper Offerings.

In here, Jave wont encourage people of beating the Xiao Ren (小人), cos, here you beat them, at the other sides, people are beating you too and so, once this continue, the Cycle wont stop (冤冤相報何時了).

If one self is that Generous and Kind to accept the others, one day, the others will be there to accept you and so, let the hatred gone with the Fire and Retrieve the Goodness back for All and Oneself (欣喜接納福氣至).

Once the burning is done, do not need to retrieve back the offerings, just leave the Temple and then forget about the whole situation.

More info on Tiger Deity:

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