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《招魂引魄五方童子》簡介 Introduction on Wu Fang Tong Zi the Five Immortal Boys of Summoning Souls




如在 正統道藏。洞玄部威儀類。無上黃籙大齋立成儀卷之二十八 就有提到(衹有引導仙童):








Introduction on Wu Fang Tong Zi the Five Immortal Boys of Summoning Souls

Wu Fang Tong Zi (五方童子或有稱為五方召魂使者) the Five Immortal Boy Assistants of the Nether World & Heavenly Realm in doing the summoning of Souls & Spirits from the various Space & Realms.

According to Taoist Scriptures (上清靈寶大法卷 Shang Qing Ling Bao Da Fa Juan / 先天斛食濟煉幽科 Xian Tian Hu Shi Ji Lian You Ke / 朱陵九宮八卦煉度儀 Zhu Ling Jiu Gong Ba Gua Lian Du Yi) for the Salvation of Souls & Spirits the Wu Fang Tong Zi are being mentioned and in the Scriptures these 5 Immortal Boys will being ordered by the Deities & Lords of Salvation to perform the summoning of Souls & Spirits from various Space & Realms to a particular area for getting the Salvation Energies emitted by the Deities & the Taoist Priests.

According to Records while these 5 Immortal Boys are doing the summoning they will each carry a Flag a Lotus or Summoning Banner (with the Color of the Direction) to do the summoning of the Souls & Spirits from the particular Direction.

Once the necessary number of Souls & Spirits being summoned the Immortal Boys will lead the Souls & Spirits to the venue waiting for the Salvation to take place.

From our Taoist prospect in the System for the summoning of Souls & Spirits usually Only these 5 Immortal Boys are being recognized & being ordered to perform tasks.

Nowadays due to commercial issues and money-making factors in the Folks Culture a lot of new Immortal Boys are being created which this is not accurate and Upright.

Before doing the summoning or creation of any Deities one self must be aware of the necessary consequences and the results that affected the Whole of the Belief. For those who tend to create nonsense & nuisance are not helping the very Own Belief to promote the Upright Culture but to destroy or fasten the Death of the very Own Belief and so do be more consideration and careful on the decision made.

Names of the Individual Immortal Boy (五方童子個別名諱):

Eastern Immortal Boy Tian Chang (東方青靈童子田昌)
Southern Immortal Boy You Heng (
Western Immortal Boy Zhou Zhong (西方皓靈童子周忠)
Northern Immortal Boy Gao Si (北方玄靈童子高思)
Central Immortal Boy Yan Zhang (中央黃靈童子顏章)

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