Monday, 15 June 2009

Introduction on Honouring Chuang Gong & Chuang Mu (祭祀床公床母簡介)


Chuang Gong Chuang Mu (床公床母), the common Addressing Term of the Deities that Protect the New Born Babies & Children under 12 Years Old (Lunar Age).

Usually these 2 Deities will stayed in the Home or the Bedroom where the Child is sleeping.

So how do we pay respect to them?

Usually we will do it on the 1st or 15th Day Night (農曆初一或十五日), if not, we will do it once in every month, on the Last Night of the Lunar Month (農曆月尾).

So what to prepare?

It's very simple, oneself or the couple just needed to prepare the following few items for the Paying of Respect:

1) 3 Incenses (三支清香 normal length)

2) 2 Red Candles (一對高腳紅燭 those with legs)

3) 1 Huat Kueh (一個發糕)

4) A bowl of Rice with a few pieces of Vegetables & a Chicken Drumlet (一碗白飯﹐幾根青菜及一個雞腿)

5) 3 stacks of Shou Jin (三疊壽金)

6) 1 stacks of Niao Mu Yi (一份鳥母衣 a stack of colorful papers that can be brought at Incense-shops, not easy to find it in Singapore)

7) 1 cup of Rice Wine or Chinese Tea (一杯米酒或清茶)

On the Night of Honouring (after 8.00Pm), oneself needed to use a Big Round Plate (大紅盤) to carry the items.

Place the Candles in the Huat Kueh and then placed the Big Round Plate on the Bed when the baby is resting, if not, on the Main Bed where the Parent is resting.

Light the Incenses and Sincerely Bow 3 times at the Bed. Report who you are and the name of the Child, including the Lunar Age.

After that, placed the Incenses onto the Huat Kueh.

5minutes later, just burnt off the Paper-offerings and the whole Honouring will considered completed.

Retrieved the Offerings and placed them in the Kitchen. Do not allowed any Children to touch or consume it. Only Adults are allowed to finish the items.

While Paying Respect to Chuan Gong Chuan Mu, oneself can recite the Following Praise Incantation dedicated to them:

Jiu Tian Jian Sheng Da Shen Ji Jiu Tian Wei Fang Sheng Mu Bao Gao

Zhi Xin Gui Ming Li

Dong Yue Zi Sun An.

Jiu Tian Jian Sheng Si

Jie Xiu Cheng Tai.

Bing Liang Yi Zhi Zhao Hua

Song Sheng Bao Chan.

Nai Er Sheng Zhi Gang Wei

Bian Li Yin Yang.

San Xing Dou Chen

Jiu Tian Cheng Qing.

Yi Shi Tong Ren

Da Bei Da Yuan.

Da Sheng Da Ci

Pu Ji Pu Du

Jiu Tian Jian Sheng Ming Su Zhen Jun

Duo Nan Duo Nv

Jiu Tian Wei Fang Sheng Mu Yuan Jun


  1. we used to do this practise in our old home.. i was told that when children consume those offerings, they will become defiance to parents instructions (same warning as easting baby full month cake).. i do not have the chance to try the validity of the warning yet....

  2. Hahaha, for your casem U think its better for you to honour, cos your kids still young.

    Yup, this is why, the Elders will tend to stop young kids from consuming that.

    But in the Modern Days now, most Modern Parents dont really believed in these type of old practises and maybe, this contribute to the Stubborn-ness of New Era Kids ba :P

  3. i heard we are not suppose to offer wine. haha those ah ma say, if they drink too much, drunk liao, later they cannot take care of the baby.. haha

  4. Hahahaha, some people do that, but for us, this is a form of Respect, so no choice, have to offer.

  5. If i remember it right,I have read something about that these "bed deities" or the deities associated with the bed are also payed respect to when someone is sick or having problems with health issues?Is that right?

  6. Yup, indeed this is a forgotten practise. good that you can bring this up.

  7. Hi Jave,

    Is it an old/ancient practice?Then its a pity its forgotten.

    So the main job of Chuang Gong & Chuang Mu is protecting the children in the bedroom during their sleep but they are also for everyone(adults) sleeping in bed/bedroom?

    If i want to honour Chuang Gong & Chuang Mu,i can follow the above introduction on when and what to prepare?


  8. Hi Od,

    Yes, this is a very old traditional but really being forgotten by the people.

    Yes, you can just follow the procedure here.


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