Sunday, 18 February 2018

《道教新春文化。大年初九。玉皇大天尊。萬壽聖誕 》








The Manifestation Anniversary of the Great Supreme Emperor Yu Huang for Year 2018

Starting from 8th Night of Lunar 1st Month (正月初八晚), Taoists & Hokkiens will start to prepare for the Honouring dedicating to Yu Huang Da Tian Zun (玉皇大天尊) aka Great Supreme Emperor Yu Huang. Once the Clock strikes 0000 hours – 9th Day of Lunar 1st Month (正月初九凌晨), the Official Honouring will begin and everyone of the Family will need to involve in the Offering of Incenses to Yu Huang and other Deities.

For Year 2018, it falls on 24 Feb.

For more info, please proceed to the following links:

Pictures of Yu Huang (玉皇大天尊圖片分享):

Intro on Honouring Yu Huang on 9th Day (正月初九日玉皇萬壽聖誕簡介):

History of Tian Gong Bing (天公餅的由來):

Intro on Tian Gong Zuo (天公座簡介):

Intro on Walking Thru the Sugar Cane Gate on 9th Day of Lunar 1st Month (甘蔗門簡介):

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