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《道教新春文化。玉皇大天尊出巡人間 》









1 – 十二/十五杯香茶

2 – 道教五供或十供

3 – 大香

4 – 明燈




Jade Emperor of Heaven Inspecting Mortal Realm

After Zao Jun (灶君) aka Kitchen Deity went back to do his Annual Reporting to Jade Emperor of Heaven (玉皇大天尊), Yu Huang will conduct the Final/3rd Annual Inspection on the Mortals & other Beings in the Mortal Realm for the Bestowing of Blessing for the New Lunar Year.

And this Day falls on 25th Day of Lunar 12 Month (臘月廿五日), which in 2018, its on 10 Feb.

Details as followed:

After Sending Off our Dearest Kitchen Deity (灶君) back to Heaven for the Annual-Round-Off Reporting, on the 25th Day of Lunar 12 Month, the Big Boss - Jade Emperor of Heaven will be conducting an Inspection on the Mortal Realm.

Last Year, I had touched on the Simple & Basic Info on this Important Day (you can read the intro at:, this Year, I will like to concentrate more on the Spiritual or so-called Religious Side of the Thanksgiving Ceremony.

For us as the Zheng Yi Taoists or Priests (正一門徒及道士), usually we will start the Offering or Ushering of Jade Emperor of Heaven's arrival on the 24th Night (around 11.00Pm in Singapore).

If oneself is not able to perform the Ushering on the 24th Night, then oneself can do it in the Morning on the 25th Day.

For those who does not have an Altar at Home and yet you wished to Usher-in the Deities to do Inspection & Blessing at your Home, remember to clean your home and switch-on most of the Lights at Home on the 24th Night. Make sure that your House is Clean and Smell-nice. Try to keep the Door (remember to lock your Gate as to prevent Thiefs coming in) & Window open. On the 25th Day, just visit any Official Temples to pay respect to the Deities to request for Blessing.

Do not argue or quarrel after 10.00Pm on the 24th Night. Try to stay Peace and Calm for the Day. Once the Deities arrived and the Inspection is being Done, certain Remarks will be made and recorded and this will contribute to the Luck-distribution for the Next New Lunar Year.


So what do we need to prepare (in whole)?

For those who does not have any Altar at home, then oneself wont need to prepare any Offerings.

For those who have Altars and wished to perform the Ushering Ceremony, in the following is a List of suggested Items that you and your Family can prepares:

Food Offerings

1) 1 Set of Fruits (一份水果 )

2) Nian Gao aka New Year Glutinous Rice Cake (年糕)

3) Fa Gao aka Huat Kueh (發糕)

4) 12 Bowls of Vegetarian Items (十二菜碗 6 Vege & 6 Cookie Items) - Hokkien Clan

5) Rice Wine aka Bai Mi Jiu (白米酒)

6) Chinese Tea (上等茶)

Incenses & Paper Offerings

1) 1 Set of Good Quality Long Incenses (長壽香 about 48 cm)

2) 1 Pack of Good Quality Short Incenses (平安香)

3) 1 Pair of Red Candles or Dou Zhu (紅燭/斗燭)

4) 1 Pair of Huang Gao Qian aka Diao Qian (黃高錢/吊錢)

5) 3 Stacks of Tian Gong Jin aka Tai Ji Jin (三份天公金/太極金 )

6) 3 Stacks of Shou Jin aka San Bao Jin (三份壽金/三寶金 )

7) 3 Stacks/Packs Da Gui Ren aka Men Wai Gui Ren Lu Ma Zhi (三份大貴人/門外貴人祿馬祇 )

8) 3 Stacks/Packs Gui Ren Zhi (三份貴人紙 )

9) 1 Set of San Jie Deng Liao (三界燈料/天公燈料)

10) 1 Set of Dou Jin aka Dipper Offering (一份斗金)

11) 1 Set of Jin Gong or Jin Tong aka Golden Basket (一份金貢/金桶)

12) Huang Qian Jia Ma (黃錢鉀馬)

Once All the necessary Offerings are being prepared, on the 24th Afternoon, you can actually lay them out onto the Altar.

When the timing strikes 11.00Pm, you can start to make Usher in the Deities.

For those who prefer to pay respect on the 25th Day Morning, you are encouraged to do that too. Remember to do it before 11.00Am. Best timing to start the honouring will be at 9.00Am.

Due to this time round, you are conducting the Ushering Ceremony, do not send off the Paper-offerings after 15 minutes. You shall at least serve 3 rounds of Tea & Wine before sending off the Paper Offerings.

Each round of the Tea & Wine shall be 15 minutes apart. After every round of Offering the Tea & Wine, make 3 kowtows to the Deities, request your Blessing while you are making your Respect. Do not make any Un-necessary Un-realistic Requests.

Once the 3 rounds of Tea & Wine are being Offered, send off the Paper-offerings. After sending off of the Paper-offerings, retrieved the Food items and distribute them out to Family Members and Friends. Allowed them to get the necessary Blessings too.

Remain the Nian Gao, Fa Gao and 1 set of Oranges on the Altar, only retrieved them on the 26th Day.

Once all these are being done, the Ushering Ceremony for the Year will considered Fully & Smoothly ended.

For more detailed info on how to prepare for this Day, please refer to the following link for the intro:

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