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《道教新春文化。正月開年交子。迎接福祿壽 》









三星拱照福祿壽 Fu Lu Shou aka The Three Auspicious Star Lords

Ushering in Star Lord Fu Lu Shou on Lunar New Year

In South East Asia, due to Commercialization and Mis-concept, alot of Taoists & Folks tend to perform the Ushering of Deity of Wealth on the Eve or 1st Day of Lunar New Year, which this is totally In-correct and Ignorant. Recently in Singapore, there are even The-Claimed-Taoist-Organisations conducting the Ushering in of Deity of Wealth for Devotees and asking them to participant in the Ceremony, This is seriously distorting the Upright Culture of Taoism and Chinese Customs.

In here, I will like to advise Taoists & Chinese not to get Con by such Temples, Organisations, etc. Cos Ushering in of Deity of Wealth can only be done on the 5th Day of Lunar New Year or 11.30Pm on the 4th Night of Lunar New Year.

So who we Usher in on the Eve or the 1st Day?

They are actually Fu Lu Shou - the Three Star Lords of Prosperity, Fortune (Career/Academic) and Longevity (福祿壽三星君簡介)

So what shall oneself prepare?

For the Ushering of Fu Lu Shou, actually is very easy and simple.

Just prepare a set of 3 Good Incenses, 3 cups of warm Chinese Tea or Wine and a set of 5 Oranges.

After preparing, set up the Offerings on a small Desk that faces the Heaven (any Direction).

Once everything is ready, Recite the Offering Incense Incantation and then call upon the Title of Fu Lu Shou Xing Jun (福祿壽三星君寶誥):

After that, report who you are and where you stay, then make your simple Request.

Once finished, make 3 sincere Bows and then return back into the House.

After entering into the House, leave the Door open (with Gate locked for safety) until the whole family going to rest.

Once All these are done, Fu Lu Shou the 3 Star Lords will Blessed on the whole Family with All the necessary Blessings (better off then just getting Blessing from Deity of Wealth).

Do also look up into the Sky, cos Tonight, Fu Lu Shou Stars (Orion Stars 獵戶星座) are usually the Brightest in the whole Year.

Introduction on Orion Star aka Hunter Star (獵戶星座簡介):

Do remember, do not go to any Un-official Temples or Organisation to join in any such Ceremonies, especially those that required Big Sum of Money. They are just trying to use the Name of Deities to gain the Un-necessary Money.

Last of All, wishes All:


Fu Dao Lu Dao Shou Xing Dao


Cai Wang Yun Wang Fu Gui Wang

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