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Introduction on Bai Shou Qian – Hundred Longevity Paper

Today, Jave will like to do a quick and simple introduction on a Long Lost Practise on the using of Bai Shou Qian aka The Hundred Longevity Paper for Anniversary Honouring aka Birthday Respect for Deities.

According to Old Traditional Practise in the Past that Taoist or Chinese practised, during the Anniversary Celebration for Deities, Taoists or Chinese would engaged Calligraphy Writers to prepare a Big Piece of Paper Honouring with Hundreds of Chinese Character of Longevity being written on it. After which, after the Honouring was being conducted, this Piece of Big Paper would be burnt off together with other Paper Offerings for the Deities as a form of Highest Respect and also, a form of Birthday Greeting.

Slowly, after Printing Skills became popular in China, Moulds for the Printing of Hundred Longevity (百壽) & Prosperity (百福) were being invented. With such Moulds, the Speed of Printing increased and the Production was multiplied and within a short period, the using of such Bai Shou Qian was being spread around in the Whole Country.

Due to Chinese believed that the Shape Round represent Reunion, Fullest, Smoothness & Happiness, in no time, the Moulds for Printing of the Bai Shou Qian or Bai Fu Qian had changed from Square to Round form (see Picture 00).

So what is the Main Purpose of using Bai Shou Qian?

Besides showing our Highest Respect for the Deities on the Anniversary Honouring, Bai Shou Qian can also be used to request for Health Blessing & Prolonging of Lifespan of a Person, especially those who are encountering Serious Sicknesses or suffering from Long Term Illnesses.

Not only that, for Elderly who are celebration the Grand Birthday at Lunar 60 Years Old (六十甲子大壽), this Bai Shou Qian can also be honoured to the Deities for the requesting of Good Luck Blessing.

For Elderly who are above Lunar 100 Years Old, then they can stop using such Paper.

PS: In the Modern Era now, most of the People will only buy Scrolls with the Writing of Hundred Longevity or Prosperity for Hanging during Big Occasions rather then using them as a form of Paper Offerings.

Can this Paper be burnt Regularly?

Yes, you may.

One piece at a time will do.

Do remember to write Oneself’s Name & Lunar Date of Birth or the Person-whom-you-wished-to-bless’s Name & Lunar Date of Birth on the Bottom Left Hand Corner of the Paper, after then, do a simple report to the Deities on the requesting for the Blessing. Once the report is done, burnt off the Paper Offerings and it will consider completed.

Best timing for Honouring of this Paper will be – on the 9th Day of Lunar 9 Month (農曆九月初九日).

So where can Oneself get this Paper?

For the moment, in South East Asia, it is totally impossible to find such Paper, but if Oneself is keen & interested in honouring this Paper, Oneself can download the Picture from here and print it on an A4 Red or Orange Paper.

In Summary:

Last of All, remember while using this Paper as Offering, do not make any un-necessary request. A Simple & Sincere reporting or honouring will enhanced the Blessing in multiple folds.

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