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Lord Pu Hua's Incantation for Calming of Emotions 《化天尊玉樞心咒》

Lord Pu Hua's Incantation for Calming of Emotions is a Incantation that allow one self to stay calm and peaceful while meeting with fatal issues or strange encounters, this Incantation is being recorded inside our Taoist Scripture known as Yu Shu Bao Jing (玉樞寶經) that dedicated to Lord Pu Hua.

Yu Shu Bao Jing is also an Important Scripture that needed to be chant during Taoist Rituals/Ceremonies.

In the Past, for Taoists, when one self felt uneasy while walking in dark pathway or when one self realised that something un-usual is following at the back, the Taoists will recite this Mantra softly in their Heart in-order to allow their Soul & Mind to stay calm and peaceful.

Why such Calm-ness and Peaceful-ness are important?

Cos, if one self is not feeling ease and calm during the encounters with any form of Negative Forces or Entities, they will have chances to enter one's Physical Body while the "Qiao" () aka Chakra Point opens up under the Fear situation.

So what is the Incantation?

Here it goes:

Secret Incantation of Lord Pu Hua:

An or Om



Li or Ree

Sha or Sa

Po or Bo

Nai or La

According to explanation and researches, this Incantation is being created according to the Sound of the Thunder Roar.

Besides making oneself calm, this Incantation is also able to block the Negative Forces or Entites to come near one self.

So any After-effect during or after Reciting this Incantation?

Yes, some of the people will felt giddy or uneasy, but this will only last a while.
For some people, they will keep burping till the Positive Energy that being call-upon stopped merging into one's physical body.

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